Chapter 005 – Princess’s Taste

This was a long chapter. Well longer than normal anyway. Enjoy.



“Umm, Do I wear this?”


Naia asked curiously when she saw what I gave her.

However you looked at it, it was string. Small fabric triangles attached to string.

Are these really clothes. Naia doesn’t know how to wear it.

Keith says to Naia

“I made it last night for you princess.”

“Keith-sama did?”


Keith made it for own purpose but Naia was extremely delighted.

Naia wanted to jump for joy, however

“….What’s wrong?”

“Ah, umm……how do you wear this?”

Knowing the reason why Naia was troubled, Keith

“I understand. I’ll help you put it on. Please take off your clothes.”


Naia’s face goes beet red when she thinks of Keith’s words ‘take off your clothes’.

Everything was seen yesterday, In addition to that it’s a man…..moreover, it’s Keith….no matter how many I undress it’s still shameful.

I am anxious about what Keith thinks of my body.

Still, I take off my clothes and stand in front of Keith. He skillfully helps Naia put the string on.

Keith smiled happily at her finished appearance.

“…..Keith-sama… is it?”

“It suits you well princess.”

Naia’s clothing was micro bikini armour.

The triangular patches just barley cover her nipples and hidden place. It’s an incredibly indecent piece of string.

It isn’t clothes you should make a girl wear, moreover, she’s royalty.

Back when I was in the mage association there was a [female warrior cafe] in the town I lived in. The costume became incredibly popular due to it.

The shop only lasted two months though before it went bankrupt.

How about putting that armour on Naia I thought. So last night I hand-sewed it. It was made to fit Naia perfectly.

Naia is shyly checking out her appearance. It’s violently sexy and cute.

White cloth on white skin, but I made the string black to accentuate her skin more.

The top of her slit is visible due to the low-rise crotch.

Apart from helping in a night fight, it has not other use and I helped a girl put it on. Such a satisfying feeling.

I want to suck her and lick her. I want to embrace her. Keith was desperately enduring it.

Naia’s appearance, while she was squirming, was much more shameful than being naked.

“This….what is this?”

“I made it because you were embarrassed being naked during your treatment…….don’t you like?”

To Keith who was now looking glum

“N, No, No way! I like it……I really like it!! I’m really pleased!!”

“I’m glad, ” Keith says.

In order to begin the treatment as soon as possible, I got Naia to lay on her back like last time.

“After treating you yesterday, I understand that the princess seems to particularity relax with the lower half of her body”

“Lower half of my body?”

“Yes. When your stomach became hot during yesterday’s treatment…..You said your crotch was throbbing. That is where the magical power is stagnating!”

It’s the excuse I thought of last night so I could do this lowest ero act.

Ruu had stared at his master who was grinning while sewing the micro bikini armour last night with pitying eyes.

“Is that so?”

“It’s so!”

Naia always believes me if I emphasise something.

Well. It’s not like she doubts me in the first place anyway.

Lower body eh….should I rub her legs and ass?

Naia remembers yesterdays pleasure and bites her lower lip firmly.

She remembers it a lot.

After Keith went to his room while talking to Aisha, while in the bath, while in bed, whenever she recalls what Keith did her crotch itches.

Is this what happens when magical power is stagnating?

On one hand I want to be cured but on the other I don’t want that feeling to disappear.

(What am I thinking about! Keith-sama is working hard on my treatment and I’m wishing not to be cured!) (TN – This innocence is killing me. My heart is not ready)

Naia slept poorly last night due to the thoughts in her head that kept going round in circles.

She didn’t know that Keith was taking advantage of her under the guise of treating her.

Liquid was taken out of the bag. It was almost the same as yesterday but I’ve raised the viscosity. I used to make this liquid for a brothel owner during my wandering days.

I pour some on both legs.


Naia responded to the coldness on her thighs.

I plaster both of her legs with it.

I lift her foot gently and apply pressure the calf and thigh to relax it.


It’s a pleasant feeling when your muscles are massaged. Naia leaked a breath from her mouth.

Saliva was collecting in her mouth. Enough for drool to appear.

Although Keith wanted to go straight for her pussy he carried on relaxing her legs.

After finishing the calf and thigh he moved onto the sole of her feet and toes.

Although a foot massage can be ticklish at first the comfort when the aches and pains go away in unbearable.

Keith’s liquid covered fingers are slid through her toes. The noise being made sounded like something shameful was going on.

Keith washes his hands. It’s time to have today’s main dish.

On the other hand, Naia only felt pleasant. It was not enough stimulation to make her body all shivery like yesterday.

I feel unsatisfied. I’m a vulgar person to think that. I fall into self-hatred.

(But….Keith-sama said my head going white was the first step to using magic!….then, that’s a good thing….isn’t it?)

That’s convenient for me Naia decided.

After this will you do the act that makes my head all white. Her small chest throbbed with expectation.


“Ye, yes!”

“Today’s stimulation will be stronger than yesterday. Is that okay?”

“Ee, a…yes! It will be fine……probably”

It’s stronger than yesterday?

Than that?  whats stronger than that?

I got scared a little.

To Naia, Keith said

“What do you want to do? Do you want to stop?”

Of course, I’m not stopping but I take a slight pause.

Keith tailored the things Naia wore with much effort. She absolutely would not refuse.

“No! Please do it! I’ll do my best as well!!”

Naia makes a small guts pose. I almost burst into laughter unconsciously. (TN – for those that don’t know what a guts pose is google Guts Ishimatsu)

I hold back my laughter and smile

“The princess is wonderful”

I say and stroke her head.

When my head is patted by Keith which he had never done before “Howaa” feelings flood my heart.

It’s a warmer feeling than when my father or mother do it.

Keith is tricking Naia. He’s the lowest of human beings.

Keith says to Naia “Well then let’s begin”. I rub liquid onto both hands and make them slimy.

I make Naia legs do an M shape.


Naia wasn’t able to react to the sudden M-shaped legs. It’s an immodest pose.

“Ki, Keith-sama! what are you doing….”

Keith has a serious face

“I’m going to relax this part here….Please trust me”

What is he talking about, this man?

You would usually think but Naia felt embarrassed by his serious face and felt she must be the strange one.

“Ye….yes, I, Keith-sama Hyowa!!!!!”

In the middle of Naia’s words, Keith moved his hand into her groin and towards her hidden place. I don’t stop but trace it slowly so as not to burden Naia to much.

I push my finger into the bottom of the micro bikini armour.

I don’t go straight for the clitoris or labia I just trace her groin area.

It’s embarrassing but the pleasant feeling is extending through her lower body.


I closed my eyes and endured it.

My hands move and almost stop Keith’s hands but I endure it desperately.

Keith repeats it many times and gradually moves his hand closer inside.

It’s delicate fingering but Naia was unable to notice. However


Keith’s fingertips finally rubbed her clitoris before moving down and patting the labia.

Naia’s labia is almost undeveloped, There’s just a small amount of plump meat.

Her insides should be clearly visible if you spread her crotch some more. After touching it once I tortured it without hesitation afterword.

I rub her clitoris and pinch it, trace my fingers over her pussy and rub the soft insides.

Every time I do

“Howa! Fukuu!! Uuuuu!! Hiii!! Iiiii!!”

Naia’s body is writhing. I torment everywhere to see where’s effective.

I rub it over and over many times. I can see her pussy juice flowing.

It’s only a small amount. Nevertheless, for a virgin pussy, it gets a passing mark.

I want to lick it till it floods.

I pull my finger out of the micro bikini armour and move my body between Naia’s spread legs.

The torture has stopped. Naia opens her eyes while gasping for breath and see’s Keith’s face approaching her groin.

I panic and close my legs.

His dead is caught between both thighs “Fuguuu!!” Keith raises his voice.

“Wha, What are you doing?? putting your head in such a place”

Keith pulled his head out from her thighs.

“I have to check it directly! I told you yesterday. It’s the basics of magic to purify it with your tongue!!”

“Bu, But…..It’s dirty….”

“There’s not a single dirty place on the princesses body”

“It’s dirty….It’s dirty……”

Naia seems like she’s about to start crying.

“…..Princess……Do you hate being licked by me?”


“If you say it’s so……..well that’s so, isn’t it. After all, I’m only a lowly human mage. Licking the important place of the princess…..this Keith got completely swept up in the princesses gentleness.”

“No! Wait you’re wrong!”

“Please excuse me…..”

Keith starts to stand up with a sad face

“You’re wrong! It’s different!!……To have Keith-sama lick it……I’m glad….but what if you get sick licking such a place”

She goes bright red after saying it.

Such a tender girl.

“For the princesses consideration, this Keith must sincerely thank you. But if I want to give magic to the princess then this body is of no concern!! Excuse me!!!”

I talk crap and quickly shove my head between her legs and head straight for her groin.I continuously lick her pussy over the top of the cloth.

“Fuuu!! Hiuuu!! Dont, Keith-sama!! Dont!! Ahyaaaaa!!!!”

It’s irritating being licking over the cloth, however, Naia’s feelings for Keith rise while being licked.

Why is Keith going so far?

Actually, it’s just simple carnal desire but this girl that doesn’t know it feels she is important to Keith. And that feeling brings her pleasure even higher.

“Aahh! Aaaaaaa! Keith-sama!!”

Keith grabs the string and pulls it tight cutting it into Naia’s pussy and clitoris.

“Akyaaaa!!! Haakuuu…….!!”

Her waist jumped at the painful pleasure. Waiting for that moment Keith pulled the bottoms off.

Though it’s immature a faint smell was set free and there was a wet and moist female organ.

Her meat had started to swell up and he thought. Labia is thin. Though her clitoris was seen yesterday it was hidden by its hood but you can still see it’s erect. He can understand that the hole is small his raging penis wanted to go in there. Just the thought made his waist move.

It’s different to yesterday. Naia is completely exposed to him.

“Don’t…..Don’t. Keith-sama…… can’t look.”

She tries to cover her secret parts with her hands but I block them. With all my might I put on my best fake gentleman face.

“The princess is a miracle that god gave”


“After all there isn’t a place on your body that isn’t beautiful. What else an this mean except a miracle?”


Though I’m happy with Keith’s words they are really shameful. Naia’s face goes beet red.

Though it’s got nothing to do with it at this moment in Keith’s room Ruu his familiar “Kusaaaaaaaa!!” Is sleep talking. (TN – seriously this was in the raws. Troll author)

“I’ll lick it directly……..Please say if it feels good”

“Ah, No….Hawaaaa!!”

Keith holds the whole hood in his mouth and teases the clitoris slowly.

Because the stimulation of her peeled clitoris would be too strong I won’t do it today. I poke the contests with the tip of my tongue while stimulating the whole thing.


“Ah! Auuu!! Haaa….”

She let out a pretty cry.

After that, I trace her labia with my tongue and taste the honey overflowing from the hole.

It’s different from a humans pussy juice. A non-bitter taster spread around my mouth.

Is it just Naia? I want to taste some other elves as well.

I widen her pussy with my thumb while licking up all the juice.

It’s definitely a virgin hole.

Nobody. Not even a finger has been here. A film proved here purity.

I got there before other men. Third rate mage breaks through.

I’ll make this brand new vagina and womb dirty with my cloudiness.

I want to perform my vulgar delusions but I strongly endure.

Everything has an order.

While Keith compliments his self-disciple he keeps caressing Naia.

I have tasted the honey enough so I restart the clitoris torture to stimulate her more.

I take a quick look at the panting Naia and see the top part of the micro bikini armour is sharp and pointy.

You can tell by looking at the cloth that Naia’s inverted nipples have erected.

I reach both hands up and knead her nipples. I don’t neglect my tongue skills either.

Naia’s whole body jumps when I pinch her nipples firmly.

Stimulation to her clitoris is still too strong but her nipples have begun to get used to it from being blamed yesterday.

Naia is drooling from the pleasant feeling. Her whole body is numb.

“Keith-sama! Keith-sama!”

“*lick* *licking**sucking* Princess, does it feel good?”

“Ye…..s, Yes!! It feels good!! It feels good!!! Keith-sama!!!!”

Keith knew her climax was near from watching her waist moving continuously.

“Are you coming?”

“Hau!! Uuuu! cumm………what…..Hyauuu!! Ahiii! what is that?”

So you don’t understand what cumming means.

Keith says.

“Cumming is when your head turns white. At that time a woman [My pussy is cumming] you have to say.”

“Ah. Aa…kuuu! aauuu……is that so?”

“It is”

While she smoothly falls for my lie I push her towards the final spurt

I knead her nipples hard and continue pocking her clitoris with my tongue.

For my attack Naia

“Do….nt!! Hyaaaaa!! Keith-sama!! It’s coming!! The white….coming!! Ahyaa!!”

“Princess, say it!!”

“I’m cumming!! Aguu!! Ahh!! Aaaaaaa!! My pussy, is cumming!!!!! Naaaaaaaaa!!!”


Naia reached climax. Her hands and toes were clenching while her waist was continuously jumping.

And she fainted.

I woke up in my bed.

My body is clean and my clothes are changed.

Keith seems to have done everything. There was a note “Well done” on my beside.

While grasping it Naia was told by Keith today “beautiful”. Naia remembering those words writhed on the bed.

I’m too happy.

I wish tomorrow would hurry up and come. I want to feel good again is what Naia thought.



As for Keith. While remembering Naia’s virgin pussy he was earnestly masturbating in his room.

“Master the room stinks of squid nya!!!”

Ruu was oozing with complaints.


Authors note:

Next time I will let the princess do blindfold fellatio. In the next round, we will also do the penetration ceremony.


17 thoughts on “Chapter 005 – Princess’s Taste

  1. One step at a time.. sure…

    But if she didn’t show any significant changes in her magical prowess, wouldn’t that be a problem?
    Your time might be shorter than you think Keith.

    On the other hand, Keith may have some talent in massaging.

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  2. She really is too stupid. She has to have an idea what sex is, but she keeps letting him play with her body, and soon she will be fucked while being called treatment. Maybe he’ll say sperm in the womb creates magic power, or some lie like that. I don’t like rape, and stupidity trumps the act of rape in fiction, like if you agree to have sex with a man once when he blackmails you over something small like shoplifting and he further blackmails you as you have sex and takes a pic, but she is too stupid for me to enjoy this. What if she gets pregnant? Will she not realize anything. I at least hope he gets caught soon or during the act.


    • not weird at all y’know? In fact, I was able to show my Chinchin* to my parent without shame when I was still around 9 years old and I learnt off the term sex around 11-13 from book and newspaper(no internet at my house during those time). I learnt of the visual sex around 15 from internet i guess? Thus, for a ‘bird in a cage’ princess in a world without internet, it should be norm for her to be ignorant.

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