Chapter 014 – Determination of the female knight

Enter the Aisha arc.



Aisha couldn’t believe what she was seeing. No, she did believe it but didn’t want to admit it because she felt if she admitted it something in her would break.

Therefore she desperately denied reality.

A dream? An illusion? Hallucination magic? Hypnosis magic? Any will do. I want it to be any one of them.

Which one is it!!

However the smell, sound, the air that touched her skin. It all told her this was real.

The important…….Naia whom I love very much. The very Naia I would happily give my life to protect…….Is being raped by that beast like mage.

“Keith-hyama!! Keith-hyama!! It feels so good!! Doggy pose!! Feels so gooddd!!”

“Uuu! Princess!! Do you like the doggy pose?”

“Love!! Love it!! Absolutely love it!! Love penis!!”

Dressed like a prostitute, sounding like a prostitute and with an obscene face like a prostitute…….

Is she being raped?

No….that’s not the face of a woman being raped. That’s the face of a woman who’s accepted the man.

“Nhoaaaaaaa!! Came!! It came!! White came!!  The pure white head came!!”

Her nipples are completely erect, pussy juice is flowing from her crotch and her dishevelled hair is swaying……..Naia is obviously pleased.

“Penis feels so good!! Keith-sama’s penis!! Keith-samaaaaaa!!”

“Princess!! It’s coming!! The medicine is coming!! The medicine is coming out the penis!!!!”

“Let it out!! Please let it out!! Let it out deep in my stomach!!!”

I feel sick.

I feel dizzy.

My ears are ringing.

Even so, I haven’t fallen down. I must stay here.

Why am I watching such a nightmare like scene?

Do I have to look?

Let’s go back 2 days.




Naia watched her palm while public attention was being gathered.


Can I do it?

Sweats flowing out and I’m having difficulty breathing. That’s why I’m looking at Keith’s figure. He’s standing in the position of the court mage dressed fully in black.

I start to smile when I see his face.

[Do your best]

I saw Keith’s mouth moving and courage and confidence came flowing out.

I take a deep breath and calm my heart.

Like I always do. The same as in practice.

I persuade myself and begin collecting magic in the palm of my hand.

I can feel the warm flow of power in my palm.

Once it solidified I used the magic language of wind.

The magic power is transformed [bowaa!] and Naia due to being light is lifted off the ground.

Her platinum hair whirled up and shone brilliantly. It was very beautiful.

She landed on the ground [fuu] took a quick breath and lowered her head quickly.

At once shouts of joy and applause roared out. Though shy she’s very happy.

Queen Mia came rushing up to Naia and hugged her small body tightly.

“You did well. It was great……truly.”

Tear’s swelled in Mia’s eyes.


Naia hugs her mother back joyfully as well.

Her father Mashua watches the dazzling scene and walks over to Keith.

“Keith. You have granted magic to Naia in such a short time. As the father of Naia, I deeply thank you.”

“No, my power was insignificant. Everything came from the princess.”

“Hahaha, don’t be modest. Everyone applaud this mage as well as my daughter.”

The subjects sent a thunderous applause at the king’s voice.

The princess who wasn’t able to use magic was finally able to. There are even people crying, especially amongst the maids who have known Naia’s suffering for years.

However, there were also a lot of people that weren’t bothered at all.

They were happy Naia could use magic but angry that the help came from a human.

Aisha was amongst those people. She glared at Keith with a face like she had chewed a bitter bug.




“The king is too lenient with that mage!!”

A maid offered Aisha tea as she spat out her complaints.

She drank it in one go “Puha!” and took a deep breath.

“To employ a lowly human of dubious origin within the palace and as Naia-sama’s teacher no less!! It’s a complete mistake!”

She keeps talking while a second cup of tea is poured by the maid Berna.

“However, isn’t it a fact that the princess can now use magic?”

“Hmph! Naia-sama is a person overflowing with talent! Even if that human wasn’t there she would have been able to do it sometime soon anyway!”


“It’s like that human is completely responsible for it…..Aaaaaaa!!!!”

As Berna watched Aisha cry and drink tea she had hoped that Aisha would finally like Keith but said nothing as usual.

The place where they are located is near to Naia’s room. While Naia is studying Berna usually comes here. However, Aisha’s duty is to protect Naia and always be by her side. Apart from one time which is when Keith arrives and she is driven out.

At the beginning she always stood by the door, however, Naia said to her “Please move further away” so she settled here.

From here if she hears a suspicious sound she can rush there right away. It’s also possible to see who goes to Naia’s room and that is why she was there.

However, Berna was getting very tired of her constant complaints.

“In the first place its a problem that Naia-sama hid the fact she can use magic from me!! I must know everything about Naia-sama!! But secrets….that mage must have told her to hide it……. It’s surely so, I’ve decided so!! Ugaaaaa!!”

When she not howling she a beautiful person….Berna thought while having a sip of tea.

“Even today is the same. Is she still studying magic!!  I want to praise Naia-sama to!! I want to say you did well!!”

“Oh yeah, the demon spirit stone is still in the bath”

“Are you listening!!”

“Hai hai. I’m listening” (TN – I love this maid)


Meanwhile in Naia’s room


“Princess. You worked hard today!”

“Ye….yes, I did my best!!”

“Both the king and queen are very happy……I was impressed too.”

“Me too! Mou!! happ……happy!!!”

Keith grinned at Naia’s broken words.

Naia was completely naked while straddling Keith.

Of course, she’s being fucked.

She’s moving her body back and forth by herself looking for pleasure spots. Keith thrusts his hips up now and again making her scream. While holding Keith’s hands she raises her waist a little.

However, the biggest problem was Naia’s body.

At the moment she has writing on her body.

It isn’t magic words but a special language each mage association invents for their own use. The words were invented so other mage associations could not read their works.

On Naia’s body, Keith has wrote [I love cock] [lewd elf princess] and [cum addict]

Keith deceived her by telling her it was a charm for a tired body. It was possible to do ero elf princess graffiti this way.

While acting as a substitute for a pillow Keith slowly and carefully enjoys piercing her from below.

Naia who didn’t know this was wholeheartedly trying to cum while sending magic power to Keith’s penis.

If you cum with a penis inside you, it will be more efficient and send more power to it was the lie Keith told her.

Therefore it should feel even better when you cum.

She keeps thinking this while moving her waist.

“Fua! Fua! Fuaaa!! Aah!! Here!!”

Naia finds a pleasurable spot and tightens her thighs so I move my waist to hit that spot with my penis.

“Here feels good!! Keith-sama!! Here is good!! Ahyaa!!”

“Ouuu!! Kuu!! The princess is intense!! The princess is really lewd!!”

“le, hyaa!! lewd?Nnku!! Nuu!! What is that?? Aaaaa!!!!”

“What is lewd?  I see…….It means a woman who’s skilful at sending out magic power”

“I’m, ahyauaaaa!! Lewd?”

“Yes. Please say by yourself. I’m a lewd elf.”

“I, hya!! Ukyaa!! Ukyaa!! I’m a lewd elf!! Nhaa!! Lewd elf!!!”


“That’s right!! Noooku!! A lewd elf that loves cock!!”

“Aaaaaaaaaaa!!! lewd nnku!! Lewd elf!! Cock!! Love cock!! Keith-sama’s penisssssss!! Nnhaaaaaa!!”

She grasps Keith’s hands tightly and strengthens her legs.

“Cumming!! My pussy’s cumming!!! Hyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!”

Keith felt her vagina go into continuous convulsions.

And in that pleasant feeling

“Ohouuu!!! Nguu!!!”

He desperately endures his ejaculation while raising his voice.

Naia collapses on top of Keith who quickly lays her on the floor and pulls out his penis before sticking it by her flushed and panting face.

His throbbing penis with raised blood vessels

” Oooh!! Oooooooooh!!! Ku~~~~~~! Haaa!!!”

Shoots out its yellow impurity all over Naia’s pretty face.

Naia who played with the semen was both obscene and beautiful.

“Face…….lots on my face……..face…..oha”

Naia scoops the cloudiness off her face and joyfully licks it.

While looking at the elf princess who had obscene graffiti on her body, Keith’s penis got hard again from the satisfaction and excitement.





In the bathroom, Keith raised his voice.

He washed Naia’s body and the water soluble ink had come off however her skin had turned red in the form of the letters.

The ink was special ink Keith had designed specifically for skin however it seems it was too strong for Naia’s fair skin.

Naia was staring at the curiosity.

“Please wait a moment.” Keith says and takes out a milky white liquid specially for skin care before applying it to her freshly washed body.

As a thank you from Mashua for making it so Naia can use magic Keith was given a magic wand made from the tail barb of a manticore. This wand was about 30cm long and allowed him to use recovery magic.

Soft warmth surrounds Naia and the red marks disappear in seconds.

Keith lets out a relieved breath [There’s room for improvement with that ink] he thinks while mentally jotting it down.

After changing Naia’s clothes Keith left the room.

Aisha watching from the nearby room heads over to Naia’s room.

Even thought the room was deodorised by a magic tool.

“Kun…..n?” (TN – onomatopoeia for sniffing. You usually hear it in anime’s as kunkun)

The nose of a desert elf who specialised in hunting captured a strange smell.


“N? What is is?”

What are you putting on your body?”


It was the smell of the liquid Keith had used for her red skin.

It was a sweet smell which mixed several kinds of medicinal herbs with magic and made Naia smell different than usual to Aisha.

It was pointed out to Naia.

“Th, that. Keith-sama, errm…well…..”

“Has that magician done something strange to you!?” (TN – Where to start)

“Wrong!! It’s not like that!!”

What can I talk about and what can’t I talk about? That judgement was difficult and Naia became confused.

“It’s errm….a secret Aisha!” She said before quickly moving to her desk and started reading a book [simple magic to learn in 30 minutes a day] left by Keith.

After hearing “Secret” a seed of suspicion was born in Aisha.

What did that mage do to  Naia-sama?”

Just what kind of method did you use to teach magic?

Questions which sprang up gave birth to even more questions.

They continued even after I returned to my room.

I’ve heard of some mages who practise forbidden magic.

What if Keith is borrowing some terrible power from a lord of the underworld? What if he granted it to Naia?

Aisha’s body trembled with fear at the thought.

I need to confirm it.

I have to make sure!!

How, though?

Naia doesn’t allow me in her lessons with Keith and anyway, if I was there Keith wouldn’t use it anyway.

Then how?

I remember the words of my father in my dim room.

“Sometimes a knight you must go against their orders to protect the body of the person they are guarding”

Mashua and Mia employed my father and me who were wondering soldiers up to that point.

Naia must be defended even at the cost of Aisha’s own life.

I shouldn’t hesitate.

Even if it goes against chivalry, it’s for Naia!

After Aisha had made up her mind she pulled out a memento of her father after a long time.

A slightly dirty black mantle.

A magic item called [Marishi Heavenly Cloak]

When her father was young he fought an assassin group known as [ninja] and stole one from them.

When you put it on and activate it you become hidden from sight and not even sixth sense or devil eyes can penetrate it.

It was first class assassin goods but Aisha’s father didn’t use it in his entire life and strictly ordered Aisha to never use it either.

“Father, please forgive me” Aisha muttered while putting it in a bag.

Tomorrow Naia was due to take a lesson from Keith.

As usual, Naia was excited for several hours before Keith arrived and wasn’t listening to people when they were talking.

While Naia was distanced Aisha moved over to a window and unlocked it.

Several minutes before Keith was due.

“It’s about time for that mage to come. Though it’s slightly early please excuse me.”

Naia was curious as Aisha always left the room after Keith arrived but today she stated business and left before.

In the anteroom, Aisha checked that nobody was watching and put on the coat. She hid her rapier in a gap in the wall and attached a Kukri knife to her belt. (TN – Kukri)

She runs through the corridors without a sound passing several maids but none notice her.

Arriving outside Naia’s room Aisha entered through the window and slipped inside.

Making no noise she stealthily approaches the living room.

And it was seen.

She didn’t scream because she was too shocked. Naia was kissing the mage and it was not a child’s kiss but a tangle of tongues and mouth play.

Aisha reached for the knife at her waist.

Such rude behaviour towards the princess!!! Just as I started to move


Aisha’s movements stopped at the sweet voice Naia let out.

Who is that? Who is that person over there? Who is that elf with the fawning voice?

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and my knee’s started to shake.

“You penis released so much medicine yesterday. Has it stored up again?”

“Yes, apparently the effects are getting stronger.”

“That’s serious!! We need to hurry!! Pakuu! Nchu! Guchogucho!!”

“Uhaa!! Immediate fellatio…..”

“Nreru! Nguju, berorero, ererooo~~……”

She’s squatting between his feet and has that filth from his crotch in her mouth. Moreover, she did by her own will.

“Oooooo…….Ah, I forgot.”

Keith takes the sound muffling magic tool from his bag. Since its last use, Keith has improved it and extended its range to the whole of Naia’s room.

Ironically if Keith had left it alone Aisha would not have been able to hear Naia’s words but since the field was extended she was now inside its area of effect.

The scene continued in front of Aisha’s eyes.

Naia joyfully swallowed the filth from Keith’s groin. She then takes off her clothes and gets on all fours.

Keith licks Naia’s completely ripened and mature pussy before mounting her like two dogs. There’s a waterproof sheet spread over the floor.


Aisha watches Naia raise her voice like a beast.

Finally, it’s over and the two move to the bathroom where raised fun voices can be heard.

Aisha leaves and takes the coat off before heading back to the room Berna’s in.

“Sorry…..I feel sick……Can you tell another knight to guard Naia-sama.” Aisha says while walking away with a bad complexion and eyes like a dead fish.

Berna was worried and tried to accompany her but was declined.

After making sure another knight had taken over I returned to my room.

I lie down on the bed and think.

Why? Why is it?

Why is Naia-sama with such a low-life…..!

Why didn’t I break it up? Why didn’t I kill that low-life?

…..Let’s calm down.

If I kill him others will hear the commotion and come.

If that happens Naia’s appearance will be seen.

It’s useless. That’s why I called no one. That was the correct decision.

But why Naia-sama? Is it brainwashing magic?

There were rumours of a heretical black magic group that controlled people with drugs and magical stimulation to the brain.

I’m certain that’s what’s happened to Naia-sama.

Bit by bit by bit, while pretending to teach magic the spider winds its thread.

That gentle, pretty and tender person……………

While thinking there was a knock on my door.

After I had that idea I reach for my rapier.

“Who is it!!” I challenge with a stiff voice.

“It’s me.”

A small voice came back

“Na, Naia…..sama?”

I quickly get up and rush to open the door.

The usual pretty girl and not the obscene woman was standing there.

“What are you doing in such a place…..”

“Because Berna said Aisha returned with such a pale face…….are you alright?”

Naia looked at Aisha with a troubled face.

You were worried about me and came to see me.

I desperately tried to hold back my tears from her kindness.

“I’m fine! It’s only a slight cold. I didn’t want to pass it on to Naia-sama……So I’m fine!!”

“Thank goodness, however you mustn’t overdo it okay?”


“Well then, sorry for disturbing you. Please rest.”

I see off Naia with a wave of my hand who leaves with another guard.

I head back into my room and close the door.

Alone in her room, Aisha’s face was surprisingly refreshed.

She takes a single breath

“Alright, lets kill that low-life!”


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