Chapter 007 – Blindfold kisskiss

Went with kisskiss for the tittle as author used ちゅうちゅう (chyuuchyuu) but could also use sucksuck I think. Either way enjoy.

While watching Naia’s pale face Keith struggled to hold back his laughter.

“So in order to protect the eyes of the princess, I made this special blindfold with a protection spell inscribed on it”

“But what about Keith-sama’s blindfold?”

“I’ll be fine. I may not look it but I am a mage. As long as it’s not a god level tool this body will be okay.”

“But….the danger….”

“It is for the sake of the princess. There is nothing more to say”

A smile that hid a lie. To Naia, Keith seemed like a prince out of a story.


Keith took a deep breath of relief as he blindfolded Naia who had tears in her eye’s

It went as planned (TN – Just according to keikaku. Sorry. I’ll leave now)

However its hard work from here.

Keith says to Naia “Can you see anything?” to make sure nothing is visible.

After looking around restlessly I take out the magic tool.

I take off my belt, take off my trousers, take off my underwear and grasp the half erect magic tool. It’s my penis of course.

Even though she’s blindfolded I shaved down there last night as it had gotten incredibly hairy.

Thanks to that it’s a little bit sore.

Keith approaches the blindfolded Naia and grabs her hand.

Naia reacts to the unexpected touch.

“It’s me….you ok?”

“Ye, Yes! I’m fine!”

Her tension is visible.

“Please trust me. I won’t let anything happen to the princesses eyes.”

It isn’t really the lines a man should be saying while exposing himself in front of a girl.

However, Naia doesn’t know anything and goes “Hawa” at the lines a knight from a story would utter.

Keith takes Naia’s small hand and places it on his penis.

“! Keith-sama? what’s this?”

“The thing is the princesses hand is the magic tool.”

“This is?”

Her hand moves over it in confirmation.

“It’s no good if you grasp it too tightly.”


She checks the shape and hardness while doing as I said.

“It’s hot……It’s got a complicated form. Eh? It got harder!”

“That’s right …..The shape of this magic tool changes.”


She trains her fingers over various places.

An involuntary voice is almost leaked from her feathery touch.

When she brushed the frenulum I nearly melted in pleasure.

Precum is already leaking out.

“Keith-sama. Something is coming out!”

Nai reports while touching the precum with her fingertip.

“I haven’t explained it yet. This tool produces a special drug. It was created by a legendary alchemist called Ruu Marchan. If you drink the drug that comes out magical power will increase greatly. It was said that a bloody struggle broke out amongst mages over this.”


Naia leaked a horrified scream over the history of the thing she grasped.

“Why does Keith-sama have such a thing?”


Crap. I didn’t think that far.

Keith was impatient.

However, Keith is a good talker. He once wrote random characters on some paper and successfully sold them as charms. He sold out.

“Actually this is the reason I left the mage association. I found this magical tool in an unexplored area of a collapsed tower. I took it with me to use it for the sake of the world, however, the leaders of the mage association tried to take it from me and use it for their own selfish ends. I left the association.

In Naia’s head now, the grand adventures of Keith are unfolding.

Keith was fleeing with a terrible magic tool from the scheming of the mage association.

The hand of an evil assassin was stretching out but he makes it with his magic and knowledge.

While drifting he eventually settles in the elf’s country and is here with her now.

As a child, she would hear heroic tales from around the world from her parents. When she thinks of Keith he seems to be like those characters which makes her chest throb. If so, is it Naia’s role to be the princess who falls in love with the mage whilst on his journey?

(Awawawa…It’s wonderful!)

To her, Keith already stood shoulder to shoulder with the heroes of legend.

This shitty pervert is a hero.

He knows his own personality well and if he heard this he would die laughing.

“Anyway, princess you will drink the flowing drug from now on. when you do your magic power should rise.”

“Yes! I’ll do my best!!”

I deceive the poor girl and restart the hand job.

My hardness improves as she moves her hand up and down.

“Like this? Does more come out if you do it this way?”

She’s unbearably cute.

My mind was drifting and I almost cum from her comfortable hand job. Keith hurriedly stops Naia.

“What’s wrong? Did I make a mistake?”

Naia is uneasy at Keith suddenly stopping her.

“No….a little almost came out…..That’s right. Please use your mouth”

“My mouth?”

“Yes. Suck it with your mouth. Can you do that?”


“It’s alright I washed it properly. It’s clean.”

No matter how much it’s washed it’s still dirty though.

Anyone would think so.

However, to Naia, it’s safe because whatever Keith says is absolute.


“Before that.”

Keith grabs the root of his penis and stops Naia who was going to put his penis in her small mouth.

“The drug is also good for the body. I will paint it on the face of the princess”

He rubs his glans wet with precum on Naia’s soft cheeks.

I apply precum to the face of this beautiful elven princess.

I push my glans into her squishy cheeks before bringing it close to her nose.

“Princess, what kind of smell is it?”

“Fuee?…..Umm…..It’s a sharp smell….a little….It’s smelly”

She smells his penis and he listens to her impressions. Keith was a little happy being told it smells.

“Then, can you put it in your mouth?”


“Please open your mouth”

“Fwaa….like this?”

She opens her mouth wide and her red mouth is fully exposed.

Slimy saliva strings were attached to her cheeks and tongue.

What a splendid mouth pussy (TN – I hate typing that. A pet hentai peeve of mine up there with ass pussy)

Keith was impressed by this ero elf princess.

Keith takes both her hands and moves his waist forward and invades her mouth.


“O, ooooooooo……”

An involuntary voice leaks out due to the softness and warmth of her mouth.

“Is ebrythng…….abright……?”

Every time Naia’s tongue moves with her trying to speak his penis is rubbed and stimulated.

“It, it’s alright princess……now please suck it more than that.”


She’s sucking like a baby on a bottle.

“Oho!….n! Ooo…..”


She occasionally swallows the saliva mixed with precum and when she does her mouth tightens and it becomes very pleasant.

“Princess….your tongue….when you suck it….can you please lick the tip.”

“Here?….like this?……..churerochuchurerero”

“OOO!!….it’s skilful….as expected of the princess!”

It’s still pretty bad but the satisfaction of making this girl who knew nothing put it in her mouth made up for it

“On to the next step. Stop sucking and lick the magical tool with your tongue thoroughly. Start with the thickest part first”

“Unbeershtould…nro. nroro….peropero……”

Her small tongue crawls over the glans and the head gently caressing his penis.

This fellatio elf will become first class goods if I train her.

Keith can’t stop smiling as his pleasure increases.

In the meantime, an itchy feeling in his waist starts.

I can feel my ejaculation is near. I decide to be a little bit rough and finish quickly.

“Princess. Please narrow your cheeks and purse your lips.”

“….Rochu….? ngu, fueu….fua….”

Because Naia can’t speak she nods her understanding.

I could see the top of her blindfolded face from looking down.

She’s clumsily pushing out her lips.

“I’m going to move it back and forth so suck with all your might! Do your best!”

At Keith’s voice, Naia grips his hands as he starts to move back and forth.

“Gujyu! Gyujugujyu!! Jubojubo!!”

Keith watches Naia’s face as he controls his waist due to Naia’s vacuum fellatio.

“That’s it! That’s it!! Faster!! Make your cheeks narrower!!”

“Hyubo, jyuupojyuupo! Jyububu!!”

“Ahh! Good! It’s Good!!”

A feeling wells up from my balls when my perineum is touched.

“Princess! It’s coming! the medicine is coming but you must not drink it till I say so!”

“Ngu! Nguuu!!!”

“Ahhhhhhhhh, It’s coming!……aaaa!!”

Keith thrust further into Naia’s mouth and released his corruption.

*Spurt**Spurt* while it twitches many times Naia collects his semen in her mouth without swallowing.


“Ohh…Ooooooo. Crap it’s not stopping….”

After releasing an unbelievable amount of cloudiness he pulled his penis from Naia’s mouth.

A semen saliva thread was attached to the glans from her mouth.

While Keith was quickly throwing on his underwear and trousers Naia was finding the smelly corruption her mouth unbearable.


“Please wait a minute!!”

He finishes putting his clothes on and approaches Naia.

“Please open your mouth”

Her mouth is shaking with the yellow semen mixed in with saliva.

Because she tried to talk earlier bubbles were mixed in as well.

“Yes. It’s fine. Please go ahead”

“Fua…nguu!…..*couch*, *coughcoughcough*…..”

She desperately swallows the fishy liquid that’s sticking to her throat.

An elf princess who rarely eats meats swallowed the thick semen of a 30-year-old man.

“How was it? The taste?”

“*Cough!**Cough!*……’s thick and it smells…..It’s up my nose…it’s not nice”

“Medicine is always like that”

Keith’s expectations grew for future fellatio guidance.


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