Chapter 011 – Princess’s reason

Sorry for the lack of updates but life has now been caught up with so should be better again for a while.     A wet sound echoed in the bathroom. Amidst the rising steam, Keith and Naia were soaking in a bathtub with bubbles floating on the water. Naia is sitting in Keith's lap … Continue reading Chapter 011 – Princess’s reason


Chapter 010 – Princess, losing (second part)

I'm back....mostly. For the sounds effects like kissing, for example, do people want English equivalents if they exist or just left as romaji i.e. *kiss* kiss* or chyu chyu/chu chu? I'll leave it up to you readers. Enjoy!     Naia was surprised No matter how ignorant she was she knew the penis was located … Continue reading Chapter 010 – Princess, losing (second part)