Chapter 013 – Princess recording – part two

“Well then. If you could please introduce yourself.”

“A self-introduction?”

“Yes, because it’s being recorded.”

“………I understand.”

Naia stood in front of the magic tool dressed in only her underwear.

Her underwear isn’t custom made or special it’s actually plain and simple like a town girl would wear. It reeks of a child’s underwear.

Naia is a little nervous dressed in only her underwear.

“Seimrad Kingdom, daughter of King Mashua…………Naia.”

“How old are you?”

“I’m 24.”


It surprised Keith a little.

“Eh? Yes. Weren’t you told?”

“…..Oh, yes. Eeh………It’s 24……..”

You look younger than that Keith thought. It seems strange but I’ll ignore it and proceed.

“Then please say the things I taught you a short while ago.”

“Yes….Erm, I.”

“Princess. What are you doing today?”

“Ah………Sorry…..errr. Today Naia is being recorded sending her magic power to the penis. Also, umm……..I hope to feel good…..”

“Well done.” Keith says while recording her and mentally licking her enticing figure.

He’s particularity careful to record her chest and crotch area.

When he’s done

“Well then. First of all, lets record the place where the medicine comes from.”


Naia lies on the waterproof sheet Keith spread on the floor.

Keith takes off his pants and puts his penis by her face.

Naia tries to hold it and put it in her mouth.

“Princess. Before you put it in your mouth what do you say?”

“Umm?…..Ah, errm….I will now lick the penis. I hope lots of medicine comes out.”

Naia puts his penis in her mouth after she finishes speaking.

She licks the tip and moves around it with her tongue causing it to swell and push her cheek out. While narrowing her lips she places her small hand around the base of his penis and slowly works it.

While recording Naia with his left hand Keith moves his right hand over Naia’s panties and touches her crotch.

Naia lets out a small noise when he touches her clit.

“Chuupo, reroruru. Chupochupo, reorerorero…….”

While recording Naia who was doing her best to draw out the dirty medicine Keith put his hand in Naia’s panties and peeled her clit which had become hard.

“Recho! Nfuo!! Nn!! Keith-sama!! Uhaaaa!!”

“Princess, You’ve stopped licking. That’s no good.”

“Hawaa…..Y, Yeee……..eeees!!”

While Keith kneads her peeled clitoris Naia closes her eye’s and endures to the utmost.

“The princess is pretty. Amazing……Ooh, ku! Aah…..cute.”

“Nju! Retoretoreto!! Chuchupo!!”

“The tip……..Aaah!! That’s it!! Work the base more!!”

Naia’s tongue crawls around the tip as asked while her fingers work his base. The feeling of ejaculation was rising.

His penis which had been prohibited from sex for three days was about to loose to Naia’s stimulation.

“Kuwa!! Aaah!! Princess!! It’s coming!”


“Your tongue!! Amazing!! Amazing ero!! Princess!! Aaaaaah!”

I can’t endure the movement of her tongue and fingers and let out the first super-concentrated shot of the day in Naia’s mouth.

At the same time, I grab the back of her head with my right hand so she can’t pull away.

“Nguu!! Go!! Fugooo!!”

Naia has a coughing fit caused by my penis and spits the cloudiness out on the floor.

“Uwa!! I went too far!! Princess, I’m sorry!!” Keith apologises in a hurry.

“Gohee! Gooha, gohogohogoho!! Keith-sama, gooho!! Drink, I wasn’t able to. Gohen! I’m sorry…..”

While having a painful coughing fit she admirably apologises.

Standing there was the lowest of men who even recorded it.

Keith wipes around Naia’s mouth and had her sit down.

Putting a cushion behind her waist Keith makes her do an M leg split and push her pussy out.

He had already taken her panties off but left her bra on. Keith was particular about certain things.

“Princess, if you could.”

“You want me to say it?”

“Yes because I’m recording it.” Keith says with a refreshing smile.

Naia slowly spreads her pussy while telling herself this is an important thing.

“He….here is where Naia’s baby will come out… the penis will deeply……..mag……magic…..”

“Princess, you can do it!!”

“Magical power I will send it to the penis!!” Naia says quickly in one go while crying.

After thoroughly recording her body I move the machine and record Naia’s important place.

“It’s a royal elf princess’s pussy……her virginity was delicious as well….it’s properly become a female hole.”

Her lovely clitoris was erect while her labia had begun to assert itself and finally her vagina hole which was pulsating softly. Keith was recording all this while speaking quietly.

“Keith-sama did you say something?”

“No, I didn’t say a  word.”

“Well then, I’ll accumulate magical power in the princess. Princess?”

“Ye..yes. Keith-sama….Please fill inside with magic power…”

He puts his right hand on Naia’s pussy

“Are you nervous? Do you want to do the breathing method to relax a bit?”

“Breathing method….Yes!! I’ll do it!!”

Just saying these words makes her completely relax.

“Chu, chu, nchu…princess likes the breathing method.”

“Fua, chuchu, nchuu, yes, nchunchuu.”

I record our kissing faces while sinking my middle finger and ring finger into Naia.

“Nnnn!! Nnnnnnnn!!!”

Naia places her arms around Keith and demand his lips more.

Keith checks her soft meat while calmly moving his fingers.

Slowly, slowly, slowly until it opens up and the honey overflows.

While entwining our tongues I felt moisture in my fingers and increased my speed. A noise begins to leak out.

“Hawa! Hawa! Aah!! Nguuu!! Keith-sama!! Nchuu!! Chuuuu!!!”

In response to her request, Keith sinks his fingers to the root and bends his fingers to scratch her vagina walls.


Naia’s body stiffens.

After playing with her many times I know her weak points.

That place was the part where the thickest part of Keith’s penis hits.

Keith pulls his fingers sticky with pussy juice out of Naia who is still shaking slightly.

“Princess….please excuse me.”

I peel off Naia’s arms who still clinging to me. My right hand is so coated in pussy juice it leaves a thread when I remove it.

I record her twitching vagina hole that seems to be demanding a continuance.

Keith removes the pillow from her waist and grabs her legs.

“Princess I’m putting it in.”


“When I’m putting it in what do you say?”

“Hoe?….a, ermm….put you penis in Naiaaaaaaaa!!!!”

In the middle of her words, Keith thrusts hard into Naia.

“Princess! You were in the middle of speaking!”

“Aah! Aaaaah!! Penis. Inside, Insideeeeee!!”

“What about the inside?”

“Inside!! It came!! It’s scraping!! Unyaaaaaaa!!”

Her head is shaking from side to side

“Keith-sama! Keith-sama!! It feels better than before!! Why??”

Her pussies finally feeling it. It was loosened when I played with her sensitive part

Until now Naia who had only felt pain began to panic at the different feeling.

“Because! The princess’s body! Has got used! To the penis!”

I thrust into her with each word while continuing to record Naia who is writhing in pleasure.

While pistoning in and out of her I continuously play with her clitoris using my thumb. It combines into a feeling that leaves her numb.

“Dyont! Keith-shyama!! Uhyaaaaa!!! Dyont!! Dyonnnnt!!!”

“It’s no use princess. It’s called feeling good.”

“Ngaaaa!! Gyuuud! Feels gooooood!!!

“How do you feel good?”

“Pe, Penis!! When the penis is jammed in!! Like a shock!! Ukyaa!!”

It felt like I was melting inside Naia. This tight and narrow hole that was sticky and soft had all its fold twining around my dripping wet penis.

It’s a women’s hole made to make you cum and it gives its owner pleasure like an electric shock.

“Hiii! Hiii! Keith-sama!! Scary! It’s scary!!! My head is soft and fluffy!!! Uuaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!”

I remove her bra to reveal her breasts causing Naia who’s drooling to let out a lovely voice.

Small breasts with erect nipples on them. I grab her nipples while enjoying the shaking of her breasts due to my thrusting.


Her pussy meat tightened even further when I pinched them.

Keith had originally pulled them out with his mouth and was glad it was the right decision as they wouldn’t be here to play with now if he hadn’t. (TN – He’s referring to when he first pulled them out due to them being inverted originally)

While kneading her breasts Keith changes his piston into a weak motion in order to torture her and started recording it.

I change the position of my waist and move my penis to rub the upper part of Naia’s pussy.

A slight numbness is transmitted to Keith’s brain as his sensitive tip rubs her pussy.

(This is bad)

Naia is frowning at the pleasure.

“Hoe!? Haeee!! What’s wrong? Fue? Hawaaaaa!! Penis!! What?”

Only her tender spot is blamed.

Naia is struggling from a continuation of strong senses even to point that her nose is running.

Her pussy meat began to convulse tightly telling Keith it was about to cum.

“The princess….!! Seems to be cumming.”

“Fuhyaa!! Hahi!! Cyummin!! I’m cyumming!!! Pussy cumming!!! Pennis so deep!!”

I had a feeling of satisfaction hearing the vulgar words of this elf princess. While desperately holding on I used the last scenario I had planned out.

“When you cum from my penis make this figure!”

I desperately try to make the shape Keith did while my head is misty and writhing in pleasure.

“Yes, that’s it with both hands!!”

“This, nnn!! Ahya!! Aaah! Aah!!! Like this??”

“That’s right!”

Keith made her do the [double peace (NSFW)] sign.

(This elf princess is doing a double peace sign while having her first pussy orgasm!)

Naia has a perverted face and figure doing a double peace sign while drooling and having a runny nose.

“Come!! Princess cum!! The princess’s pussy orgasm!”

“Agyuuuuuue!!! Cum….ming, Pussy cumming!! Feels gooood!! Keith-sama!! Ukyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……!!!!”

Naia greeted climax while doing a double peace sign.

Naia’s waist jumps up and her pussy tightens hard, then relaxes.

Naia faints.

Her entire body relaxed and she peed herself getting it on Keith as well.

Keith’s penis got wet while pumping its corruption deep inside Naia.

Keith records everything even her pee. Pulling his penis out of Naia he widens her vagina hole with a finger. White semen flows from the bloodshot red hole.

“Exclusive masturbation video get~~~”

While saying so he records Naia’s beautiful sleeping face.

Keith laughed while looking forward to his vastly enhanced masturbation life.


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