Chapter 006 – Princess overdoes it

Nothing to say again. Maybe I should write a Haiku. Anyway, enjoy the chapter.




“How is it? Does it feel good?”

“”Haa….aaa…a bit…”

Naia was being held from behind by Keith was leaning into him and writhing.

Pretty slender white fingers were stroking her clitoris.

While staring at her state Keith was giving instructions.

“That’s it. Very skilful. With your other hand rub your breasts”

Keith whispered into her ear and Naia started rubbing her chest like he said.

“Haa…aaa! Kuu…..uu!”

I closed my eyes and my body twisted in pleasure.

Keith was teaching masturbation to Naia.

Several days had passed since he tasted Naia and made her cum. Today was the first class since that day.

Due to her being a princess she also had other lessons. it was impossible to do magic practice aka lewd behaviour every day.

Due to this Naia who wasn’t used to pleasure would stop developing her pussy so I came up with this idea.

The reason I gave to Naia was “Because I won’t always be able to help with your magical pathway correction I will teach you a method to help yourself”

“It’s great that even myself can do it!” Naia said in high spirits

Keith hadn’t thought she’d be this happy to be taught masturbation.

Even though Naia was really shy Keith made her get naked and sit down so he could hug her from behind.

However in the end with a “Hauu…” she entrusted her body to Keith and he began the guidance.

First of all, I thought that Naia needed to get used to clitoral stimulation so I tough her to masturbate with her clitoris only. He would teach her about her vagina after he had broken through it.

I got my antibacterial liquid that I made which used to sell well to doctors and told her “Please use this on your hands when doing it alone”

After putting it on I started to teach her how to use her fingers.

It wasn’t comfortable at first due to her nervousness so Keith told her “think about feeling good.”

Naia closed her eyes and thought desperately. She thought about what felt good. While in Keith’s arms he whispered in her ear “pretty” and  “I like the princess very much”

Touching her clitoris her body reacted continuously. Being held in Keith’s arms gave Naia’s delusions, even more, power and she was invited to the world of orgasms.

Her clitoris stiffened in its hood.


Naia was currently calling out Keith’s name in her delusions but was it the real Keith’s name or the delusion Keith’s name? Even she didn’t know.

While watching Naia I decided to teach her the finishing move

“Princess….Shall I peel it back?”

“Ahhh….ahhh, nn!….Fuee?……peel?”


Keith takes Naia’s hand that is continuously rubbing her clitoris

“Do it this way”

After saying so I peeled the hood back.

A small clitoris peeps out. I play with the part that’s being hidden till now.

“Hawaaaaaa!! Hiuuuu!!”

Naia bent forward like her body had broken. Keith kept playing with her peeled clitoris through the gap in her slouching body

“You do it like this. When it feels good it grows big. At that point peel it back and rub it. Do you understand?”

“Hiiii! Hiuu!! Sty! Styop!! Hyaaa!!” (TN – She slurring her words but I suck at transcribing that. The normal word is dame but she’s saying rame)

I hold her body that trying to escape the excessive stimulation and continue playing with it.

“Don’t! Don’t!! Keith-shyama!! It’s coming!! Ohiii……It’s coming!! Hyaaaaa!!!” (TN – and again rame not dame)


Her body twitched. I think she came. *Pushyaa* yellow urine spread across the sheet we were sitting on.


Was it too strong?

While thinking that

“Uu, uuuu…….It’s not stopping…… pee won’t stop……Keith-sama please don’t look….”

Naia’s face was out of shape from crying.

I want to die from the shame. To let it out at my age. Keith will surely hate me. The tears didn’t stop when she thought that.

However, Keith stroked Naia’s head and said

“I’m to blame here. I was too rough. I’m sorry……will you please forgive me?”

It was Naia who peed herself while being taught by me. Keith admits he was at fault.

Because of his kindness Naia’s heart throbbed even more.

Pee was seen and even smelled but he smiled at me


Leaving her body to him he patted Naia’s head. She wanted this moment to go on forever.

She was being deceived smoothly.



Ruu was taking a walk around the palace. It’s the territory instinct of a cat. When he returned  Keith was washing up in the bathroom.

“I’ve returned nya……*sniff**sniff*….Master, have you peed yourself nya?”

Naia’s pee wasn’t only on the sheet. It had spread to Keith’s clothes as well.

Because I spread a waterproof sheet the damage was only two. As expected [the princess peed herself]. He couldn’t ask the maids for help. He had to wash it himself.

Incidentally, he helped Naia wash in her own bathroom and helped her dress.

She had carried on crying right up to when Keith was about to leave. She finally stopped when I stroked her head. I’ll recover my good mood tomorrow.

Even so. To pee herself…..she really is a child…..though I don’t know how old she is.

I finish washing up while thinking this. I also wash the sheet. By the time I had finished it was nighttime

Because there’s a class tomorrow how should I play with her? I fell asleep while worrying.

I had a fluffy dream.

A drifting dream

A pleasant dream………….It erected.

It super-erected.

“A…..crap…….I’m over 30 and I had a wet dream….”

 I take a deep breath to calm my penis that’s ready to ejaculate.

“I’ll be at my limit soon if I have to keep enduring that ero”

I made up my mind. I got up and started preparations for tomorrow’s lesson.


The next day I go to  Naia’s room in the early afternoon.

When I knock on the door and enter, Naia who normally runs up to me joyfully is sitting down with her face looking at the floor.

Is she still worried about yesterday?

After I confirm Aisha has left the room glaring death at me like usual I approach Naia.


Her body jumped with surprise

Crap. Does she hate me?…..

I thought so but Naia was squirming.



“Umm. The medicine for my hands you gave me yesterday”

“Ahh. The hand cleaning one”

“Yes…….Umm. Can I have a little more?”


There were five or six applications I gave her yesterday…..possibly.

Keith turned around to face Naia so he could see her face.

I see.

Naia has dark circles under her eyes from lack of sleep.

(Ohh. She became a monkey)

Lack of sleep due to too much masturbation.

Naia shyly hides her face.

“How many times did you do it after I went to my room?”

“………..four times…..roughly…..”

“Howa. So much”

The princesses private time is limited yet she managed to do it four times.

It’s a wonderful monkey.

“But, umm…I was only able to cum once.”

“That so?”

Meanwhile, Naia was watching Keith’s face frequently.

“…If Keith-sama is not by my side……. it doesn’t feel good.”

“It took you four times to notice that”


I should check this Keith judged.

“Princess, can you stand up and lift your skirt up”

“Eh? a, yes…….”

Naia stands up and raises her skirt like Keith asked.

Pure white thighs wrapped in a snow-white garter belt.

Slowly lowering her panties Keith saw her clitoral hood was red as he suspected.

(If you do it four times at night)

Did Naia feel uneasy?

“Umm, Keith-sama……how is it?”


“Ye, yes”

“It’s a splendid thing to study so diligently however you must show moderation. Four times is too much at night”

Naia was vaguely aware of that too.

So when Keith came to the room he was facing difficulties.

Because she understood it with an “Aah” she blushed and turned her eyes down.

“Only when I’m with you can you do it many times. By yourself, two times is enough. Ok?”

“Yes……I’m sorry”

“Well then. I’ll disinfect it”


Keith gently licked her clitoral hood.

I cleaned the part that was red while trying not to irritate it.

“Hyaa!! Aaah……!”

Naia’s sensitivity had improved considerably.

She’s become accustomed to having her clit stimulated. Lucky.

I plunge my face into the crotch of the skirt lifting elf girl and lick her clitoris.

It’s a different feeling of immorality to do it this way compared to being naked.

I stop licking around the reddened area and paint a vegetable ointment I’ve taken out my bag on her reddened hood.

Naia makes a voice “Hiu” at the stinging sensation.

“You must not play with it at all today”

“Yes……I understand”

Naia puts her panties back on. She won’t be able to do it today. She was a little sad.

If I hadn’t done such a thing by myself.

But when I think of gentle Keith my chest goes *Kyuuuto* When I remember the treatment done by him my stomach starts to go warm.

My fingers automatically go there by themselves.

(Because I want to use magic soon) I became this way after convincing myself of this.

I peed myself yesterday and now this today.

Surely Keith will get tired of my stupidity and become disgusted.

“But that’s just right”

Keith said to Naia


“I wanted to try another type of treatment today so even if there isn’t touched there’s no problem.”



Naia smiled with relief.

However, another treatment method?

When I think so Keith begins preparations.

He doesn’t use the usual waterproof sheet today. Instead, he fetched a short-legged stool from Naia’s room.

“Please sit here princess.”

Naia sat as he was told.

 Then something was taken out of the bag and shown to her

“What’s that?”

“It’s a blindfold.”

“A blindfold? Are you going to blindfold me?”



Keith used the excuse he already had prepared

“I intend to treat you with a magical tool today”

“A magical tool?!”

“Yes, moreover it’s a special grade A class magical tool. When a person with weak magical resistance see’s it, they will go blind!!”

“Re……Really. Scary……”

Naia’s face turned pale with fear.

Authors note: I wanted to put a masturbation scene in but it became rather long. Fellatio scene is next.


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