Chapter 017 – Female knight toilet (first part)

Dawn had arrived and the sky was just beginning to brighten.

Aisha was walking unsteadily down a passage towards her own room. Keith had demanded Aisha’s body all night long. It was like he was marking her as his. He had cum inside her twice and once on her stomach. He had embraced and kissed her many times and when she had asked for water he had given it to her via mouth-to-mouth.

When it was finally over Keith had healed the bruises from the handcuffs with a combination of medicine and magic. With a tired but laughing face, Keith had dismissed her saying “You can go to bed as I’ve got to fix my bed first”

Aisha changed her clothes ignoring Keith’s offer to help and left the room.

She wanted to forget the nightmare as soon as possible however Keith’s smell was drifting from her entire body. Every time she takes a step his semen seeps out from her vagina. It all combines to make sure she cannot forget.

She wanted to return and take a bath as soon as possible. She wanted to wash everything away.

She returned to her room while being careful about the guard’s patrol routes. The [Marishi Heavenly Cloak] had been taken by Keith so she had to be careful returning to her room.

As soon as she entered her room she went straight to the bathroom and after stripping off her clothes threw them in the rubbish bin.

Using hot water demon spirit stones that soldiers were allowed to buy cheaply she doused herself with the hot water and scrubbed her whole body with soap.

Aisha inserted fingers into her vagina and scraped out the cloudy stickiness. She started to cry while washing it away.

She wasn’t crying in regret but in shame. While Keith held her she had felt pleasure. Her body had demanded Keith whilst obscenely moving her hips and raising her voice.

While her mind screamed [stop it] her body indulged in the pleasure.

She felt sick just remembering it.

She hadn’t held out for 53 years for that guy to have it. Men had tried to court her but she had declined. She was waiting for someone she liked from the bottom of her heart and wanted to give her first to that person.

When she thought about Keith she felt nothing. If she thought that way it wasn’t sex but a masturbation act on Keith’s part.

She made an excuse for herself.

However, at that time, Aisha body felt pleasure. Even if it was forcibly drawn out.

“I….with that fellow……had sex.” Aisha muttered in the bathtub.




Still, Aisha did her duty. She changed into her military uniform, strapped her sword on and went to guard Naia.

No. She saw it in a new light. She was now defending Naia from him.

Everything was for Naia-sama.

Her heart became a little lighter by doing so. It was easy to dismiss unnecessary things while doing her duty.

After being robbed of her virginity by Keith two days ago Naia and Keith had no classes scheduled so she hadn’t seen him since that day.

She had wondered if he would do a midnight call but there had been nothing.

She hadn’t slept properly in two days fearing when he might come.

On the third day, a feeling sprang up that he might not come at all. Aisha understood it was wishful thinking but she hoped for it nonetheless.

If it was true that he was fused with a magical tool shouldn’t he be running low on magic power? Or had he found another way to replenish it? She wanted to believe such a stupid story

On that day Aisha got up at 5 am and began dressing.

Aisha’s schedule is such. She gets up at 5 am, brushes her teeth, washes her face and trains for an hour. Aisha trains in her room as being an escort the likelihood of fighting in tight quarters such as a room is high. By training in her room, she can handle a sword efficiently in a small space.

When she first started her furniture received frequent wounds but these days they remained unscathed.

After that, she washes her body and changes her clothes. She finishes breakfast and is in front of Naia’s door at 7:30 am. Because Naia’s wake up time is fixed at 8 am she waits till then.

By the way, her going to bed time is 11 pm and four guards are on duty at any given time around Naia’s room.

After Naia gets up Aisha moves according to her schedule and is by Naia’s side until her day is over.

So on that day like usual, she finishes dressing and goes for breakfast at 6.30am. There is a dining room for workers, staff and soldiers in the palace.

Aisha’s heart stopped when she saw who was standing in the corridor outside the dining room.

It was Keith.

Aisha looked down and was unable to see Keith’s face that was sporting a frivolous smile. She quickly fired herself up and stopped in front of Keith before looking up and glaring at him.

“……State your business.”

“…Business?……Isn’t it obvious?”

Keith brings his face closer to Aisha’s pointed ear.

“I want to get some magical power from Aisha-sama.”


It was exactly as she expected and she clenched her fist.

Keith was staring at Aisha joyfully.

“Shall we go then?”

“To where!?”

“Do you want to do it here?”


Aisha gives up and obeys Keith’s words. She follows Keith as he begins to walk down the corridor.

Walking together Aisha looks around to see if anyone is in the vicinity. Keith smiled happily when he saw Aisha’s state.

“It’s here. Please enter.”

It had taken them 5 minutes to arrive here.


Aisha looked at the location and frowned.

“It’s a toilet!! The men’s toilet at that!!”

“I’m well aware.”

“Don’t screw around!! Who would enter such a place!!”

“Ehhhh~~~ But Aisha-sama, you said you’d supply me with magic power so I picked a place you’d like.”

“I did say that but who said I liked this place!!”

Aisha refuted Keith’s words that strongly it ruffled his hair.

“Now is………right I get it.”


“I’m fine~ no problem. However, today is a class with Naia-sama……….what if the tool goes out of control?”

Aisha bites her lip while looking at Keith who was playing dumb.

“……..I get it…….However, it’s a promise!! I’ll replace Naia-sama.”

“I get it, I get it. Now inside.”

Aisha was prompted and entered the men’s restroom.

There are 5 kinds of restroom in the palace. Royal use only, nobles and politicians only, restrooms for guests only, restrooms for soldiers only and restrooms for servants and other staff.

The first three were extravagant and wouldn’t look out of place in a top hotel. The last two were very utilitarian and plain.

Keith had taken Aisha to the soldiers one.

Private cubicles lined the one side.

Because they were frequently cleaned they were not dirty however it’s still a restroom.

Keith took Aisha into a private cubicle and suddenly kissed her.

“Fuu!!…….Uuuu, nchu, rero, chu, pechu……”

Keith’s tongue crawled around in Aisha’s mouth who had closed her eyes unintentionally.

Keith pulls back and a saliva thread follows.

“I was waiting for you to come to me every night but since you didn’t I came to you.” Keith grinned at her at point-blank range.

“Why do I have to come to you………”

“Because you want to feel good don’t you?”

“Who was feeling good!!…..After such a thing was done to me.”

“Ehhh~~ Though you were moving your waist so much and panting you weren’t feeling good? Even though Aisha-sama said it felt so good?”

“Shut up!! Shut up shut up!! Anyway if you need magical power then you come over!! I won’t come to you!! You will come to me!!”

While she’s being assertive Keith just nods “Hai hai” and sighs.

“Well then lets start. There’s less than an hour left.”

Aisha glared at Keith who had grasped her schedule.

“What am I supposed to do in such a small place?”

As Aisha said the space was small and was very stifling with two people in it.

“You can certainly say in this place more than anywhere.” Keith was shaking his index finger [chii chii chii] while talking “Seeing Aisha-sama in her uniform in the men’s toilet is the highest.”

“….Pervert…….Please die….”

“Death during sex is it?”

Keith kisses Aisha again.

“First of all please sit here.”

Aisha sits down on the toilet seat like told.

“Aah, no that’s wrong. Not like that. Turn your ass towards the door. Squat on the toilet seat like you’re trying to take a shit.”


“Huh? Wasn’t I clear?”

“I know what you mean, but why!!”

“Because I said so.”


While grimacing  Aisha takes off her boots and squats on the seat.

“Ah, please take off your panties.”

Keith was speaking like it was the most natural thing in the world. Aisha wanted to yell at him but gave up since she was running out of time.

Keith held out his hand when she took them off. After she handed them over he sniffed them.

“Stop it!!”

“Please squat down quickly.”

Using the wall for balance Aisha squatted down again. Her ass was now thrusting out.

Due to her bandy-legged position, her military skirt had rolled up revealing her private parts.

Aisha firm and round ass was opened out showing off her tightly shut anal gate and soft vagina meat.

Aisha’s pubic hair had made its way all the way down to her anal gate.

Her ass hair had the appearance of a beautiful girl in her late teens. It isn’t that thick or dark but it had an impact. Keith’s cock began to grow steadily.

“What are you doing! Hurry up if you’re going to do it.”

As soon as she shouted Aisha felt a touch on her anus, blushed and let out a voice

“Uhiii!! What are you doing!? What are you doing!!”

Keith had knelt on the floor and was licking Aisha’s anus.

“Stop it!! Stop it, you idiot!! Don’t lick such a place!!”

“Eh? Doesn’t it feel good?”

“Is there a good reason? Why are you licking my asshole!?”

“But when I lick it is twitches and looks like it’s asking for more.”

“Lie!! It’s a lie, you’re lying!!”

“I’m not lying, look…..rero, jiroa, reorerorero….”


Keith licked each wrinkle of her anus one by one. When he’s finished he stabs the hole in the middle with his tongue.

Each time it twitches he kisses it and keeps on repeating it.

“Ahi! Kyawa!!! Uii……….Hiii!!”

Aisha trembles at the unfamiliar feeling travelling up her spine from her anus. Her mind rebels at this feeling you must not know.

“No good…stop it……there…….no……strange….!!”

“What’s this? You are feeling good after all. A lot of juice is dripping down.”

Keith moved his mouth down and licked up her pussy juice.


Aisha body shook at the sudden touch.

“Aisha-sama is so sensitive.”

“Wrong!! You’re wrong!!”

Aisha’s pussy had indeed become sensitive after having sex with Keith. Even though it was sore the next day from having being tormented so badly it had still ached for more.

Aisha desperately denies that’s she’s a lewd woman, however, her body that’s learnt this pleasure for the first time since birth was pleased with Keith’s caress. It was if it was getting rid of 53 years of pent-up stress.

“Aakuu!! Stop!! Don’t lick it!!! Hiii!!”

Keith spread her labia and persistently licked all around especially her hole.

“Aisha-sama’s pussy……rero, pecho, njyuuu…….. is great. This shape is the best. This grotesque pussy….berorero, is unbearably ero.”

His tongue moves all around her pussy. The fire of pleasure is burning deep in her body.

Aisha hates herself as she feels such pleasure.

“Aahhh!! Aahnnn!! Why!! My body…… this!! No!! Nooo!!!”

Her legs trembled continuously and her ass meat shook.

Keith stops licking and inserts two fingers in her pussy.


Aisha screams as Keith thrusts his fingers deep inside suddenly. Without minding, he begins to finger her hard at first but soon becomes gentle.

“Ah, Ahe….na! Hyaa….”

Keith gradually begins to increase his speed.

“Hi! Hia!! Ahyu! Ahyaaaaa!!!”

Aisha shuts her mouth hard to try and keep her voice in however a sweet scream escapes her mouth punctuated by a wet and squishy sound in the small cubicle.

Keith’s fingers are wet with pussy juice and Aisha’s pubic hair is coated in a white viscous froth.

“Hauu!! Hawaa!!! Ofu!!!”

Before long Keith bent his finger and began to scratch and blame a sensitive part deep inside.

“Aaaaa!! Yaa!! Yaaaa!!! There!! Don’t!! Stop it!! Please stop!! Stoooooop!!!”

Aisha’s sight begins to go white and


With a cry, she cums magnificently and [Pushaa!!] squirts at the same time.


Keith quickly supports her body which begins to collapse.

“Aisha-sama squirted I see.”

“Ah…..? Squirt?…….”

“Aisha-sama is truly an ero elite to squirt after only her second time.”

Aisha doesn’t understand what Keith is talking about however it seems to prove that she was a lewd woman. Tears of vexation came to her eyes.

I don’t want to hear what my body is saying. I must not feel it. I must not become comfortable Aisha thinks.

When touched by Keith her body shows the reaction of a woman.

It was unbearable and frustrating.



Aisha breaks free of Keith’s arms and turns to glare at him.

“Why this humiliation!! Do you hate me!? Then……Ku………you should just kill me!!!”

“Hate you?…………Why would you think that?”

“What’s fun about doing this to me!! If you say its for magical power you should just push it in quickly!! Finish inside me or on my belly!!……………any more humiliation than this……..already……”

Keith scratches his head.

“Aisha-sama, my penis cannot receive magic power from an unresponsive woman. It can’t be satisfied by that at all.”

I add it to my heart.

“Unless Aisha-sama is feeling it and raising her voice like a beast I can’t get any good magic power.”

“Don’t lie!! It’s all the same no matter what you do!!”

“It isn’t the same”

Keith moves his mouth close to Aisha’s ear.

“If I stick it in here while watching Aisha-sama’s beautiful enraptured face that’s melted from pleasure, I don’t want anything more than that.”

With those words, he plays with her soft ear with his mouth.

“Naa!? Hii!…….”

I’ve got goosebumps. Is it because he’s licked my ear? Or is it because he said I’m beautiful?

There’s no way I’m pleased being told I’m beautiful by such a man. Therefore this must be the result of my ear being played with.

Deciding so Aisha firmly closes her eyes.

“Then this time it’s my turn.”

Keith takes off his trousers and exposes his rock hard penis to Aisha who’s opened her eyes at his voice.


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