Chapter 018 – Female knight toilet (2nd part)


I didn’t see Keith’s penis directly last time he did me but here in this small space watching it I’m astonished at how grotesque it is. It’s completely different in form to my fathers that I saw as a child.

No. I understand it’s in battle ready status but it’s still grotesque.

Its reddish-brown foreskin has rolled back revealing its round fat head from which dirty liquid is seeping out. Also, a thick blood vessel like an earthworm is wrapped around it. Liquid is still hanging from the tip.

It’s certainly a magic tool.

The story he told me about fusing with a magic tool may not be a lie.

“Time to change positions.” Keith told Aisha helping her down from the seat.

Keith sat on the toilet the correct way around while Aisha was staggering trying to stand up.

Keith moves his waist a bit with his penis pointing straight up.

“Please get on.”

Knowing what he wanted Aisha took her skirt off and hung it on the hook on the back of the door but when she tried to take her garter belt off

“Wait! Leave it on……..”

Keith is a man with a certain taste.

Aisha moves over Keith’s legs and stops.

“What’s wrong?”

“I……don’t understand…….what to do.” Aisha says while looking down.

“Put your hand on my shoulder like so.” Keith says while positioning his penis “and lower your waist while matching up your hole….like that.”

Aisha understood the tip was touching her. His penis sinks in as she lowers her waist.

“Nnn…….ooh. It’s as soft and sticky as ever…….moreover it’s unbelievably warm.”

“Nfuu!! Nhaaa!! Aah, it’s…….in”

Two people were connected while facing each other.

While looking at Keith’s grinning face Aisha said

“Fin….finish quickly!”

Aisha lashes out as she desperately tries to endure the pleasure surging up from her vagina.

“No. Aisha-sama must move.”


“That’s how this position works.”

It’s possible to move from the bottom but Keith doesn’t tell her that.

“Isn’t it time for your duty to start soon? You’d better hurry up”

“Da…….Damn it!!”

She starts to move at Keith’s words but she has no idea what to do.

I’m not feeling any pleasure…….wait! I don’t need to feel good! Aisha denies her thought in a hurry.

“Do you want to put your arms around my neck and cling to me?”

“Neck?…….I have to embrace you!! Don’t screw with me.”

“Your running out of time~~~”

Aisha puts her arms around Keith’s neck and embraces him.

It was Keith’s smell.


I don’t know why but my vagina trembled for some reason.

“And sway your hips.”

Sweet feelings overflowed from her vagina when she moved her waist.


Aisha bit her lip at the voice she unintentionally gave out.

On Keith’s side, he had started to feel good from Aisha undulating pussy as well.


“Aisha-sama……wont you let out your voice like last time? There’s no need to hold it in.”

“Voice……nnnnnn!! I can’t let my voice out!! I can’t!!! In such a place!!!”

“Let out…….ah, someone entered.”

As Keith was talking someone entered the restroom.


Aisha bit her arm in a hurry so her voice doesn’t come out.

It seemed to be guards who guarded the private rooms.

In terms of position, they were Aisha subordinates who guarded Naia’s room full time.

“What will you do? Someones entered.” Keith whispered into Aisha’s ear.

Had they been noticed? Aisha glared at Keith.

Three soldiers had entered and were chatting away.

“What will you do if were noticed? A strange rumour will spread. Aisha-sama and a man had sex in the male toilets.”


“Soldiers are such a vulgar lot. They might even say Aisha-sama is a [meat toilet] and gang rape you.”


Aisha can’t dismiss those words and turns pale at the thought.

“Surely those soldiers are angry at how you normally speak to them….Uwa the things they’d do to Aisha-sama.”

“Please…….be quiet……”

“They will cum inside you and make you pregnant. Nobody will know who the father is as they continue to violate you while you get pregnant.”

Every time Keith speaks Aisha’s vagina firmly tightens on his penis.

“A hundred times they’ll cum inside and semen will leak out continuously. Free to use will be tattooed on your stom…….ach……….”


Keith stopped speaking as Aisha started to really cry.

(I went too far)

Keith desperately starts to think while patting the crying Aisha on the head.

“It’s a lie though. I’m lying. Do you honestly think I’d hand over my Important Aisha-sama to another man?”


“Aisha-sama is only for me. I will absolutely never let another man touch you. I promise. Aisha-sama is only for me.”

Aisha didn’t understand why but when she heard his words her fear faded away.


At this moment in time, Ruu was taking a morning walk when suddenly a light ran down the middle of its forehead [Teikiiiiiiin!] and at the same time a sound was heard.

“What was Nyat!?”


Back in the toilet the soldiers finished up and left while Keith was still patting Aisha’s head.

Aisha raises her body up from Keith.

“You!! Scum!! Die!!! You!!! You!!!”

“Ouch!! It hurts!! Wait!!”

“I thought it was over!!! I thought my life was taking a different course!!! Youuuuuuuuuu!!!”

It was a strange sensation for Keith being pummelled while still being inside Aisha

“It’s safe!! look!!”

Keith took the muffling tool out of his pocket.

It was a new model that narrowed its effective range for the restroom.

“Whats that!!”

Keith explained its effects.

“Then why were you whispering!!!”

“Well, Aisha-sama was scared so……..”

“Th…..This Moron!!! I’ll kill you!!! I’ll kill you till you die!!!

“Wa…wait! I’m sorry!! I was bad!!!”

“I won’t forgive you!! It was scary!!! I was scared to death!!!”

Keith tightly hugs Aisha’s body

“I told you didn’t I? There’s no way I’ll let that happen. I was being mean because I wanted to see a cute Aisha-sama.”

“Think I’ll accept such a phoney excuse!!!”

“It’s true though.”

Keith stole Aisha’s lips and a sweet sigh escaped.

“Nhaa…..will you continue?”

“….hurry up…….finish it!”

“Then I’ll be depending on Aisha-sama.”

Having said that Aisha begins to move her waist again. As she thought how good it felt something in her heart broke and feelings rose up.

“Fua!! Fuaaa!!! Nnnn!! Nnnnnnnnnn!!!!”

Sounds were made as Aisha’s buttocks slapped on Keith’s thighs every time she dropped her waist.

Every time the sound is heard pleasure pierces her head as the tip of his penis touches her deeply inside. When she raises her hips the thick part of his penis scratches at her vaginal walls making her waist go numb.

“Aisha-sama! Amazing!! Feels so good!! Aah……Aaaah!! Pussy meats undulating!!!”

At Keith’s sweet voice and face, Aisha bites back the words [Me too] she almost said.

“Hmph!! I dyont fyeel good at allllll!!! Nnnn!!”

“Nooh!! Nooooooo!! This high-grade pussy!! Pussy for exclusive ejaculation use!! Pussy for my exclusive use!!!”

“Who, who is!! Who’s yours!! Hiaaa!! Aaaaah!!! Doesn’t feel good!!! This!! Not at alllllllll!!!”

Keith grabs Aisha’s ass meat and violently begins moving up and down.

“Hiiiiiii!!! Ukyaaaaa!! Na! Naa!! It’s scratching!! Penis!!”

Ignoring Aisha’s words Keith moves steadily.

“Naaaaa!!! No good!! Stop!!

Aisha embraced Keith by herself this time otherwise she wouldn’t be able to endure it.

Keith was giving his all to hold back his ejaculation.

“Aisha-sama!! It’s coming!! It’s coming!!”

Hoe!? You coming?? Is it the end!! are you finished??”

“Yes! Is it okay? Letting it out inside? What if it drips out while working?”

Aisha just know remembered she had work coming up

“No! No!! Naaa, not inside!! Hikuuuu!!! Please stop, right now!!!

“Where then??”

“Na, hya! Nhii!! Anywhere but inside!! Nhiaaaaa!!”

“Will you swallow it then?”


“Put it in your mouth and swallow it please!!!”

“Mo….mouth!! Hiiii!! Aaaaaaaah, It’s dirtyyyy!!”

“Then it’s inside.”

“…..Fua!! Fuaaaa!! I understand!! I’ll drink!! I’ll drink it, just don’t come inside.”

Keith laughs after getting Aisha’s consent and concentrates on enjoying her vagina to its limits.

“Nnaaaa!! Crap!!”

Keith quickly made Aisha sit on the floor and shoved his penis into her half open mouth.

“Oboo!!! Fuebuu!! Ngu!! Ngooo!!”

Aisha almost bit Keith in pain from having her mouth violated but grabbed his jacket and desperately endured.

Almost at once

“Ohooo!….aah, ahhhhhhh…..I came…….feels good…….”

Keith was drooling from the pleasure of pumping his dirty seed into Aisha’s mouth. Whenever his penis rhythmically throbbed numbness spread to his waist.

Meanwhile, Aisha had tears in her eyes from the smell and bitter taste. She shut her eyes and desperately endured.

“Suck it. Aisha-sama. Please suck it.”

“Fugoo……njyu….jyujyu, jyozooooooo……..goheeee!!

Sucking Keith’s penis eventually the last of the alien substance came out. Aisha tried to spit the smelly mess into the toilet but Keith stopped her.

“Aisha-sama, the promise was to swallow it.”

Keith laughed when Aisha looked up.

Aisha eventually swallowed it while glaring at Keith.

“N, nguu!! Gohp!! Ugo……..”

Aisha had to hold back the urge to vomit and when she exhaled the smell made her want to vomit again.

Meanwhile, Keith wipes his pussy juice, saliva and semen coated penis on toilet paper.

“That was good. See you again.”

Keith left the restroom with a curt attitude.


After finishing Aisha quickly left the restroom and hurried back to her own room avoiding being seen by anyone.

She drank some water and fished around in her mouth with a finger removing some more semen. She also changed her panties which had gotten stained with her pussy juice and hurried to Naia’s room still without any breakfast.

Aisha would have been late if she’d had some food. Even so, she was still 5 minutes late to Naia’s door. [It’s unusual] the guards had said.

I smell of sweat standing here. It’s Keith’s smell.

There was no time to change clothes.

Will I be found out?

Being held by Keith.

There’s another smell. It’s a woman’s smell.

I wonder if I’ll be found out?

My heart throbs and feels like it will explode.

I enter the room at 8:00 and the maids are up in Naia’s room making preparations.

“Good morning.”

Everyone greets me

“Good morning.”

Lively voices returned.

When I go near the smiling Naia

“Good morning Aisha.”

“Good morning”

Same as usual.

It wasn’t noticed.

I’m relieved.

I’m glad it wasn’t found out that Naia was an indecent woman.

While serving as Naia’s replacement my body has learnt pleasure.

I move onto Naia’s first thing of the day.

It’s past noon and Keith comes to the room. I thought I wouldn’t need to leave because of the promise, however.

“Aisha, the class doesn’t start if you don’t leave.”

Naia told me while sulking with puffed out cheeks.

“B, but from today I……..”

I started to object

“Hurry up~~~!!”

I have been driven out.

I walk past Keith on the way out.

“It’s a promise.”

He nodded and murmured something. I have no choice but to believe him.

Making a fist Aisha left for the antechamber.


In Naia’s room at that time.

“Keith-sama what are you doing?” Naia asks while cocking her head to one side at Keith’s behaviour.

Keith was waving his manticore magic wand around.

“Aah, It’s a barrier……”

“A barrier?”

“No, It’s nothing!! So let’s begin.”


Keith puts his hand around Naia’s waist.

Authors note: This man is the worst.


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