Chapter 011 – Princess’s reason

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A wet sound echoed in the bathroom.

Amidst the rising steam, Keith and Naia were soaking in a bathtub with bubbles floating on the water.

Naia is sitting in Keith’s lap in a face-to-face position while Keith is holding her body lightly. He hasn’t inserted it though.

They are just hugging each other.

Naia is happy they are embracing each other while naked however it is still very embarrassing.

Although they had sex Naia doesn’t know the meaning.

Therefore this lover like appearance is very embarrassing. “Is it alright?” Naia thinks.

Because Naia was so cute and noticing that her pointed ears had gone bright red Keith gave her a playful bite.


“Ahaha, sorry. The princess is just too cute.”


He said I’m cute. I don’t know what type of face to make. I put my hands around Keith’s neck and hug him tightly to hide my face.

I sent magical power to the fused tool on Keith’s body.

Is what Naia believes.

The two of them decided to wash their sweaty bodies.

Naia wasn’t able to move due to being exhausted so Keith prepared the bath and carried her to it in a princess carry.

By the way, the preparation of baths in this world is considerably different between the aristocracy and the common people.

Common households carry water by hand and heat it with a bath heater. Naturally, it takes time and effort.

But the aristocracy uses demon spirit stones.

A demon spirit stone is a souls energy that has crystallised and turned into a stone. There are different attributes so a fire stone produces fire, water stone is water and so on. They manifest their power by injecting a small amount of magic power in them.

Firstly you throw a water stone in the bathtub and let it fill up then you throw a fire stone in and let it heat up to the desired level.

This takes neither time nor effort so you can have a bath at any time.

Demon spirit stones are not cheap so you cannot abuse them however there’s no problem with a bath.

Production and sales of demon spirit stones are the key industry of the Seimrad country (TN – Original name is セイムラッド so could also go with Seimurado)

Keith carried Naia in and washed her body while continuously saying such pretend words as “I was saved by the princess.” and “Without the princess I…..” and “I am happy to be able to serve the princess.”

However, Naia believes every word to which Keith is truly thankful. She was really happy that she could help Keith.

Pain so bad she thought she was splitting gradually got better every time she was thanked.

After washing her body they entered the bathtub together.

It was big enough for two people however Keith said “Because its narrow get on top” and Naia didn’t want to go against the mood.

While embracing each other Keith suddenly frowns and asks “I’m sorry. Was it painful?”

“No! I was okay!! The kis…..I mean breathing method made it really bearable!!”

“It doesn’t hurt anymore?”

When asked if it still hurt Naia thought of the kis….I mean breathing method again.

It actually doesn’t hurt at all anymore. Actually, it does hurt a bit. No, it’s absolutely still painful. Therefore it’s not a lie. She persuades herself with this argument.

“It’s a little……..painful……..maybe.”


“Umm….so…The breathing method….again….please.”


Keith noticed Naia was asking for a kiss straight away.


He puts his lips on hers

“N….chu…..chu, hapu, rerochu….”

While entangling their tongues the two people continued tasting each other’s saliva.

The time for Aisha’s arrival was approaching.

Keith and Naia get out of the bathtub and dry themselves.

Because they both used the same soap they might be doubted smelling the same so Keith must leave the room while trying not to pass close to Aisha.

When he finishes wiping his body Keith says

“Princess put your hands on the edge of the bath and face your ass towards me.”

“Eh?…..Umm, like this?”

It was shameful but Naia stuck her ass out like asked.

Thin ass and legs that hadn’t put much meat on yet.

Her newly opened vagina hole peeped out from her pussy while her tightly closed asshole was also in full view.

I get horny at the view but I endure it.

“I’ll apply this ointment to your injury inside. It might sting a bit so please bear with it.”


Keith takes out the ointment he’s made himself from medicinal herbs and Jackalope milk. (TN – I’m guessing it’s Jackalope anyway ジャッカロープ )

He coats the index finger of his right hand with saliva and slowly puts it in Naia’s vagina.


Naia raised her voice in pain from her injury being touched.

“I’m sorry. Is it unbearable?”

“N….o, It’s alright.”

Hearing Naia’s reply Keith bends his finger and pulls it out. Semen stained with the blood of her deflowering came out.

Though most came out when she washed her body Keith wipes it up with a disposable handkerchief and scrapes out the dregs. Finally, it looks pretty again.

He coats his entire middle finger with the ointment and puts it back in again.

Using this ointment her wound will be closed by tomorrow and it can be used again.

I want to do this elf princess again soon.

I want to taste an orgasm dimensions apart from her usual clitoris blame.

If there’s an honest man who doesn’t forget aftercare its Keith.

Once it’s over they change clothes and leave the room.

“Princess, it’s a secret that I’ve fused with the magic tool…..”

“I understand! It’s a secret between us!”

“Indeed. Also the magic the princess does for me.”


I patted the head of such an obedient good girl and Keith leaves the room.

Alone in her room Naia did a small laugh in happiness.

I was able to help Keith.

I became an important person for Keith.

I’m glad about that. I’m very happy!

Why has Naia fallen in love with Keith?

It began with thoughts of her childhood.

Naia is 24 this year but her mental age is much lower.

Elves grow up to 10 pretty normally but subsequent growth is slowed down the older they get.

Naia’s appearance is in her early teens and she will spend another 50 years with this appearance.

The average lifespan of an elf is 600 but nobles live to be about 800.

However, the number of races has decreased from multiple wars over the years. Elves are becoming rare so they have started mating with humans and other races.

Naia’s mother and father are both pure-blooded elves and this couple’s children were a longed for existence. However, they both married at 120 and had trouble conceiving.

From the study of scholars, it became apparent that the ability to have children declined with age.

Finally, they were able to conceive Naia and she was welcomed with great delight by the elven nation.

However, as a result, everyone became over protective. She has no friends her age and is rarely allowed out the palace.

The only people she can meet are soldiers, palace personal and teachers visiting the palace. Even then she’s only taught manners, etiquette and ancient history. No wonder she is mentally younger than her age.

Also, the biggest problem was she couldn’t use magic. The elven royalty performs spirit magic at ceremonies etc yet Naia was never able to do this.

She practised all the time over and over again but couldn’t even manage the smallest of winds.

As expected she was labelled [defective]. The teacher’s disappointment when they learned this was big.

Her father and mother along with all their loyal subordinates said “You don’t need to worry about it.” but it was impossible to think of herself as someone with any worth.

What cheered Naia up and comforted her mind was [stories].

Old stories her mother and father used to tell her. Heroic tales taught to soldiers. Folktales passed on by old people. Naia’s heart was excited by it all but the ones she liked the most were about mages.

Together with the Hero Feron overcoming many difficulties and died a noble death on the fields of dawn [Soma of the dawn]

A mage who rescued the fairy princess Mel from the island of nothingness and the rotting king Zagan who inhabited it [Elan the Raven]

Her chest throbbed whenever she heard these exaggerated tales.

It may have been because they were existences the farthest away from Naia who couldn’t use magic.

Naia repeated her girl like dream alone in her bed at night.

But whenever she dreams of adventure it ends. She can’t do it. You can never be such a hero someone whispers in her heart.

And Naia herself agreed with the voice.

At such a time that incident occurred.

The soldiers were being noisy in the palace “There’s a mage that repelled a basilisk” “There’s a mage who saved the girls”

At first, I thought it was a lie. I thought it impossible. I thought there couldn’t be such a person. But the parent of the saved girls said the mage was coming to the palace to talk.

To the girl who was exhausted and fell down (she just tripped) he dashingly appeared  (it was just good timing) and used magic that had never been seen before (he just blew a magical bird whistle). The mage who repulsed the basilisk.

Lord Saku who was looking after the mage said “His personality and appearance are both splendid. A rare noble-minded human.”

I want to meet him. I want to talk to him I thought.

It was Naia who agreed first that he should be mage court mage and asked her father “I want to be taught magic by that person.”

It’s the same as the magicians of legends. Surely he can help me learn magic.[TN – yeah, I can see them now. Soma of the dawn, Elan the raven and little man Keith]

It was a success. Keith really granted magic to Naia.

Like a legendary mage he dashingly appeared and saved me.

Elves are poor at medical magic but Keith is different as he specialises in it. Naia believed he was great enough to need two names but she really didn’t know he already had two names.

A longed for existence appeared before her eyes and saved her. Also, he makes her feel good which she hasn’t said to anybody.

Their won’t be a girl (mentally) who doesn’t fall in love like this.

A secret between her a Keith. Only two people. (TN – raising flags here me girl)

As long as Keith is fused with the magic tool this dream-like scenario will continue.

It’s a frightening thing to not know the truth.




The door is knocked “Excuse me”. It’s  Aisha.

I tighten my face so as not to be suspected and say “please enter”

Silver hair on brown skin, a military uniform and a rapier hanging at her side. It’s her escort knight Aisha.

I was going to tell her I can use magic but I suddenly closed my mouth after remembering Keith’s words that I should show it off in front of everyone and surprise them.

“What did you do?” Aisha asks


She try’s to walk away while giggling but was walking bandy-legged because of the pain.

“Wha, What happened!? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine….It’s alright.”

“*sniff sniff*….Naia-sama, have you had a bath?”

“Eh?…..a, yea…..sweat…..I was sweating.”

“No, No way!! Not in front of that mage!?”

“No way! I was alone!”

Aisha exhales feeling relieved. [Secret]. It was Naia’s heart that was tense.





While recalling the things with Naia, Keith was nursing his delusions and lying face down on his bed while laughing unpleasantly.

“………Master has travelled to an unknown star nya”

Ruu who knew nothing was shedding tears while watching it.



Authors note

It’s explanation time. Next time I’ll do a whole bunch of erotic things!


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  1. Keith really got super insanely lucky. What a perfect storm of ideal conditions! The irony of all this is that the princesses feelings have reached a point were I doubt she needs to be tricked anymore. Keith just doesn’t have enough confidence in himself to straight up try for a “real” sexual relationship with Naia and keeps up the pretenses which is pretty hilarious. What’s more, even though Keith did these scumbag tricks and such he really did bring in the results of healing the princess.

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