Chapter 015 – Female knights acceptance

In the middle of the night, Ruu wakes up with a yawn and stretches. Looking over at a noise Ruu see’s Keith fiddling with a device *katchakatcha* (TN – onomatopoeia for a clanking/clattering noise)

“Master, what are you making this time nya?”

Looking over at Ruu Keith says

“Warando-san has pulled his back again so I’m making him some more painkillers. It’s my thanks for the high-quality Mithril he gave me.”

“Master doesn’t care about things like that normally, not that I mind that part of master nya.”

“Shut up cat.”

Just as Ruu was about to fall asleep watching Keith tinkering away a noise was heard *pachi* (TN – onomatopoeia for a snapping/popping noise)



Keith also seems to have heard the sound and looks around the room as well.

*Pachi* the sound is heard again.

Keith noticed that something was hitting his window so he opens it and looks outside. Nothing there…….The moment Keith thought that.




Ruu jumped at the nape of Keith’s neck and pulled him.


Keith falls on his back making a noise like a crushed frog as a blade passed through the place where his neck had been.



I hear a tongue clicking. I’m aware someone is in the room but I cannot see anyone. It must be a magic item that acts similarly to a concealment spell.

However, Keith has never heard of magic item that can hide someone this perfectly.

I really need to praise Ruu but now’s not the time. Under the bed is my old driftwood magic wand that I stored there after receiving my new wand from the king.

“Ruu! Close your eyes!!” Keith yells while casting flash magic.

A torrent of light floods the room “Funya!” Ruu exclaims while “Guu!!” comes from elsewhere. I hear the voice of the intruder.

Through half open eyes, Keith cast a temporary magic nullification spell. As soon as flash ended I saw the intruders figure.

A person wearing a black mantle.

It’s meaningless if the figure is concealed due to magic however of it’s the mantle that causing it.

Keith grabbed the mantle and ripped it off.


It was Aisha.

She was not in her military uniform but was wearing hot pants and a turtleneck jumper. In her hand was a large Kukri knife.

Keith got goosebumps thinking about being cut by that knife.

As for Aisha, she understood her mantle has been taken off.


Grimacing she immediately changed her method and raised her blade horizontally and charged.


While screaming Keith barely deflects her blow.

“A, a, aa, Aisha-sama! Why on earth are you doing this?”

Judging from her behaviour she’s come to kill me so I throw my question out quickly.

On the other side, Aisha doesn’t even blink while looking at Keiths face.

“I’ve come to kill you lowlife.” Aisha declared while throwing out a low sweeping kick.


Aisha quickly straddles Keith who’s fell to the floor and grasps her knife with both hands.

“Die, lowlife.”

She swings her blade down at Keith’s face.



Ruu bites Keith’s ear and quickly pulls.

Keith’s neck bends in a strange direction towards Ruu, however, the knife misses and just nicks his neck.

Keith quickly grabbed Aisha’s hands that were trying to pull the knife out that had jammed into the floor.

“Release me!! Lowlife!!”

“Waitwaitwaitwait!! Why should I die without hearing the reason??”

“Reason? You want a reason!! It’s for Naia-sama!!!”

“What have I done to the princess!?”

“Do? What did you do!!?  Lowlife!!! The vile acts you did to Naia-sama!! Did you think it wouldn’t come out!!!!”


It’s exposed


It’s really bad.

It’s not surprising I’m about to be killed now it’s come out.

However, I don’t want to die!!


Think think.

Has it been exposed to the whole palace?

“Does anyone else know apart from Aisha-sama?”

“Do you think I’d tell Naia-sama’s foolishness to other people!!!”

Yes! This elf is loyal to the point of stupidity!!

In Keith’s head, his eloquent spirit burst into flames. If I fail here this elf will definitely kill me. (TN – Keith’s eloquent spirit)

“However you have to understand me and the princess……..”

“Shut up!! Stop talking!!! I understand!!! I already understand it!!! You brainwashed Naia-sama using magic!!”


“Otherwise that Naia-sama…….such disgraceful behaviour……shit!! I’ll kill you!! I’ll kill you lowlife!!”

She puts more power in her arms trying to pull the knife out and Keith can’t stop her.

If he was going to be killed anyway Keith had no choice but to put all his faith in his bullshitting ability (TN – took a slight liberty. Original text was excuse ability)

“Aisha-sama, I didn’t brainwash her!!”

“Don, don’t lie!! Without brainwashing why would Naia-sama, with you!!”

“Actually a magic tool fused with my body…….”

“So what!!! What has that got to do with Naia-sama!!!”

“That magic tool is the reason the princess can now use magic”

“So……how is that related to the acts you made Naia-sama do!”

“In order to stop the magic tool from taking over my body I have to have another person supply it with magical power!!”

“….is that so. Is that method the things you are doing with Naia-sama?”

“Yes! That’s right!!”

“I see I see, then I feel relieved. If I kill you now you won’t have to worry about the magic tool anymore. So please die with peace of mind!!!!”


It’s useless.

It’s only natural that the same excuse I used for Naia wouldn’t work on her.


“Do you think I’d put my hands on the princess of a country without an insurance policy in place?”

Keith puts on his best evil face


“Does Aisha-sama know what a [film crystal] is?”


Aisha’s face that had been flushed with excitement turned blue when she understood Keith’s words.

“Impossible!! They are unable to film such a thing!!”

“Who do you think I am? I chased off a basilisk and I am the court mage who gave magic to the princess! It’s easier than exterminating a slime to remodel such a magic tool!”

“Lie! You’re lying!! It’s an excuse to save your life!”

“Think that if you want!! But if I’m killed or disappear it will appear on the market!! At that time you will see the figure of the princess and me!!”

Of course, I’m lying.

The thing in question is in the drawer of my desk for my nightly enjoyment. Also, it’s impossible to copy what’s been recorded on the crystal to another crystal.

Aisha’s who had two hands on the Kukri released her left hand, reached around her back and pulled out a dagger before thrusting it at Keith’s throat.

“Where is the crystal……Don’t lie to me….”

There was no chivalry in her eye’s. They were the eyes of a murderer who had lost all emotion due to anger.

But Keith wasn’t bothered.

“I’m not telling. You’ll kill me if I do.”

Aisha was thinking while watching his eyes which were glaring back at her.

She decides he’s lying. It’s an excuse. But a voice at the bottom of her heart whispers [What if it’s true?]

What would happen if it were true?

The princess of this country……If it got out and spread to the world’s nobles about her foolishness with this human mage.

Naia would be disinherited and exiled.

Even if people were no longer stoned for the crime of illicit sex the rumours would hound her till the end of her days.

In this world, good deeds are rarely remembered but bad deeds last a hundred years.

Naia is 24 now. Can she live another 750 years being called the lewd princess etc?

That person? That Naia-sama?

No. No. Nononononononono!!!

“Such a thing must not happen!!!!!……Uuuuu!”

Aisha screamed and threw away the knife.

I can’t do anything.

Killing this man, taking away the crystal, even knowing if he’s lying or not…….as for saving Naia.

….No. I can do something.

There’s only one thing I can do.

Yes, Aisha can do it.

Because I’m a “woman”


Keith was confused by her quiet voice.

“Wha, what is it?”

“You told me you are doing such things with Naia-sama in order to quell magic tool that fused to you.”

“Ye, yes.”

“Does it have to be Naia-sama?”


“With me….can you do it?”

The room became very quiet.

It seemed as if even the very air had stopped.

“I’m not sure I follow”

“Use my body instead of Naia-sama…..teach me how to supply it magic…….in return don’t put your hands on Naia-sama again.”

While looking up at Aisha who was still straddling him Keith said

“Do you know what you are saying.”

“Yeah….I have to send magic power to the tool.”

“Do you know the place where it is?”


“It’s my penis”

“…..I see”

“You don’t seem surprised.”

“I guess so.”

As far as Aisha was concerned it didn’t really matter if the story about the tool being fused to his penis was true or not. The main issue was to stop Keith putting his hands on Naia again and to stop the film crystal from being exposed to the world.

For those things, I’ll accept anything.

If need be I’ll believe everything he says and do anything he wants.

It’s a cheap prince to pay to save Naia.

While watching Aisha’s face Keith says to Ruu who was watching the whole time.

“Oi worthless cat.”

Ruu who had gotten the gist of the conversation answered back

“What is it my scummy master nya?”

“Shut up. Look.”

Keith took a gold coin out of his pocket and threw it at Ruu’s feet.

“What’s that for nya?”

“It’s a thank you for helping me. Go and eat something nice and don’t return tonight.”

Ruu picked up the coin and deftly stuck it under it’s collar.

“This is an impressive new low. I shouldn’t have helped!” Ruu said before leaving via the window.

“Good grief,” Keith mutters.

“First of all why don’t you get off me?”

Aisha calmly obeyed his words.

Keith draws a deep breath after standing up. Reaching down he picks up the two knives but Aisha shows no reaction.

“No intention to resist……..”

It felt like she was under an oath spell and would die of told to.

That’s not very interesting.

I don’t desire a women with such feelings.

Keith says to Aisha

“Please show me proof.”

Aisha looked up.


“That you won’t resist me, defy me or try to kill me. That kind of proof.”

It’s obvious I won’t do that but I ask anyway.

“…..What should I do?”

“Please take your clothes off first of all.”

“….Right here?”

“Of course.”

Hesitating for a moment Aisha begins to take her clothes off.

She discards her hot pants, boots and sweater. Heavy ripe breasts appeared shaking continuously as she undressed.

Her two breasts were contained in a snowy white bra which shines on her brown skin.

She seemed much smaller with her clothes on. Her size was more than expected.

Matching panties concealed her important place between her tight thighs.

“Please take it all off.”

Movement that had stopped resumed.

First the bra and then the panties.

Keith unintentionally swallowed at the sight of Aisha’s body. It was the body of a woman near completion. Completely different to Naia’s semi-matured body. If you were talking about humans it would be the body of a woman in her late teens.

A voluptuous chest with areola and nipples a darker shade of brown than her skin. Her narrow waist has some muscles without being over done. Finally below her stomach pubic hair the same silver colour as her head. The contrast in colour adds to the ero.

“Please show me without covering it.”

She stops trying to conceal her intimate places with her hands.

When Keith thinks he can do whatever he wants to this body in the future he can’t stop himself from breaking into a grin.

Authors note. The cat has the best common sense.


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  1. Did you just assume the cat’s gender?[Tumblr mode]

    Unless the author specifies “Kare” or “Kanojo”, the cat’s gender is both male and female.

    it’s Schrödinger’s cat(gender)

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