Chapter 010 – Princess, losing (second part)

I’m back….mostly.

For the sounds effects like kissing, for example, do people want English equivalents if they exist or just left as romaji i.e. *kiss* kiss* or chyu chyu/chu chu? I’ll leave it up to you readers.




Naia was surprised

No matter how ignorant she was she knew the penis was located in a man’s crotch, however, the moment she was shown it

“…..After all, it’s a disgusting shape….” Keith frowns whilst saying so.

Naia doesn’t know the shape of a penis so she can’t judge.

Keith says it’s a magic tool but is it really?

Now that you mention it certainly does have a grotesque form.

Isn’t it completely like a monster from a distant star!

I got goosebumps thinking I had licked such a  thing.

Keith saw her pale face

“I guess it’s impossible after all……” He says while starting to put his trousers back on.

“Ah, no, um. It’s all right! This is part of Keith-sama now!” Naia says and touches the magic tool.

Its form is familiar to my touch plus I’ve tasted it many times.

When I think so a feeling of familiarity springs out.

Like usual it’s shape started to change after I touched it.


“Yes, it’s still making the special drug but it’s inside me know. It accumulates and starts to erode my mind……Guwaa!!…….”

Keith pretends to suffer.


“All right….It’s all right…….Princess. Actually, I have one more thing to ask.”

“What is it!?”

“The special drug this tool produces, please release some. The erosion rate will slow down considerably if you do.”

“Yes! Of course! Something of that level!!”

Naia puts the magical tool in her mouth.



It isn’t the no hand fellatio I normally do. I move my hand to the base and move my head back and forth whilst moving my tongue around continuously.

“Oh! Ohoooo!!”

*suck* *suck* *lick* *rolling with the tongue*

Naia moves her mouth hard to draw out the corrupting medicine.

Her dedication clearly showed her commitment to Keith.

“Ohooo!! Kuaaa…..Princess!!…….Great!!”

Naia separates her mouth from the panting Keith.

“Whats wrong? Is it painful?”

“Eh?…..Aaaa, yes. This tool gives me pain if I don’t release its medicine.”

“No way!”

“However, after watching the admirable figure of the princess I can endure this pain”

I smile while stroking her head and thinking Naia was getting better and better.

“Habu! *licklicklick*!!! *suck**suck*!!”

“Guuu!! Haaaa!! Princess like that!! Uwaaa!!”

Due to Keith’s suffering Naia takes her mouth off and kneads the round part at the tip with her saliva covered hand

“Please do your best Keith-sama!! The medicines almost out!! Just a little more!!”

I’m going to cum from this elf princesses handjob.

It begins to rise up and Keith can no longer stop his ejaculation so he relaxes his ass muscles.

“Fuupu!! Fuwaaaaa!!!” Naia screamed as the cloudy yellow impure medicine struck her face.

“Ua….Fuoooo…….” Keith looks at her face painted with his cum.

Naia uses her hand to wipe off the medicine stuck to her face and places it in her mouth to show Keith like usual.

“Princess. From now on I won’t say anything so you can judge for yourself and drink it whenever you want.”

“fubu? *gulp* *gulp* I understand”

Keith wipes Naia’s face with a towel he brought.

“Right. Next up is to boost the princesses magical power.”

“Boost….my power?”

“Yes. By sending the accumulated magical power from the tool to your stomach.”

“What should I do?”

Will I finally be able to use magic?

Naia becomes uneasy.

“The usual way”


Not knowing what Keith means Naia lies down on the sheet while Keith starts licking her breasts.


“*Lick*…..*suck*! The usual *lick* *lick* feeling when you cum.”

“Nnnn!….the cumming sensation?”

“Yes. *lick*….That’s how you increase your magical power.”

“Keith-sama…..I have to feel good?”


Naia nearly jumped for joy.

My treatment is over and I thought I wouldn’t get to feel good anymore even by myself.

However, Keith will do it

It will also help Keith!

It’s like a dream!!

While in high spirits I think of Keith being fused with that tool and feel troubled. That’s no good, I judge myself.

I’m the lowest to be pleased with Keith’s misfortune!

But….I’m still happy after all…….

Meanwhile, Keith was slowly licking Naia’s inverted nipples making them slowly erect.

He puts one in his mouth and rolls it with his tongue while sucking it.


After her sweet voice began to appear I moved my body downwards.

I arrive at Naia’s half-done pussy and caress it slowly and carefully.

I peel her clitoris with my finger and gently lick what was exposed.

“A, aa! Hii! Nnnnnnn!!”

I kiss her labia while rubbing her hard clit with my finger.

*kiss* *kiss* Still more *kiss* *kiss* I enjoy the feeling on my lips.

“Hyaaaa!! Wakyuuu!! Uuuuuuu!! Hiiii!!”

I lick the entrance of her virgin hole that’s overflowing with pussy juice.

I don’t put my tongue in the hole. To the bitter end, I’m affectionate with her entrance only.

“Ahh! Auuuuuu!! Keith-schyama!! Ahyaaa!!”

I grasp Naia’s thighs, lifting them up and spreading them, fully exposing and opening her pussy. I can see the ripe pink contents.

Her soft virgin pussy meat is twitching and wriggling. It seemed to be urging me to tear that film and make it a full-fledged woman’s hole.

I drip saliva into that hole.

(I will make it an adult now) I speak to my heart.



I’m going to put the tool in you now princess.”

Naia held her breath

“Because it’s your first time there will be some pain”

“It’s all right….I’ll endure it.”

Her figure enduring the fear is praiseworthy.

“Shit!!…..This me…….Who desires the princess…..”

“Keith-sama. It’s fine. When I think I can be useful to Keith-sama with only that.”


Keith hugged Naia

Naia also hugs Keith

Keith whispers in Naia’s pointed ear.

“Please give this weak me courage”


“I feel like I’m being crushed by guilt when I think of the princess……So I want you to order me to stick this magic tool in”


“Yes. This magic tool…this……….Cock!!” (TN – he uses slang here [chinpo])

If there is a god in control of justice in this world Keith should be struck down at this moment.

But nothing happens.


A thrill went down Keith’s spine hearing Naia say cock.

“That’s right. My magic tool cock will enter you…….I’m causing trouble for the princess…..also such a request…….. I’m!!”

“No, it’s fine! And if Keith-sama’s heart is relieved even a little bit.”

Naia takes a deep breath

“Keith-sama, inside me, please put your cock….no. Stick it in!”

(It came!! this elf princesses plea!)

Keith’s penis had risen and was hard. He thrust it in.

“Oooooooo…Fua! What’s this! What! Amazing!!”

Though the virgin hole desperately refused the corrupting invader, Keith grabbed Naia’s legs and pulled her towards him while thrusting. All too quickly the penis broke through the membrane.

Chasity has torn apart.

A girls precious moment was cheated and taken away.

“Ugiii!! Aaaaaguuuu!! Irii!! Keith-samaaaaaaa!!”

Naia is grimacing while closing her eyes tightly.

Keith doesn’t hear anything as he’s overwhelmed by the tightness and sensation.

Naia’s vagina is small and tight however it’s wrapping around him gently.

Each one of her folds perfectly fit Keith’s penis.

It’s a pussy hole that’s perfectly tailor made.

Keith begins to drool at the excessive pleasure.

Not thinking about anything he wants to violently thrust his hips.

I want to use this elf hole like an onahole but I must endure it.

I should only be intense when she get used to it.

I’ll lose everything if she comes to fear it.

Therefore I endure. Though I want to do it very much I endure.

*Fuuuuuuuu*. I stop my waist, exhale and talk to Naia


“Keith-shyama….It’s painful……*sniffle*…..It hurts……”

“Thanks to the princess I feel better.”

“*sniffle* Truly?”


“Ehehe, good….*sniffle*”

“Is there something you want me to do?”

While Naia is crying

“Head……..I want you to stroke it.”

“No problem.”

While stroking her head and looking at her face I slowly move my waist.

A movement so small it can’t be sensed.

Naia seems happy with her head being stroked.

Keith is thinking he wants to kiss her.

It’s the mouth that was doing fellatio but that doesn’t matter.

I tried to think how I could act on the thought that came up.

“Princess, I will teach you a method to control the pain.”

“…..the pain will go?”

“No it will only get a little easier but it will feel better than now.”

“……Please teach me.”

“It that okay? It’s a breathing method that eases the pain by controlling your breathing….it’s hard to explain its easier to show it.”

Saying so Keith puts his mouth on Naia’s

“Fu? Fuee?”

“*Kiss* *kiss*.”

Naia’s face had a surprised expression when Keith removed his lips.

“Kei………..sama?……..was that a kiss.”

“No. It’s a breathing method.”

I do it again.

Over and over again.

I also put my tongue in when she opens her mouth.

I play with her mouth and she returns it.

Our tongues get entangled.

They part before long.

Naia’s face has a drowsy dreamy look to it.

She’s also forgotten the pain of deflowering.

“Keith-sama…..more, kiss……..”

She spreads her arms and demands more.

“It’s a breathing method.”

“I want to do it more.”

Therefore I insert my tongue again.

Naia puts her arms around my neck.

“*Lick* *lick* *kiss* *kiss* *kisskiss*”

Naia is innocently requesting Keith’s lips.

Due to the pain and excitement, she was thinking nothing at all while her head was hot like it had a fever.

“Keith *kiss* shyama *kiss* *lick*……..*kiss*”

Naia doesn’t notice that Keith’s waist has begun to move either.

No. She felt the pain but it was beaten by the feeling of happiness.

I’m kissing. I’m kissing with Keith.

To her, that doesn’t know the act of reproduction the highest form of lovemaking between a man and a woman is a kiss.

Therefore doing it with Keith made her drunk off the euphoria

Meanwhile, Keith was enjoying her vagina hole that he was able to move in now.

I can’t blame the weak point yet I still have to move slowly, however, the immature hole was giving wonderful pleasure with just that.

A warm, soft and tight hole.

A sensation of grasping my cock tightly.

A female virgins unique resistance.

This encourages Keith’s second ejaculation.

Event though he’s come once the faint ache is healed in this hole.

“Princess *kiss*! *kiss*! *lick*….again. The medicine.”

“*Kiss* *kiss*…..Medishin? You can ledt uit duot *kiss*.” (TN – Thanks to Kuso for the help.)

Naia is drunk off the kiss, and the pain that she had never felt before had baked her brain. She couldn’t understand what she was saying.

“N! Gu!! Guu!! Haa!!!”

I was frantically slamming my hips into the body of the girl beneath me.

Rapidly rapidly my cock is advancing.

“Ha……..a! A!………Ekuu!…..N”

Is it from pain? Did she feel something? Naia raises her voice.

Finally, white semen gushed out inside her.

“A!…..Kuuuuuunnnn! Fua…….”

“Hii!…….Ae? Hyot…….stomach, spurting….Hae?”

Cloudiness that shot out in Naia’s hurt vagina. The place where a baby is made is polluted and sticky.

The most important place of the elf princess as defiled and she knew nothing.


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  2. thx for the chapter!!! Honestly, everything seems so vanilla-ish despite what is really going on. You have to hand it to this pair of elven princess and fraudster……. At the least, hime-sama’s innocence is too adorable.

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  3. I just checked NU and saw that this has 510 chapters and is ongoing. How is that possible. He couldn’t still be tricking the stupid slut princess elf for so long right? He had to been caught. He also isn’t so manipulative and greedy for power that he takes over the elf kingdom in secret, like some other +18 novels with a mc raping the princes. Just how does this not come to a end after at most 30 chapters?

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      • How long does he get away with it? He does get caught, really, caught and can’t lie his way out right at some point? Not like a girl sees him and he bangs her too to shut her mouth. Especially if it is her father who finds out.


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