Chapter 008 – Princess, straddle the face.

1 of 2 as promised.




Keith is standing there with his waist pushed forward and his lower half-naked while staring at Naia.

Naia was on all fours on the waterproof sheet.

If somebody saw her in her current clothes they would surely faint. Aisha’s spirit in particular might start a journey to a new planet.

Naia’s silver hair is done up in twin tails while wearing a leopard print string bikini.

It’s a bitch any way you look at it.

Of course, it was Keith who made her do it.

He helped Naia put the clothes on and did her hair.

“This hairstyle matches these clothes.” Keith told her while doing her hair.

There was more cloth to this outfit than the micro bikini however seeing a girl in a leopard print outfit brought about an exquisite ero.

He told Naia many times “you are pretty.” and “you are wonderful.” causing her to go bright red which made him “kufufu” laugh many times.

Why was Naia on all fours? What was Keith doing? Naturally, it’s fellatio.

Naia was blindfolded, made to get on all fours and open her mouth while Keith thrust his penis in.

Today is the tenth time she’s performed fellatio.

Naia is getting better each time.

Was this the result of his training? Keith enjoyed the results while being impressed.


Naia purses her lips while alternating her speed.

Her look is highly destructive

“*lick**lick**slurp*” (TN – Some Japanese onomatopoeia don’t translate well to English. One of these *lick* is the noise you make while rolling something with your tongue)

She stops moving her head sometimes and just uses her tongue as taught by Keith.

“Princess…..Uoo…Amazing. You’ve become very skilful.”

“*lick*….*slurp*…*suck*…..thyat so?”


I have a hard time not letting my moans out recently due to Naia’s skilful tongue movements.

Were you happy being praised by Keith? Naia Narrows her cheeks and sucks on his penis……the thing she thinks is a magical tool.


Making her wear cheap clothes and get on all fours like a dog. Make her do vulgar fellatio. The feeling if immorality heightened Keith’ mood.


Naia stuffs her mouth while noises fill the air.

Why is she doing her best here? There is a reason for it.

“Princess do your best. The medicine is almost here. Please lick it lots.”


After the first time, it now feels good every time Keith comes to give the medicine.

However Keith doesn’t have time to do the treatment slowly as it takes time to get the medicine out of the tool so the white head doesn’t appear much. After the treatments are over I treat myself in bed every night.

However, I still want Keith to give me the feeling. I want my chest massaged and my breasts licked. I want Keith the gently touch me and pat my head.

Therefore I need to get the medicine out quickly.

That’s why I’m trying my hardest.

It’s usually called petting between men and women, however, Naia doesn’t know this.

Naia has recently learned how to tell when the magic tool is ready to release the medicine.

If I keep licking it and sucking it will that bad tasting medicine come out contentiously?

Little by little I have learned how to use my tongue and lips. Besides I’ve gotten used to the taste of the medicine.

In the beginning, I wanted to throw up but I can drink it perfectly fine now.

Naia could tell it was going to come out soon.

*Twitching* The magic tool begins to twitch and swell up.

There’s still plenty of teaching time left.

I can have Keith do it lots today!


“Ohoo!…wha….What’s wrong princess!?…..Uooo….Amazing!”

“Ngu! Ngugu!!”

“Deeper!! Do your best princess!!”

“Ngoo, pufuee…*lick*…..*slurp*”

“Uoooo! Oo! It’s coming!! The magic tools medicine is coming!! coming!! Princess!!”

“nguuu, nguuuu!!”

“It’s….Oooooooo, coming……kuuu, It’s been wrung out…..”

Naia narrows her cheeks and drains every last drop from the magic tool. She pulled away from the magic tool and showed Keith her full mouth.

Keith checks the medicine every time.

I can’t see anything with the blindfold on. Keith’s making a rustling sound (sounds like someone putting trousers on). I can feel my mouth being looked at carefully.

“Lots came out today.”


“That’s it. Mix it in your mouth a bit today.”


It’s the first time Naia’s been asked to do that. The gooey feeling spreads through her whole mouth and the bad smell and taste stabs her tongue and mouth. A chlorine smell reaches her nose and brings tears to her eye’s.

“Open your mouth again.”


While the mixture made a sound Keith looked and was satisfied with the semen bubbles and the impurity he had done in Naia’s mouth.

“Okay! good. You can swallow now.”

“Nnnnnn!! heguuu…..ngu….pahaaa….”

It feels like a film is coating my mouth. Naia felt sick.

When the blindfold was removed and she looked up

“It was great. You’ve improved a lot.”

Keith strokes her head with a smile.

With that alone Naia thinks all the effort was worth it.

“Well then. Now the medicine has been taken, shall we begin the treatment?”


Keith makes Naia who is smiling joyfully stand up while he takes her place and lies down on the waterproof sheet.

“Okay, princess. Now straddle my face.”


“Hurry up.”

“Impossible!! I can’t do that…….A man……To sit on Keith-sama’s face…..I……..”

Keith stares at her with an earnest look on his face while lying down. There was a forcefulness in that expression.

It’s a pervert.

Asks a girl to sit on his face. An authentic pervert.

This is a pervert with a serious look.

It’s at the level where you’d normally call for help.

“I have to straddle………Is it no good?”

“Today is such a day.”

What kind of day is it?

But Naia faithfully believes Keith so with tears in her eyes she straddles his face.

The crotch part of the leopard bikini armour is overhead.

“That’s good princess. Just squat down.”


“That’s right. Sit on my face………..Press the part you want me to lick against my mouth!!”

The pervert shouted.

“I can’t……I cant, I cant do it.”

Naia desperately shakes her head and refuses it

“Please believe in me.”

This line is spoken by a man with his head between a girls legs.

Keith’s serious face met Naia’s eyes over her crotch.


Keith just continues staring

“Ahh….Keith-sama……..Please forgive me.”

Naia asks for forgiveness however it’s Keith who demanded it.

However, to Naia, the feeling was because she felt he was only doing it because of her.

She squats down on Keith’s face while closing her eyes.

She opens both legs, bends her knee’s and places the part of her crotch against Keith’s mouth and sinks her weight.

Elf who wore a leopard print bikini armour in now in a unching style over a man’s face. (TN – I think it means pooping style lol – unching style)

It’s a confusing feeling due to many different attributes


It was inevitable that Naia would be embarrassed and while enduring it she called out Keith’s name unconsciously.

“Please forgive my rudeness…….Keith-sama.”

Grasping her ass Keith began to lick her secret place through the cloth.

“Naa!! Naaaaaaa!!”

The crotch part soon got wet with Keith’s saliva and Naia’s pussy juice.

A feeling of doing something bad travelled up Naia’s back and increased the amount of pussy juice.


An irritation was beginning in her bottom half.

Keith undid the string and revealed her lower half.

Naia’s training has been going on for about a month.

There of Naia, even though it hadn’t been used had gradually become an adult.

Though her clitoris is small it will certainly grow and her petals are also growing.

Though not an adult she’s certainly not a child.

It’s the best pussy, ready to be eaten (TN – can be eaten hot or cold. See over for heating instructions)

Moreover, she’s a virgin.

Keith felt his penis get hard.

(Isn’t it about time I have this?)

Keith began to lick Naia’s half-done pussy while thinking bad things.


Clitoris erects immediately while pussy juice drips on Keith’s face.

A gooey mess surrounds Keith’s mouth while he carries on scooping the honey out of Naia.


Whenever Keith’s tongue stimulates her Naia bows her back.

“Hanu, prynshesh…..*lick*….*slurp*….Breshtsh….play…wythh.”

Keith speaks while pressing his mouth against her pussy.

Naia felt good with the soft stimulation.

“Haa, Uuuuuuuun!! Yes!!”

She starts rubbing her breasts like asked.

Naia played with her nipples continuously which had become hard and erected.

“Nhaaaa! Nhaaaa!! Keith-sama! Keith-sama!”

Naia’s face starts to look sloppy

It’s an expression she gained recently.

Although it’s not an adult woman’s face it’s still better than just closing her eyes and having a firm face.

It’s one of the factors that led Keith to believe she was ready to eat.

“Prynshesh, nguuo, djus it fyyl gyuud?” (TN – please forgive my appalling mouth on pussy translations)

“Ye….Ye, Yes! It feels good!! Keith-sama’s lick-lick feeling feels so good!! I’m sorry!! I’m sorry it feels so good!! Please forgive my appearance!!!”

Keith sucked her pussy into his mouth.

“Ahyaa!!! Uaaaa!! So gooood!! Ahaaa!”

Naia pinched her nipples harder.

“Ah ah ah ahhh!! Something’s coming!!  From the waist!! Aaaaaa!!! Cumming!! Pussy’s cumming!!”

Her squatting legs trembled continuously

Keith grasped her thighs and forced his face hard on her pussy

“Cumiiiiiiing!! Pussy’s Cumming!! Uhaaaaaaa!!”

Screaming the words taught to her by Keith her back arched forcibly and she came magnificently on Keith’s face.

Keith hurriedly grabbed her as she started to fall back.

“Look out.”

With his face covered in gooey pussy juice, Keith watched Naia’s small chest go up and down as she panted with her eyes closed.

“A princess bitch….It’s better than I imagined.”

Keith smiled while muttering it




“Yes, *Gargle* *Gargle* *Gargle*”

“*Gargle* *Gargle* *Spit*”

Keith checked that Naia had spit the mouthwash into the sink. This time Keith also does it but with water.

It’s to take the semen smell out of her mouth.

I don’t want to neglect this and be killed by Aisha. I pass her some breath mints and make sure she takes it.

I made all these while wondering. (TN – This guy should be freaking rich)

Many of them were for brothels of course.

When she’s done I undo her hair and start brushing it.

I take it slow and steady so no trace of the twin tail remains.

Naia went really shy while having her hair brushed by Keith.

“The next lesson is in three days.” Keith said while combing her hair.


Naia answers in a slightly lonely voice.

My chest became tight when I thought I couldn’t meet up with Keith.

“I….Actually, I want to meet Keith-sama and study everyday.”

She said she wanted to do H everyday. Keith smiled wryly and wondered at his physical stamina now he was in his 30’s.

“Rather than learning the ancient elf language every day.”

“Princess the ancient elf magic is important. It’s the language used for holy magic.”


Naia who’s reproved by Keith falls silent.

However, she turns to face Keith immediately.

“Will I also be able to use holy magic?”

“Eh? ee, of course.”

“That’s right! You’ve drunk so much medicine because so much came out. You can use magic soon……possibly. You may already be able to use it!!”

Keith was dripping in a cold sweat

Actually, he hasn’t begun to treat her yet.

He was having so much fun he completely forgot.

“Keith-sama! I want to try that floating paper like on the first day! I feel like I can do it!!”

Naia is breathing heavily through her nose while bringing her fists to her chest.

“N…No, I didn’t bring that tool today….”

He desperately throws out an excuse.

He actually did have the paper but no way was he admitting it.

“I see…..” she says while looking dejected.

Keith thought he must advance to the next step in various ways.


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  1. Oppies to many h lessons that he forgot to do the actual treatment.
    Years later and she still won’t be able to use magic. But at least she’s a first rate hooker.

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