Chapter 009 – Princess, losing (first part)

2 of 2. Enjoy.

Ruu was woken up at midnight by an excessively bad smell.

I get up and see a yellow smoke drifting around the room.


Ruu investigated the cause of the exquisitely bad odour while grimacing.

When I go to the bathroom my master Keith was sitting on the floor boiling something in a small witches cauldron (TN – actual word used was saucepan but witches saucepan sounds wrong)

“Master. Why are you making such a thing nya?”

“What do you mean, such a thing?”

Keith answered without looking back. On his face was mask covering his nose and mouth.

“It smells disgusting nya. My nose is about to break nya.”

“I guess.”

“What are you boiling nya?”

To Ruu’s question Keith starts ticking off on his fingers.

“Dragon gallstones, a pellet thrown up by a phoenix, menstrual blood of a virgin dragon newt and the ambergris of a leviathan.”(TN – Ambergris is whale vomit for those that don’t know.)

“That’s all of masters treasures nya!”

All the items Keith mentioned are first class magic goods.

You could buy a castle with just one of those.

Why does Keith have such a thing?  When he was kicked out of the mage association [Ghost Dawn] he stole them from the treasure vault.

He stuffed small expensive item into his pack to act as emergency funds if he needed food.

The treasure vault was equipped with a lock said to be unbreakable even by first class thieves. For [small man Keith] such a thing was no problem.

Until now he had managed to get by, by sparingly using them.

He lets the fire out after the liquid is reduced to an amount that will fill a small bottle. He then throws in some mithril he got from the palace gardener Warando-san in exchange for back pain medicine.

“As one would expect from the elven country……I’ve never seen mithril of such high purity.”

While being impressed he placed a piece of mithril in the mixture. *Hoo* a sound was made and an even more terrible smell was released.

“Eye’s. My eyessssssss!!!”

Keith whose face had taken the full brunt was rolling around.

Ruu whiling holding a paw to his nose and watching his master decided to sleep outside today.


Keith headed for Naia’s room while thinking over the scenario he had planned out the day before.

In all honesty my plan shouldn’t work. However that’s where Naia’s naivety comes into play.

I knock on the door and enter while purposely making a sad face.


Naia who was next to Aisha comes running up.

Aisha’s face instantly turns sour and she leaves with a dispirited look while whispering “I’ll go.”

Naia noticed Keith’s gloomy face

“Is something wrong?”

“No….don’t mind me.”

While saying so he turns away and begins the usual preparations.

Naia frowned and made a troubled face while not knowing what to do.

Keith always smiles when coming to Naia’s room but today he has a gloomy expression.

Did I do something to upset Keith and not realise it?

Or has he started to dislike me?

Her heart went all jittery while her head went dizzy with such thoughts.

“Keith-sama…..Did I do something?”

It’s scary to hear the answer but it’s even scarier not knowing.

So I gathered my courage and asked him.

“Please undress and lie on your stomach”

The procedure is different to usual.

I usually wear the clothes Keith brings, drink the medicine and then get treated.

However today its straight to the treatment.

Surely he wants to finish it sooner……

Wants to leave me quickly……..

Doesn’t want to see my face either…..

When I think so tears well up. More than a [troublesome one] I’m hated and being avoided.

Therefore Naia desperately endured her tears while undressing.

I lie naked on my stomach like told.

I cried automatically when my face pressed against the pillow.

Time spent with Keith is usually so enjoyable but now its painful.

I start to think of what I could have done to make Keith hate me. When I think about it there’s plenty of things to be hated for.

Naia cries while insulting herself in her heart.

While Keith who gave Naia such misgivings was chuckling at her reaction.

It’s good. My trick is going well.

While thinking so he takes out the liquid he made last night.

It was emitting a poisonous looking colour while in a small bottle.

“Princess. Though it smells bad it wont harm you so try to endure the smell.”

While talking he tried to make his voice as brusque as possible.

He did it on purpose but the shocked Naia had no way of knowing.

“….*sniffle*….yes. I understand.”

An acrid smell drifts out when the bottle is opened.

Keith dips a pen made from a griffons feather into the liquid.

“I’m going to write some characters on your back. You’ll feel some scratching from it.”

He was all businesslike and talking like a doctor.

Actually the Keith of this time was not in his usual pervert mode but was in serious mage mode.

His face is tense as well.

Keith writes letters n Naia’s white back.

A mixture of ancient elf-letters and modern magic letters.

I tried various methods but concluded this was the best way.

Letters were written from the scruff all down the spine and a pattern is drawn in the vicinity of the waist.

While sweating he continues to write without talking.

Naia was crushed by uneasiness while a sharp thing moved about her back.

Finally a magic square made up of assorted charters was on her back.

Keith bit the tip of his tongue to draw blood and put some on his palms. Using his blood he drew two lines.

“You may go a bit numb princess but it will pass quickly.”

“Ye, Yes.”

When she agreed Keith places his hands on the magic square and speaks in a voice squeezed from the depths of his throat.

A number of sound that are not words but a magic language come out. He repeats it.

The letters on her back begin to emit a red light.

It gets stronger and stronger before bursting.


Naia shrieked as a shock like electricity went through her body.

The letters on her back disappear as if breathed into her body.

“It’s over princess.”

Naia looked up at his gentle voice.

There was the usual smiling Keith.


Keith caught Naia’s hand who had sat up and put paper on it.

Butterfly shaped paper.

When Keith controlled the flow of power it floated.


Naia was surprised and laughed at the butterfly.

She understood something warm came from her palm and made the butterfly float.


“Congratulations. With this the princess is a splendid mage”

Originally the treatment was only this. To make the magic pathways arrange themselves correctly with magic words.

I recognise where it’s out-of-order and rearrange it to fit the person by using medicine that’s effective in moving magic pathways.

Though it takes time and a lot of money to arrange and make this medicine it’s actually a simple thing to do.

I confirmed the placement by playing around with Naia’s body for a month and I already had the ingredients so it was no problem.

I actually could have done it the next day after I first massaged her. However I deceived Naia who didn’t know about it and played with her body.

“Really? I really am?”

“It’s true. You can’t use big magic yet but with time and patience you should be able to use holy magic in about three years.”


Naia embraced Keith because she was so happy. She had held his hands a number of times but this was the first time she had embraced him.

“I’m so happy….Keith-sama, thank you……”

While being embraced naked Keith goes for his once in a lifetime chance.

Indeed. The elf princess of this country. I plan to have her virginity!

Keith stokes Naia’s head

“Then it’s time to say goodbye princess…..”


Naia stiffened a moment not understanding what Keith said.

Eventually she begins to understand the meanings of the words and her expression darkens.

“Eh? Eh? Why?……..How come?….Why is Keith-sama……”

“I’ve filled the princesses body with magical power and repaired the magical pathways. I have nothing more to do”

“But! You said it takes three years to use it properly! I want Keith-sama to do it! What if I go astray? Keith is the imperial court mage!”

“That’s different!!”

Naia’s body stiffened at his words.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to shout at you…..”

Keith looks down sadly while Naia seems ready to cry.

“Why then? I…….do you hate me?”

“That’s not the reason!!”

“Why then!!” (TN – I’ll grab my popcorn. This is good stuff)

Keith strongly pauses here.

“It’s the magic tool.” I murmured.

“The magic tool the medicine came out of?”

“Yes. That one.”

“What happened to it?”


“Please tell me!”


Keith stares straight into Naia’s face.

“The magic tool fused to my body.”

“No! No way!!”

If an unpleasant feeling was felt here.

Then it is probably correct.

Keith starts to explain.

“While the magic tool was giving medicine to the princess it was also taking the princesses magic power in reverse and started growing……..I knew it was its intention to possess me……It attacked me last night while I was preoccupied with the preparations for today.”

“Keith-sama….To the doctor quickly!!”

“No. It’s useless….It’s already deeply rooted in my nervous system. If you try to forcibly remove it I’ll die…….But if I leave it, it will gnaw at my mind before long.”

“Keith-sama…no… way.”

There is a reason why Naia believes such a story.

In fact fusion between a user and a magical tool is not unusual in this country.

To kill the enemy of his father the king a prince wore the armour a dwarf made and was consumed by it only to disappear into a forest in the west and fall asleep. It’s a fairy tale [Sleeping beauty Crado]

Or To protect the Elf country from human beings, an elf controlled clockwork soldiers. He was the king of the elves and he fused with the soldiers control unit only to sink in the sea in the end.  [Heartless Jonaru] he was called.

Jonaru was actually the uncle of Naia’s father.

Fusing with a magical tool is not that unusual.

Therefore Naia understood well how terrible it was.

“Therefore before my heart is swallowed up in darkness I’ll leave this country. I might lose sight of myself and harm the princess”

“Don’t….no way.”


Keith hugged Naia tightly.

“Please forgive me…..the rudeness when I came to your room ….When I thought of saying goodbye to the princess I became sad…….”

Naia was ashamed of herself due to these words.

Keith was suffering so much but I didn’t know his pain. I wondered if I was disliked….only thinking of myself.

Yes. It’s all my fault.

If I hadn’t wished to use magic. Keith wouldn’t have used it.

I’ve killed Keith. Gentle Keith. Important Keith.

“I’b showy….Kieth-syama . I’b showyyyy…..”

“It’s okay. It’s okay princess”

Keith finally let’s go after embracing each other for a while.

“Well then. I’d better go…..”

“Don’t…..Don’t go! Stay here! Please stay here!! I’ll definitely cure you! No, I’ll ask the whole country to help!!”

“….a cure… it?…..”

Naia didn’t miss Keith’s mutter.

“Is there one!?”

“No, there’s no absolute cure…..however, there is a way to stop the erosion of the tool”

Naia’s face overflowed with joy.

“Why didn’t you say so! do it!!”

“No, it can’t be done alone…..”

“Then I’ll help you!”

“…….No. Such a  thing…….”

“I’ll do it! I’ll do anything for Keith-sama!!……..” Naia said while grabbing Keith’s hands and clenching them.

I can help Keith.

This time I’ll be useful to Keith.

Power overflows from Naia’s body just thinking about it.

Keith looked at Naia and quietly muttered.

“Does the princess know the assisted semen mind return method?” (TN – MT threw a fit at this so could be wrong)

“….N, No. I don’t know it.”

“I see……”

“Please teach it me!!”

After being puzzled a moment by Naia who was still clinging to Keith he said

“Oriental black magic method [Eastern Magic] it’s a secret method. It’s a magic where a woman refines the magical power in her body sent out by the man”

It’s a big lie

Originally the assisted semen mind return method doesn’t have a man sending out his spirit inside a woman, their own body does it. It’s a sort of lovemaking art.

Of course Naia doesn’t know that.

“Is such a thing possible?”

“Yes. If you do this……the magical tool can’t hold me in check with its magic. If someone sends their own magical power to it the erosion can be stopped.”

“I’ll do it! that, I’ll do it!!”

“You cant! It’s dangerous!!……I haven’t explained enough. To perform the magic, the magic tool must be put inside a woman body.”

“Inside….my body?”

Naia was completely puzzled.

Inside my body? Is it different from Keith putting his tongue in?

“Yes. It goes here”

Keith gently touched Naia’s pussy while saying so.

“He, Here!!”

“Is that okay? Please excuse me princess”

Keith made Naia sit down and do an M leg shape

With a hand mirror he brought he shows Naia her own vagina.

“Do you understand this here?”

“Ye…Yes…umm, the baby ……comes out”

As expected she seems to have known.

“That’s right. Is that okay? It has a tremendous power to create new life. It converts magical power and sends it out”

“…Here….The magic tool….”

Wont it break?

I don’t know if I can do it, but I wonder if it will affect my own baby someday.

Such thoughts ran round in her head.

“It’s okay….please don’t worry about it”

Keith says while having a fleeting smile

I’m only thinking about myself.

Naia looks up

“Keith-sama….I’ll do it…..I’ll save Keith-sama!”


I fished it!!!!

I caught it!!!!!

Keith’s brain danced for joy.

I was suffering on how to link my crotch to the magic tool.

Keith rebuilds his face.

“Is it really okay?”

“Yes!…It’s scary but I’ll do anything for Keith-sama!!”


“Keith-sama!!” (TN- Oyakata-sama! Yukimura! OYAKATA-SAMA!! YUKIMURA!!)

They embrace each other like two people in the last scene of a third rate play.

“We don’t have time! We need to do this magic quickly!!”

Naia made Keith hurry up while thinking about the remaining lesson time.

The irony of being told to hurry was not lost on Keith who laughed.

“Yes. However princess …….I need you to see where the magic tool fused.”


“It’s alright. Because it’s fused with me your eyes are safe. However……..Can the princess endure the horrifying form?”

“It’s fine!! I’ll endure it!!”

“That so!!”

Saying that Keith took off his trousers and underwear.



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