Chapter 016 – Female knight cries

Aisha say’s to Keith who staring hard at her body

“Do you understand I won’t defy you? Now quickly…..”

“Not yet.”

Keith tidies up the desk he was tinkering with the magic tool on

“Please get on here.”

“The desk?”


Aisha sat on the desk as told, after which Keith gave her more instructions.

“Hand’s behind your back. Now spread your legs…..that’s right.”


Aisha who was embarrassed pushed her waist forward and did an M leg pose.

No matter how much she tried to kill her emotions Aisha couldn’t suppress this feeling of embarrassment.

Keith sat down on his chair and turned the desk lamp to illuminate Aisha’s pussy.

That place had a darker shade of brown and an adults shape. Her large labia spreads open and above it is a slightly large clitoris.

“I’m going to touch it.”


“I’m going to touch here.”

“A, Aah……”

Keith spreads it open revealing a beautiful pink colour inside.

It doesn’t look like it’s seen much use Keith thought to himself while spreading her pussy.


“Eh? This is……”

A hymen was seen.

Aisha was a virgin.

“Aisha-sama, you have no experience with men?”

“Is, Is that bad?………”

“Do you have a preference for women?”

“No!…….I just have no experience………..”

Keith couldn’t believe his luck while watching Aisha turn her face away. He also had something else he wanted to confirm

“Aisha-sama, how old are you?”


“53!? You’re a virgin at 53? That’s a lie.”

Keith was laughing at her and making a fool out of her on purpose.

“I mean your labia and clitoris are way too large for a virgin. Have you played with it too much? Is Aisha-sama addicted to masturbation?”

“Shu, Shut up!! That’s wrong!! I!!”

“How often do you masturbate then?”


“You can’t defy me. Please say it.”

“…….before my period.”

“Your period? An elf’s menstrual cycle is just once a year. You only masturbate once a year? Please tell me the truth.”


“Oh? were all your words a while ago a lie?”

“……….once or twice a week………”

“A 53-year-old elf virgin who masturbates twice a week.”


“Since you specialised in clit masturbation your hymen is safe though your clit grew big as a result.”

“Stop it…..”

Aisha’s eyes begin to tear up. It’s a good feeling.

“I understand. It’s a special menu for Aisha-sama who maintained her purity.”

Keith carries Aisha to his bed in a princess carry.

“Stop it! I can walk by myself!”

“Stop resisting.”


“After putting her down Keith drags out a nagamochi and takes some leather handcuffs out. (TN – A nagamochi is a large oblong chest used for clothing or other personal effects. A trunk basically”

As Keith tries to put them on Aisha

“You don’t need to use those! I won’t resist!!”

“Noooo. I’ll do it. Absolutely.”

“I won’t let you, so give up!!”

“It’s use~~~lesss”

Keith makes her put her hands behind her head and puts the cuffs on. She can’t escape as the chain of the cuffs has been threaded through the bars of the headboard.

A naked Aisha who’s armpits are now exposed glares at Keith.

In order to embarrass her more Keith moves his face to her armpit and sniffs.

“Stop! Stop it!!”

“Aisha-sama’s body odour is somewhat strong. It’s splendid.”

In reality, compared to Naia, Aisha had a much thicker and sweeter smell.

It’s a strong scent but it doesn’t stink. It’s very similar to the fragrance of a flower. After sniffing it a bit more Keith licked her armpit.


Aisha let out a disgusted voice rather than a ticklish one. Goosebumps rise up on her skin. Still, she shut her eyes and endured desperately.

“Now then, it’s the announcement of the special menu.”

While clowning around Keith retrieves an item from the desk he tidied earlier.

Aisha didn’t know what it was.

The tip had a round shape and it was about the length of a forearm.

It gave off a bad impression.

“No way!! That thing in me!!”

“No. Wouldn’t a virgin like you die if this was put in? It’s different.”

Keith began to explain

“Did you know that when you incise a rune onto a specific metal it reacts with the darkness attribute? It shines. It shakes. Using that knowledge I made this. You put a demon spirit stone of darkness in this part here and when you press this button……..”

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………………………….. It made a small sound and the round tip began to vibrate.

“The rune carved metal is placed in the tip. How is it? Is the movement good? If you use on a stiff part of your body.”

Keith places it on his shoulder “Aaaah” and lets out a satisfied voice.

“That….is that what you are going to do?”

“Yes. Like this…..”

Keith moves the vibrating tool close to Aisha’s pussy.

“I’m going to use it to loosen Aisha-sama’s pussy that been protecting her virginity for 53 years.”

“!! Sto, stop it!! No way!! No wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!”

Aisha screamed as the tip vibrating faster than any living creature could reproduce was pressed against her.

“Hyaaaaaaaa!! Stop! Stooooooooooppp!!! Kuhieiii!!!!!”

“Woah! Amazing!”

“Aga!! Agaaaaaa!!”

In a panic, Keith hurriedly activates the sound muffling tool.

“As expected. The voice of a long time virgin is different.”

While talking Keith alters the angle of the tool.

“Uhii!! Ukyaaaa!! shtop!! Stop it!!! Agyuuu!!!!”

Dishevelled silver hair and twitching legs. However its impossible for her to escape with her hands tied up.

“Hey? are you resisting after all?”

Aisha responds to the happy looking Keith

“I beg you!! Please stop!! I’ll die!! I’m dying!!”

“It’s all right….Oh! Your clitoris has erected. It must be feeling good. Well then.”

“Uuu! Aaaaaaah!!! Don’t go there!! Nyot thyre!!! Ukyaaaaaaaa!!”

Aisha’s body warped as the massage tool was pressed against her clit.

Her body seemed to be rejecting the violent pleasure which was unlike the masturbation she had done till now.

Still, it doesn’t stop. It won’t stop.

“Aga! Agaa!! Hikii!! Don…Aaaah!!! Don’t!! Don!!! Uwaaaaaaaa!!!”

Yellow water surges out

Aisha has peed herself.

“Uwa. Are elves loose?”

Keith mutters his impression after remembering Naia.

“Uu..uuu, don’t look!! Looooookk!! I’ll kill you!! Uuuuuuuu…..”

Aisha was crying because she had peed herself and was unable to stop it due to being numb.

“Oh? I thought I could do what I wanted?”

“…..This is different!! This….this….just put it in quickly!!!”

“The magic tool that’s fused to me is like the heart of a young girl……It’s delicate like the glasswork made in the Asuro district…….To be told to just put it in.”

“Bullshit!! Then why is the front of your trousers stretched so much!!”

“Th, This…It isn’t even serious yet….It’s still in its second form.” (TN – So many DB references to make but I’ll resist)

“Are there even second and third forms for such a thing!!!!!”

“Guaa!! It’s rebellious!! It resists!! That’s good. Resist more elf!!”

To deceive her Keith switches the magic tool to [strong] and pushes it against her pussy.

“Uhiie!! Uhyaaaaa!!! Don’t!! I just did it!! Stop!! Stopppp!!”

“That would be serious if you scatter pee around anymore. Cleaning is going to be hard enough as it is…….Can you give me a hand?”

“Release me!! That’s!!! Ukyuuuu, Uha!! Uhaaaaa!! Wyait!! I’ll die!!”

“You’re not going to help me? That’s a problem.”

While talking Keith continuously presses the massager against her vagina hole. It was very pleasant watching the labia and soft meat tremble continuously.

“Awa! Awa! Aaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Inside!! Inside!! Hiiii!!”

“Aisha-sama, is your nose running?”

“Stop!! I beg you!! Please stop it!!! This…….this!! It’s comiiiiiing!! Aaaaaaaaa!!!”

Aisha’s waist struck the bed multiple times making noises on the pee soaked sheets.

“Uuuuuu!! Ah, Aaaa……..Ahhhhhhhhh!!!”

Aisha’s toes curled tightly as she met her second climax.

“Aisha-sama…… cum too easily.”


Keith wanted to make Aisha perform messy fellatio now. He wanted to thrust his penis into that mouth that was currently drooling.

Because she was a Virgin it would be her first taste.

He wanted to make her confirm the taste, make her clean it and make her swallow his cloudiness.

However, in her current state, she was a mess and would probably bite it and tear it off. He shivered at the thought.

……………..He decided to give up today and decided to vent his dissatisfaction on Aisha.

“Aisha-sama since a while ago you keep resisting me and telling me to stop. How are you a fit substitute for the princess?”


“Indeed, you are a substitute for the princess.”

Aisha’s consciousness that was about to fade came back at the mention of Naia’s name.

That’s right. I won’t let Naia-sama do such a thing.

That purpose gives power to Aisha.

“I can do it……… I can replace Naia-sama!!!”

“Is that so? Can you really?”

“I can!!!”

“Well then, please give me an oath.”


“From today Aisha-sama, please say you will be a slave to my magic tool.”

Aisha wanted to throw herself at Keith’s grinning face


“Aah, I don’t know a person called I. Who is I? Please name yourself properly.”

Keith’s lips twist even more.

“The name of the magic tool is penis.”


Aisha understood what he wanted her to say.

Should I use such vulgar words?

Her embarrassment made her hesitate.

“No good I see. The let’s continueeee~~” Keith says and starts torturing Aisha again.

“Wait!! Wait!! Please wait!! Iu!! Iuka, hyaaaaaaa!!”

“Eh? What?”

“Hiu!! Hi!! Iu! Please!! Tired!! Akuaaaaa!! I beg you!! I feel strange!!! It’s painfuuuuuul!!”

“So what do you say?”

“Do it!! I’ll do it!! I’ll become your slave!! Hi, aaaaaaaaaaa!!”

“No. It’s not my slave, it’s the slave of my magical tool.”

“I undershtand!! I undershtannnnd!! Slave!! Stoooooooop!!”

“I’ll stop when you say it.”

“Agyuuu!! Agyuuuuuu!! Aisha!! Today!! From today!! will become penis slave!! Ukyuuuuuu!!”

Keith nodded his agreement at Aisha’s scream

“So you’ll send magical power into the penis anytime it demands it?”

“Yes!! I’ll do it!! I’ll do iiiiiiit!!”

“I see…….well then, in order to do that you must loosen your pussy Aisha-sama.”

“!!! No way!! Said it!! I said it!!! I said iiiiiiit!! Uwaaaaaa!! Aaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!”

Keith continued torturing Aisha for another 15 minutes before the tool turned off. He would have continued but the demon spirit stone ran out of energy.

“Ooh, I went too far.”

Aisha who had been forced to orgasm continuously was looking at the ceiling with empty eyes. Her entire body was limp, her tongue was out, she was covered in drool and her nose was running.

You can hardly compare her with the person who had come to kill Keith. However, her current figure was many time more beautiful in its obscenity and lewdness.

Keith who was satisfied with the torture he could not do with Naia discarded the messy magic tool covered in pussy juice and took off his trousers.

Keith’s underwear was wet with precum and Aisha’s pee and when taken off his fully erect penis sprang out like a spring-loaded toy.


Keith moves between her legs and moves his face close.

He takes her tongue that is already out and french kisses her. When he finishes and withdraws Aisha is watching him with eyes that some will have returned to.

“By any chance…..was that your first kiss too?”

No answer came back.

Raising his body Keith grabbed his penis. Using one hand Keith lifts Aisha’s leg and a dripping wet, bright red pussy that had been played with too much was waiting for him.

The smell of pussy juice reached his nose.

She was ready.

“Here I go.”

“………Do as you like.”

Keith raises his waist a little and invades Aisha’s insides.

“Uoo!! ……….It’s stickyyyy”

“Uuku!! Ah!”

An intruder was accepted for the first time.

“Wh………….It doesn’t hurt……..”

It’s natural to feel no pain if it’s relaxed that much but Aisha was convinced it would hurt and is confused.

Keith saw this.

“It doesn’t hurt because Aisha-sama is a truly lewd woman.” He said while smiling.

“You’re wrong!”

“Eh? You said it doesn’t hurt. The princess complained of pain. Ask other people and most will tell you it hurt.”


“If it’s not painful it means you are naturally lewd.”


“You are different!!!”

Keith says while starting to move his hips.

“Aaaah!! Aaaaaaaaah!!”

While Aisha was inferior to Naia in tightness her softness was first-class. Every one of her folds was soft and undulated around his penis. It felt like she was trying to pull him in.

However when he entered now a sense of resistance was felt.

“Oho! It’s a tsundere pussy.”

He fully rubs Aisha’s chest while enjoying her soft pussy. The ero of watching her breasts change shape increased his visual excitement.

Aisha is puzzled while receiving his attack.

Why doesn’t it hurt?

Why does it feel so good even though it’s my first time?

Why does it feel so good with this man?

When I decided to replace Naia I thought I wouldn’t feel anything. If I don’t feel it, it would be no better than Keith using my body for masturbation.

It isn’t sex.


“Aaah! Aah! What!! Why!! Naaaaaa!!”

There is satisfied.

Whenever his penis enters, sweet stimulation is transmitted to my brain. I can only call it pleasure.

A different angle, deeper inside, my body was greedy for more stimulation and my waist moved in search of it.

“Oh? Is your waist moving? Is here good?”

“No! It’s different! It isn’t good!! I isn’t pleasant at all!! Nhii!! Aaaaaaaah!!!”

“Aah? Is it deep inside? Are the depths good?”

When Keith strongly thrust deep inside Aisha wrapped her legs around his waist.

“Being held in on your first experience.”

“Aaaah!! There!!! Ukuhaaaaaa!!”

“As I thought. You were a perverted lewd elf after all.”

“Wrong!! Nhaaa!!! Wrong!! Wrooooong!!!”

I shake my head and close my eyes in denial of the pleasure I’m feeling.

“Well then. Won’t you feel this as well?”

Keith raised her legs high and bent her body, covering her.


Aisha raised a cry as she received a mating press. Keith pierced her so deeply that his penis touched her cervical opening.


Keith starts pistoning using his whole weight.

Aisha’s brain is fried from too much stimulation on her first time.

“Aga!! Aguaa!! Stomachs collapsing!! It’s breaking!!”

“Uoo!! Your insides are undulating. It’s amazing!! It’s too good!!”

“Why? Why is it like this!! Why am I like this!!!”

“Aisha-sama! You are holding on too strong!!”

“Why!! Why!! This feeling!!! Kuaaaaaaaaa!!!!”

Power went into Aisha’s legs as if she was trying to break Keith’s back.

Keith loses to Aisha’s pussy meat that was convulsing and poured his semen deep into her womb. His penis continued ejaculating as her soft meat kept milking him.

Eventually, it was over and Keith breathed out. Moving close to her ear he says.

“It came out….my cock juice.”


He then delivers the words he cant say to Naia.

“If you don’t let it out even an elf can become pregnant.”

“Pre…gna….nt?……Uuuuuuuuu ueeeee.”

Aisha quickly lets go of Keith and continued crying as the fear of his words set in.



Authors note: I’ll do a kind and gentle H later.


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