Chapter 004 – First time feeling

Almost Sunday for me so good enough. Here’s something for all you hungry people. Again perspectives keep switching between the two without any obvious transition. Must be the author’s style so I won’t mention it again. Anyway enjoy.




Well, shall we resume?

Should he blame her virgin pussy or her inverted nipples which were still standing proud?

Keith was deeply troubled but in the end decided to start with her chest.

I push Naia’s small breasts together and begin to massage them.


Naia closes her eyes and bites her lip to endure the pleasant feeling.

“What’s wrong? It’s fine to let your voice out”

“Umm, but….”


“I…..don’t want Keith-sama to see me as vulgar”

Keith smiled by Naia’s ear

“I wouldn’t think such a thing. I’m glad the princess feels good and is letting out her voice”

After falling silent from Keith’s words Naia says “Yes” and nods.

While watching Keith’s face he begins to play with her breasts again.

Her childlike breasts had a soft but firm feeling and Keith gently wrapped them up in both hands so as not to hurt them. A nasty wet sound was coming from those palm sized breasts.

“Hau!….Aaaah!!…. Unnn, hiu!!”

Naia is blushing and rubbing her thighs together whilst her breasts are massaged.

Even though its my breasts being rubbed the inside of my crotch is gradually getting warm.

Am I strange?

However, I can’t ask Keith such a thing. It’s a bit scary.

Meanwhile, Keith continues playing with her breasts.

Keith flicks Naia’s nipples “Hikuu!!” It’s a fun reaction.

They are usually hidden so they are weak to stimulation.

I have to play with them more. While I’m thinking this


Naia panted

“What’s wrong?”

“Umm…..the tips of my chest…….are throbbing….”

She didn’t understand the changes to her body caused by her sexual excitement.

The pure elf princesses heart was excited.

“That’s great!”

Naia was surprised at Keith’s slightly exaggerated words

“I…I’m…..not strange?”

“No. It’s not the princess. It’s this oil”

I show her the liquid I painted on her body

“It might have been too much stimulation for the princesses pure chest. It’s serious I should wipe it off quickly”

To Naia who believed such a big lie “I won’t wash it with water though” I say

“This way is better”

Keith brings his face close to Naia’s chest

“Eh? eeh? eeeh?”

*suck* *kiss* *lick* *bite*

I suck it. I lick it. I play with it with my tongue.

Naia panicked at my actions

“Keith-sama! What, hauu! Hii…don, hiee! Please!”

Keith moves his mouth from the right nipple to the left nipple

“Denied. From the olden days licking to purify something is the basics of magic”

“No…..way, hyauuu!!”

While tracing her areola I suck on her nipple and roll it with my tongue.

Because the liquid I used was all natural materials I lick it without reserve.

I pinch her unoccupied nipple to keep it hard.

The liquids taste has changed slightly with Naia’s slightly sweet sweat.

In the first place elves don’t eat meet so they have few body odours. It seems their sweat does not smell.

While remembering such a thing Keith thoroughly enjoys the taste of Naia’s breasts.

If her sweat is like this whats her pussy juice like?

When I thought this my head was tightly held

Naia grabbed Keith’s head with both arms and pulled him to her chest.


Despite her weak power letting go of her nipple was hard.

Naia is doing it unconsciously. Her eyes are closed and she’s frantically screaming Keith’s name.

“Keith-sama!! Hauu! Kei….nnnnn!! Hyaa! breasts……..tip of my breasts….hyaa!! Keithhhhh!!”

Like a child hugging an important doll, Keith’s head was firmly kept against Naia’s writhing body.

It might be better to make her cum once.

Keith judged it so and moved his left hand gently downwards. While tracing Naia’s abdomen I gently touch her clitoris.

It’s just a dot that hasn’t come out of it’s hood but it’s still hard enough.

I touch it gently with my middle finger.

“Hiii!! Ukyuu….hii!!”

She screams loud enough to destroy her throat and Naia’s body warps.

I understood playing with her clitoris was effective. I lick her breasts like ice cream whilst using my middle finger to rub her clitoris through the hood.

“Ahh! Auuu!! Keith-sama!! There! Is strange, higuu!! My stomachs hot!! It’s throbbing!!”

She’s drooling whilst appealing to me.

She’s an unexpectedly intense and aggressive type. While thinking that Keith exerts more pressure on her clitoris. As soon as he touches it

“Scary! It’s scary!! Something!! Something with my body!! Aau, ahnn! Nnnnn!!!!! Keith, samaaaa…!!”

I exerted even more pressure and Naia came

For a first time climax it was a light one but it was enough for this virgin Elf girl.

“Fuhaa!! Haa haa!!”

Keith waited until her arms weekend and pulled his head out quickly. I almost suffocated.

Naia is breathing roughly while drool drips down the edge of her mouth. Feelings of satisfactions overflow.

I lick my finger which was rubbing her clitoris. I want to taste the honey that’s overflowing a little further down.

However, I’m running out of time.

Study time is precisely regulated. When it passes Aisha will come into the room even if told to stop.

I’d better clean Naia’s sticky body and let her get dressed as that takes a little time.

My penis is insisting I let it do its job with Naia (our enjoyment has just begun) I try and persuade it. Keith calls out to Naia who’s absentminded

“Princess, our study time is ending. Please get up”


Naia stared at Keith with drowsy eyes

Was the stimulation too strong?

I only played with her breasts and clitoris a little. What will happen if I do it in earnest?

I’m half scared and half expectant. My sexual desire supports my expectation though.

“Princess! Princess!!”

Keith didn’t stop laughing at the idea while desperately trying to wake Naia.



“Umm….I’m vulgar… show such a figure……um…..”

Naia who is bright red is looking down and speaking in a flustered voice.

Her body is washed and cleaned and she’s clothed properly.

I was woken up by Keith when my mind cleared. I’m about to die from the figure I exposed.

Of course thinking about it logically Keith is the bad one.

Deceiving Naia who doesn’t know anything. He’s got no excuse as he tricked her.

However, Keith was treating Naia who was writing in pleasure without permission.

Therefore the one to feel shame should be Naia… what Naia thought. Keith understands that.

“Not at all”

I said while putting my items away. I activate a magical tool that deodorises the room. This item sold well. (TN – A dozen of these as well please)

“So, how was it?”

Did it feel good?

For such a pervert like question, Naia squirms a little not knowing if she should answer or not.

“Ye….yes. It was great”

“It seems the treatment was effective”

“At the end. Umm…..My head became pure white, my body twitched and became really light. It that the first step to using magic?”


What’s with that misunderstanding.

She thinks sexual climax is the first step to using magic.

I almost burst into laughter and had to desperately endure it at the excessive misunderstanding.

“Is that wrong?”

I strive to put on a blank face and continue our talk

“No, that’s right. If you experience that blank-headedness many times you can become an excellent magician princess”

“Yes! I’ll do my best!!”


To say you’ll do your best with an erotic thing. I desperately hold back my laughter.

However, the problem is how do I stop this from coming to light?

If this becomes known, especially to Aisha I’ll be made into a carpet and placed by a fireplace.

I’m greeeeatly troubled.

“Um…….because of that……..Keith-sama”

The words of Naia “Yes?” stop my thoughts

“My treatment……could you please keep it a secret?”


“Becoming like that……being known by everyone….um….it’s shameful”

A free pass was prepared.

A duck comes carrying an onion on it’s back (TN – A Japanese proverb. Basically here comes a sucker or a stroke of luck arrived)

Mandrake came out (TN – No idea. I know it’s a plant and the myth used to be if you pulled one out it would scream and you’d die so not sure how he linked it to good fortune)

What a convenient offer.

What is this princess? Has god granted me this ero elf for my exclusive use?

I grin. Naia’s face is anxious and looks like she’s about to cry.

“I understand that you have to report your progress to my mother and father….but”

Keith makes a refreshing smile on his face

“I understand. If the princess wishes it, I will”


Naia grabs Keith’s hands

“You really are a gentle person……..I…..”

No one noticed that the fire of love had begun to smoulder in the back of her eyes.



“I’m home”

“Master, you seem happy nya”

“I guess”

“It’s a big difference from yesterday nya”

“Don’t think of me as the me of yesterday”


“Well I’ll take a bath and prepare for tomorrow”

While watching his master head inside excited like a kid the day before a trip, Ru

“Must be because this country has good weather nya”

goes back to sleep.


18 thoughts on “Chapter 004 – First time feeling

    • As long as she ‘falls’ to his ‘upright playboy’ actions, I don’t mind.

      It’s if he starts training her in BDSM and then letting anyone else know about it or even have a go with her or other similar things you usually find in most netorare stories atleast (not that this is likely to become netorare), that i’ll want to kill him brutally.


    • Okay, so the syosetsu raws don’t have any keywords at all for the ‘really dark stuff’ , and judging from the chapter titles (there’s 570 chapters at the moment) they shouldn’t contain ‘really dark stuff’ either.

      So it depends on what you consider as dark and what is okay, to see if you’ll be happy.


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