Chapter 012 – Princess recording – part one

As per the consensus I have left all sound effects and onomatopoeia as romaji. Enjoy.



“That’s it princess. Feel the power collecting in your palm.”

“Uu…..! Haa……..ku!”

Magic power is gathering in Naia’s palm and solidifying.

Furthermore the magic power is being refined.

A small mass was made.

“That’s it! Now the magic language of fire is given.”

“Bo!” making a simple sound a match caught fire


“It…..It came”

At the moment Keith is teaching Naia magic. It’s an incredibly simple and rudimentary magic.

Normally elves learn spirit magic first however with Keith being a human its easier for him to teach her this way. Simple magic is the best way to get her accustomed to using magic power.

Naia who is practising magic has an anguished look on her face due to Keith who is penetrating her from below while she sits on his lap.

“Keith……sama……aa! Nnn! I cant……..concentrate!!”

Keith reached around and started teasing Naia’s clit. Every time he played with it her vagina tightened and shook cutely giving him unbearable pleasure.

“Voluntarily using magic while sending power to my penis is the best way for you to learn. Didn’t I say so?”

“Ye…..s!…….however, Hyaaa!!”

Keith rubs his penis against her vagina wall and  Naia lets out a high-pitched voice.

This is the fourth time he’s enjoyed Naia’s insides the last few days.

Her second time was still uncomfortable and she had a bit of pain as her hole slowly adapted to him.

On her third time she began to let her voice out. Even though he says three times he came inside her twice each time.

And gradually Naia’s vagina got used to accepting Keith.

Like with her clitoris Naia feels it very much and is the owner of an excellent vagina.

She’s able to welcome a man and enjoy herself. She has a fine woman’s quality.

In that respect Naia has shown considerable excellence.

(It’s the best honour students vagina)

Keith raised Naia’s light body and thrust hard from below.

“Ahyaa! Okyauuu!! Keith-shyama!! Chuyoi!! Shoree!!”

Naia screamed while trembling at the impact in her vagina.

I’m puzzled by the changes in my body. At first it was painful and I wondered if it would hurt every time I put his penis in.

However by the third time I noticed something continually rising. It feels like when I’m close to cumming but I have a feeling it will turn into something more than that.

I thought it was scary but at the same time a feeling was born that I wanted more of it. It’s almost the same as when I send power to Keith’s body to cure him. Besides why does it feel so good Naia wondered.

“Ahii!! Uu…….nnnnnnn!!!!”

Naia’s train of thought is scattered due to the pleasure when his penis goes deep.

“Fuwaaa! Aaa! Aaa! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!”

Naia’s head gets all shivery as the tip of his penis scoops out her vagina walls.

Naia thought it was the same feeling as cumming.

“Guuu! Pri…..princess!! My penis is absorbing magical power!! The medicine… coming!!”

At the moment Keith slammed hard into her depths white semen shot out.

“Oguuuuuu!! Oooooh, Ooooooh……”

“Hyaa!! A? Aue…….”

Naia quietly touched her abdomen feeling the torrent of impure medicine entering her.





While sitting in a chair Keith makes Naia squat down and clean his penis.

The reason is to remove the medicine still left in his penis.

Naia uses her mouth to clean the penis still coated with her pussy juice.

She was initially reluctant but once she heard some medicine was still left in his cock and was causing him pain she decided to do it.

Keith stared at Naia in satisfaction as she sucked the cloudiness out that was still inside his penis. He noticed that she was playing with her clitoris while cleaning him.


She didn’t think he’d realised and hurriedly removed her hand.

Taking his penis out her mouth she says

“I….It’s not what you think!”

“In what way?”

Keith already understands it but wants to hear it. Naia turns bright red.

“Umm….penis… my stomach……feels good.”

“Do you want to cum some more?”


Amazing. Even though I played with her clit while doing it. To get this used to it in a short amount of time.

(Perverted pussy of this lewd elf……..this lewd pussy is only for me!!!)

I pushed her down with excessive affection and started playing with her clit while kissing her. I didn’t care that she had just been sucking me.

“Nchu!?….rechyo, Keiff-hama? nchuu. Doesn’t it hurt?” Naia asks curiously.

“Eh??……….a, aaaaa……indeed! This breathing method is dulling the pain and activating my tired body…….It’s a famous method by the ninja’s of the nine-headed dragon mountain.”

Was that too much Keith thought.

“Keith-sama knows everything!!”

She believed it…..

“Indeed, because I fought against those ninja…….I’ll tell you about it next time. Chu! rerochu, beroorerorero…..”

I continue playing with her clitoris while devouring her mouth.

Should I put my fingers in her pussy and make her cum from the inside? Saying that she’s already cum from me sticking my penis in. I’ll only tease her clit.

I scoop out some semen from the inside and apply it to her clit while rubbing her bean continuously.

“N! N! Aa!! Aaaa!!”

Because she was excited Naia’s sensitivity increased immediately.

I move my mouth to Naia’s nipples and attack both thoroughly while still playing with her hard clit.

“Uu! Uuu! Uhyaa!!!! Keith-samaaaaaaa!!!!”

I attack her nipples even stronger while she raises her waist and is about to cum.

When I suck on them

“Keeeith….ukya!! Pussy coming…..Hyaaaa!!!!”

While kissing her forehead Keith begins the preparations to clean her body.




“The next time is in another four days….”

Keith is walking alone down the corridor while thinking about it.

I want to do it all the time even though I’m already over 30!! Such feelings do start to fade after a while though I still get horny at night sometimes.

I can endure it the next day if I have a class but if I have time on my hands it’s a little hard.

However it’s not like I can do a yobai* either………Keith suddenly thought of something and started to praise himself. (TN – yobai is an old Japanese practise of basically sneaking into a woman’s room at night for sex. It was usually unmarried couples and with the parents approval.)

Keith immediately heads back to his room at a quick pace.

“Welcome nyack…..what’s wrong nya? Why are you hurrying so much? Is it leaking out nya?” (TN – Ruu always says Okaerinyasai instead of Okaerinasai)

“Wrong!! eeeeeeeeto, now where did I put that thing?”

Ruu watches Keith rummaging around the room

“What are you after nya?”

“That thing…..ah….found it!!”

Keith pulled it out from the back of a drawer and thinking four days into the future chuckled to himself.

“Master has a bad face nya…….”

With sweat on his forehead Keith ignored Ruu, sat at his desk and started making a magical tool.




Four days later.

Keith went to Naia’s room with a cheerful feeling.

Putting his poker face on Keith knocks on the door and enters.

Aisha left the room and Keith began to speak.


“What’s wrong? Your face is scary… it your penis!?”

Saying what she thought I almost laughed when she said penis with such a serious face.

While enduring my laughter

“No. That’s not it………Actually I have a request today.”

“For me?”


“What is it?”

“I want to reduce the burden on the princess even if it’s just a little bit………So I have continued the research on my magical tool penis.”

“That kind of thing! Don’t worry about it!!”

“No, it’s my job. Also its the nature of a mage to want to examine things.” Keith says while putting on a self-mocking smile.

“Even though its become part of me I still want to research it…..It’s karma for my nature.”

It’s the perfect words that fit the image of a mage in Naia’s mind. She was enchanted by his coolness.

“It’s wonderful…..Keith-sama……”

“Therefore I have a request of the princess.”

“You want me to help with your research?”


“Do it!! I’ll do it!!”

Naia raises her right hand with a “Yes!” while being all excited and red-faced.

The research of mages that she loves so much. Not getting excited would be stranger.

The apprentice and master trying to unravel the mysteries of a grimoire while mixing potions in a dark atelier.

Those figures overlap with Keith and her excitement doesn’t stop.

While watching Naia Keith says

“For the gentle nature of the princess this Keith……..There are not enough words of gratitude.”

Keith made a guts pose in his heart.

The princess won’t go back on her word after she’s made it.

With a serious face *Ushishishi* Keith issues a nasty laughter in his head.

“Let’s begin then.”

“Yes!… what should I do?”

“Please wait a moment.”

Keith took a palm-sized box out of his bag.

“Keith-sama what’s that?”

“Does the princess know of the [film crystal]?”

“N, No…….” Naia shakes her head

The [film crystal] is a magic tool used by the hunter guild.  It’s used so that hunters don’t do anything wrong while on subjugation requests. It’s used to record all of the subjugation.

It’s been known since ancient times that jewels are a superior medium on which to record past events.

It’s easy to make a record and reproduce it with this [film crystal]. Basically, it’s a video camera.

When it first came out of course people with bad intentions appeared so the mage association who helped with development built an [ethics code] into it. Keith remodelled it.

Originally the crystal was the size of a thumb however it has now become a box shape due to the box being needed to overwrite the ethics code. It made the magic tool look like a Handycam.

Keith explains that this magical tool is used to record all events.

“I’m going to record the princess sending magical power to my penis with this.”

“Eh?……Eeh!? You’re going to record that??”

It’s going to record me naked, record my sloppy face and record my crotch being stabbed by the magic tool?

“Imp, imp, Impossible!! Absolutely impossible!!”


There won’t be a reason


“Is that so…..Nothing I can do about it then.”

At Keith’s figure who withdrew easily, Naia went [Eh?]

I didn’t think he’d give up so easily.


“No, its fine. You said you wouldn’t like it.”

Naia watches Keith put the magic tool away.

“The research….what will you do?”

Keith turns his back to Naia and averts his face.

“I don’t like it either actually but I’ll ask a female mage acquaintance of mine to help……She’s a woman who researches life after all.”


“Actually, I really don’t like it!!……… But it can’t be helped if the princess doesn’t want to………. I’m sorry but I’ll be out of the country for a little while.”

Naia’s ears heard up to there and stopped listening because thoughts were spinning around in her head.

Keith? With another woman? Will you put your penis in? With a woman I don’t know? With a woman who isn’t me?

Licking that woman’s breasts, touching her crotch, hugging each other, doing the breathing method and patting her head.

Someone who isn’t me, another, with someone, Keith.

“You, You cannnnnt!!!!”

At her sudden cry Keith turned around.

I have to bite my lip and endure my laughter at Naia’s cry.

“Nonono!! No good!! Absolutely not okay!!”

“Ho, however…..”

“I’ll do it!! You can record it!!  Please record it!!! Please record me!!!”


“Th, therefore….with other people… must not do it. No….”

Keith with other women…….while patting her head Naia is crying from her imagination.

“I can’t do it. Not with the princess like this. I…..”

“Keith-sama…..Keith-sama!! It’s a promise!! It’s a promise!!”

“Yes. It’s a promise.”

While hugging Naia who jumped into his chest (I’m a genius) Keith sang his own praises.


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