Chapter 003 – Let’s begin the treatment

Here’s a little something for the weekend. There will be no more chaps posted until next week now. I want to get the next chapter of my story done and work/RL is calling.

I will just point out it gets a bit disjointed in places as the author switches to Naia’s perspective then back to Keith’s with no obvious transition between the two. Hopefully you can follow it.

That’s enough from me so please enjoy the smut which starts now.



The next day at noon I head to Naia’s room.

What’s different to yesterday is the amount of baggage I’m carrying.

I am led there by a knight and enter the room.

Naia is excited and grabs Aisha

“Keith-samaKeith-sama!” (TN – not an error. She’s talking quickly)

She runs up to me like a dog which puts Aisha in an even more bad mood.

A lot of pressure (hey are you seriously upset?) is coming from that gaze

Because of Naia (Aisha leaves the room because lessons are staring) she looks like an abandoned puppy again.


“Keith-sama you promised to start the treatment!”

Is that all you thought about since yesterday? She puffed her small chest out with excitement.

Because she thinks she can finally use magic its no wonder really.

“Haihai” Keith begins the preparations (TN – I personally prefer hai hai due to yes yes sounding too impatient and rude however if people want me change it in the future let me know)

I spread a sheet made from water dragon hide on the floor for waterproofing, lay a clean sheet on top and finally place small pillow on the sheet.

“Princess, please lie down here”


Naia lay down where I said.

“A, no, please take off your clothes”

To Keith’s words

“Take off my clothes!?”

She was completely surprised

Keith, on the other hand, was not surprised.

Nobles always have people around them doing everything for them so their sense of shame is on a different level to a commoner.

That’s why I’m not shy about such a petty thing.

I should have said this was for the treatment. It’s not strange to undress for that.

While I was thinking

“…………In front of Keith-sama…………..naked”

“If that’s too hard I’ll try and think of another method”

To Keith’s words

“…….No. Its your request. I can do it”

She takes her clothes off after speaking

A thin body with transparent white skin

There isn’t much yet but her chest and waist are starting to fill out.

Naia turns red whilst trying to cover her body with her hands.

“Is………..Is this okay?”

I hear it.

She’s bright red to the tips of her pointed ears.

“That’s excellent. Please lie down”

As I thought. It’s a wonderful body. In all honesty, my body is throbbing but if I show it Naia will get more anxious.

Keith thinks so and makes an effort to order her calmly.

As Naia lies face down she shows her flawless back, rounded ass and slim legs.

It’s a delicious body. I wanted to dive right into it but I restrained myself and started the treatment.

I take a small bottle out my bag.

“Whats that?” Naia asked me with a side glance

“It’s a mixture of sap, honey, alcohol etc. All natural materials…….tentatively”

I put a little on my hand and rub in into Naia’s arm.

I cast a spell but Naia’s body has no reaction.

“There doesn’t seem to be any problems. In which case”

It was a kind of allergic reaction test.

It would be a big problem if she got a rash

“It’s a little cold”

I pour some liquid on her back.


Naia raised her voice at the coldness.

“Are you okay?”

“Ye….yes. I was surprised a little”

“Well then I’ll continue”

Keith keeps spreading the liquid over her back with both hands.

A wet sound echo’s as his hands crawl up Naia’s back.

Not too weak or too strong.

Sometimes the back of the neck and shoulder blades with the thumb, along the spine, when by the liver down around the sides, the sense spreads through the whole back, it’s excessively pleasant. “Kuh….” A voice leaks.

She’s desperately trying to endure and is biting the pillow. Keith strongly wraps his hands around her waist and presses his thumbs into the middle of her back.

“Hiuu!…..ah, kuuuu”

She leaked some drool along with her voice

“I’m going to do your legs and ass now”

“Fue….? oh, my ass…….”

It was already too late. By the time she spoke Keith had already placed his hands on her rounded ass and started forcefully massaging it.

Her peach like ass meat was shaking every time he applied force. It was firm to the touch and transmitted the tension to him.

When he pushed his thumb into the boundary area between her ass and legs “Aah!” she raised a voice.

At this point, Keith was aware that Naia was releasing a female smell from her pussy but he ignored it.

Just continue massaging as it is.

He rubs the legs from the foot to the calf with both hands one at a time. Then onto the thigh. Over to the other leg. He continues several more times.

Naia is melting away with the pleasant feeling “Hoee” her nose is almost running.

Keith washed his hands after finishing the massage.

The whole body will be massaged. Naia who was breathing heavily buried her face in the pillow and was about to die from shame.

(Shameless, shameless, shameless! Keith is just treating you and you let out such a voice……..)

I got wet a little. To Naia who didn’t even know the meaning behind getting wet the pleasantness of the massage was prioritised.

While watching Keith wash his hands in the bowl

“Is it over?”

“No. I’ll do the front now”

“The front!?”

Naia shouted at Keith’s words.

Then the door was beaten

“Naia-sama! Are you safe!!!”

Aisha’s voice rang out and Naia panicked

“I’m all right!! Don’t come in!!”

Even though it’s for treatment if Aisha saw Naia’s figure she would definitely kill Keith.

I thought so and stopped her desperately.


“Don’t, don’t come in!!”

I heard a sound of someone catching their breath “Excuse me” then a voice like a dying dog. (TN – the author loves dogs and puppies with Aisha)

Naia takes a deep breath, the danger of Keith being killed also leaves. I was relieved.

Naia doesn’t want to keep complaining and make Keith uncomfortable. Whilst enduring the embarrassment Naia bites her lip and rolls over.

Naia’s body is revealed to the opposite sex for the first time in her life.

Undeveloped breasts with slightly inset sakura pink nipples show. There’s still some childishness to her body with her ribs showing in places. Moving down there’s no excess fat on her stomach and there’s the most important part.

As for pubic hair, she has a thin downy covering of platinum coloured hair.

Therefore I can see the clitoris clearly but its covered by its hood. Tears came into her eyes from the shame.

However, Keith shows no reaction. Though Naia doesn’t know it the damage to Keith this time is bad.

Keith desperately calms himself down by telling himself this is a treatment.

Thus he became expressionless though Naia didn’t notice anything.

Keith pours the rest of the liquid on her stomach.

He doesn’t do it like the back though, he just spreads it around with his palms. When he got to her chest the evil dwelling in his heart began to whisper.

Is it okay to rub this?

No, I should rub it.

It cant be helped to rub it because it’s for treatment.

Rather I have to rub it.

I desperately ignore the whisper but my hand’s arent listening. I lightly touch the nipple I had been avoiding.

“Aah! Nn….”

Naia was ashamed by her voice and covered her face with both hands.

She was unbearably cute and something collapsed in Keith.

It was collapsing slowly but surely.

It started because I said it was okay a little.

I rub the slightly viscous liquid onto her swelling breasts many times.

Using my palms I avoid her areola.


After tracing a circle around her areola many times which was impregnated with liquid her small inverted nipples made an appearance.


I grab her shy nipples between my thumbs and index fingers and finish pulling them outside.


I carry on kneading and tweaking. Naia’s body continually responds and shakes.

“Do……nt, Ki-sama…..hiii…..don’t”

I let go of her nipples which have erected completely. Now I’ll take care of the stomach and down.

The legs and crotch are an important part. I’ll massage them.

However, Keith’s mind rebelled against him and handed control over completely to his sex drive.

Anyway, I’m here as a toy of this girl. I’m just a clown.

If that’s so shouldn’t I have some benefits?

Can’t I enjoy myself?

I’ll enjoy myself. With that in mind, I’m cured. It’s not a bad story either way.

Keith strokes her abdomen while moving his hand to the base of her thigh. In the process, he brushed her clitoris with his fingers by accident.


Another person’s fingers touch the place she never has and her waist jumps up with the strength of the feeling.


“What’s wrong”


“Perhaps….you want me to stop?”


“Is that so…Well, it cant be helped. The treatment so far….”

Naia stopped Keith who was trying to stand up whilst panicking

“Wro, That’s wrong! Wrong…..”

“How am I wrong?”

“…..It’s strange”

Naia looks down

“….When Keith-sama touches me……..It feels good…….Though its treatment”

“What? is that all?”


“This is more of a correction than a treatment. Because I’m going to return your body to its correct state, it’s natural for it to feel good”



It’s a big lie

After all what I’m doing now is the preliminary steps of the treatment, in other words, it’s no more than palpitations.

However, Naia who won’t know such a thing seems to be happy.

“Well then, Umm….”

“Do you want to feel good again?”


Keith’s craftiness came into play

“Please wait a minute”

I dry my hands whilst saying so and take a stone out my bag.

Moreover, it’s got a spell on it and after confirming its slightly glowing I put it to one side.

“Princess please cry out a little”


“Loud enough to make Aisha kick down the door”


“Trust me”

“…..Y, Yes”

Naia takes a deep breath “KYAAAA!”. She screams but there’s no reaction.


“This stone absorbs sound. It’s range is roughly around the two of us. No sound can be heard outside that range at all”

It’s a magic tool I made for when you have a secret that cant be spoken about. An evil tool. It didn’t sell well at all. (TN – I’ll take a dozen)

After all if you had such an important secret you wouldn’t talk about it outside anyway.

Keith whispers in Naia’s ear

“With this its okay no matter how good it feels or how loud you get”



Covered her shy face.

Looking at Naia, Keith resumed his molestation disguised as treatment.


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