Chapter 015 – Female knights acceptance

In the middle of the night, Ruu wakes up with a yawn and stretches. Looking over at a noise Ruu see's Keith fiddling with a device *katchakatcha* (TN - onomatopoeia for a clanking/clattering noise) "Master, what are you making this time nya?" Looking over at Ruu Keith says "Warando-san has pulled his back again so … Continue reading Chapter 015 – Female knights acceptance


Chapter 013 – Princess recording – part two

"Well then. If you could please introduce yourself." "A self-introduction?" "Yes, because it's being recorded." ".........I understand." Naia stood in front of the magic tool dressed in only her underwear. Her underwear isn't custom made or special it's actually plain and simple like a town girl would wear. It reeks of a child's underwear. Naia … Continue reading Chapter 013 – Princess recording – part two