Chapter 019 – Finger the Princesses ass

The class today was different from usual. I’m studying normally by sitting at a desk and using a book.

I haven’t changed my clothes nor has the medicine been taken out.

My body hasn’t been touched either.

“Is your penis all right?”

He smiled and said he was okay at the moment.

That’s good news…………..or it should be but my heart in lonely for some reason.

I was looking forward to it. To lots of kissing……sorry breathing method and amassing magical power in my body before finally accepting his penis.

To take is Keith’s hard penis is my greatest happiness. My head and stomach become fluffy and light.

There is none of that today.

I’m lonely and feeling dejected.

“Princess, are you listening?”

“Ye, Yes!”

Naia quickly raised her head and saw Keith watching her.

“You don’t seem to be able to concentrate on your studies.”

“That’s………I’m listening.”

“Well then, maybe you can tell me what I just explained?”

“……….I’m sorry.”

Keith sighs.

While watching Keith, Naia scolds herself in her heart.

What are you doing? This is a magic class Keith is going through the trouble to give. You should concentrate on it. He will give up on me if I continue like this.

No, even now he might hate me.

“Keith-sama, I’m sorry………..I’m sorry………”

I won’t cry. If I cry Keith might feel bad and forgive me. So I apologised.

“I’m not mad but I’d be happy if you listen properly.”

Keith patted Naia’s head while smiling.

Keith is always generous even though I’m a bad girl.

Naia felt that excluding her father there was no man more gentle than Keith.

“I’ll listen! I’ll listen properly!!”

Naia puts all her effort into her pointed ears and stares directly at Keith’s face so she doesn’t miss anything.

Keith watched as Naia’s face filled with fighting spirit.

“Understood. I’ll go through that last bit again.”


“Regarding the refining of magic power flowing through the internal pathways, I believe the eastern magic path is superior for an individual. I believe their peculiar bodies are able to harness the pathways…….Ahh, this is probably a bit too specialised at the moment. Also, their amplification method of internal magic is also excellent. The magical power amplification technique is generally used for medicine and using the holy demon crystal stone.”

“That…….is what  Keith-sama does to me.”

“Yes. Touching the chest and the crotch is another application of the eastern magic path. It’s called the art of lovemaking.”

“Really?!……..That’s amazing!”

Because Naia doesn’t know the truth Keith mixes in some lies while making it sound like the truth.

“Because the princess has just established her magical pathway, your magic refining is not very good so I will grant you a secret art from the eastern magic path to help you.”

“Really!! I get a secret art!!?”

“Yes. During my wanderings, I met a monk while on a ship and he let me read a book on secret teachings he had.”


Naia was stunned. Was it okay for a beginner in magic to have such an art? Surely it must be something any mage would want badly.

I can have it?

Naia’s nose began to run from excessive joy

“Are you okay? You can’t tell anyone about this secret art.”

“Of course!!”

Keith smiles as he watches Naia keep nodding her head.

“Then let’s begin preparations. First of all princess please change your clothes and remove your underwear.”


Without questioning, Naia began changing.

To think today I’d learn such a great thing. Amazing!!

There’s never a mistake in anything Keith does. I must listen to his words.

Naia finishes changing her clothes and is now wearing a lace baby doll.

Her thin body was naked under the thin fabric. A faint pink on her chest and a faint redness on her groin could be seen through the fabric.

Keith watches Naia’s body through the cloth that hides nothing.

[….I can see her loli body through the see-through fabric…….it was a good buy……..]

Keith was impressed.

Keith quickly wipes his mouth that had begun to drool and calls Naia over to the waterproof sheet.

“Please get on all fours.”

“Ye, yes.”

Naia gets on all fours while being tense about what Keith was going to teach her.

Keith places a large pillow near Naia’s head.

“You can place your head here if it gets painful but please keep your ass raised.”


“Well then.”

Keith rolls up the hem of the baby doll. Though it’s approaching an adults shape her childish pussy is seen.

I want to lick it like always but today is different. My patience is at its limit after doing a normal lesson like an idiot.

“Ahya!? Kei, Keith-sama!? That’s my ass…….”

Indeed I’m playing with her anus!!

“That’s right! In the eastern magic path, you accumulate magic in the abdomen under the navel and circulate it to the whole body while amplifying it. You send the magic to a place called the perineum which is just under the butt hole. However, since the princess is a beginner I didn’t think you would understand it too well so I went for the butt which is easy to understand. ”

While giving a ridiculous explanation Naia’s red anus puffed up like a large toad [big frog]. (TN – I don’t get the big frog bit. The author used the kanji for large toad then in brackets next to it put ビッグ・フロッグ which is big frog (bigu frogu). Perhaps the kanji is obscure, I don’t know)

I apply the refined lubricating oil to Nais anus who is trembling in embarrassment.

“Don! Don’t! That place is dirty!!”

“Didn’t I say before? The princess doesn’t have a dirty place on her body.”

“That place is absolutely dirty!! Because…..because…….”

“Because?” Keith says while grinning and applying the oil.

Naia can’t see his face from her position.

“Because……p……..poo comes from that place……….therefore…….”

Why do I get so excited when a beautiful girl says such vulgar language?

Keith isn’t interested in scatology at all but his chest throbbed at Naia’s words.

He’s a pervert who should have died.

“Th, therefore, stophyaaa!!?……..Aah? Keith-sama?”

Keith had thrust his little finger into her anus which was twitching and began to move it.

“Are you okay princess? The path of magic is long and steep. At times dirty and at times beautiful. At times you love it and at times you hate it. There was a time when I had to collect the faeces of a behemoth while in the mage association and I wondered can I become a top class mage by doing this?”

Keith continues moving his little finger while talking to Naia.

Incidentally, the story about the behemoth was completely true. At the time Keith had given serious consideration to killing his teacher.

Anyway, Keith turned his attention back to the feeling of Naia’s rectum.

“Awa!! Ahiu!! Keith-sama!! St…….opppp!! Please stop!! Pull out!! Please take your finger out!!”

Keith confirmed that her ass was familiar enough with his finger and pulled it out. His finger was sticky with oil and intestinal juice.

“Nhaa!! Haahaa….”

Naia was relieved his finger was out.

“Shall we move on?”

“Hie? Next??”

Keith applies oil to his index finger and inserts it.

Naia’s back arched at the thicker feeling than before.

“Ahyawa!! Naa!! Keith-sama….!! It’s thick!! Thick!! My stomach hurts!!”

“Patience!! Concentrate!! Focus on your butt hole!!”

“Fuu! Fuiiiiii!!!”

She focuses on her ass like told

“Oooh……amazing tightening. My finger feels like it’s going to be torn off!”

Keith wiggles his finger while being impressed.

“Hohyaa!! Keith-sama’s finger! Please stop moving it!!”

“Concentrate princess!!”

“Nnn!! Nnnnn!!”

While enjoying the power of her sphincter tightening on his finger Keith decided to move onto the next stage and pulls his finger out very slowly.

“Fua, aaa”

Just before his finger is fully out and just the tip is in he thrusts it back in, in one go.


He repeatedly does this while hearing Naia’s screams over and over again.

Then soon Naia’s voice


becomes sweeter.

“How is it, princess?”

“Aah……ann!! Aah, umm….hyaa…..”

“Are you studying? Please remark properly!”

“Hia, hahii!! Umm……poo…….it feels like I’m doing it many times….umm…”

“Does it feel good?”


Naia answers Keith in a voice that seems like it’s about to vanish.

“That’s good. It’s good. It’s evidence you are collection magic power in your ass.”


“Indeed. Haven’t your buttocks become warm as a result?”

“Ye, yess…..”

Keith puts oil on the fingers of his other hand and begins to play with Naia’s clitoris so she gets into the habit of cumming when her ass is played with.

“Unnn!! Uhaaaa!! Keith-sama? Why with my crotchhyaaa!!!

“It lets your body remember the flow of magic power!”

The finger was continuous in her buttocks and her clitoris was being played with. Naia’s brain was confused by the two signals.

“Nuaa!! Why? I don’t understand!! I don’t understand!! Buttocks?? Feels good?? Ahyaa!! Please stop!! Please stop!!”

When her clitoris is blamed her anus tightens moderately. Pussy juice overflowed from her vagina.

“If you can cum with your ass, the princess will advance to a higher level as a magician, so do your best!”

“Asshs? Asshs hiaaa!! Cum with my ass?? Uhyauuuu !!”

“Yes. It’s impossible with just your ass at the moment but with your crotch, you can do it!! I believe in you!!”

“Auu auuuu!!! Dyo my byest!! Hyaa!! I will do my best!!”

Keith carried on with her clitoris while changing the movement of his finger in her ass.

The speed is the same but he rotates it as he enters and when fully in he picks at her intestinal wall lightly.

Naia’s face fell into the pillow at the stimulation. While desperately chewing the pillow she sheds tears at the mixed information of pain and pleasure coming from her buttocks and clitoris.

What “feels good” and what is “painful” I don’t know.

Her body already well used to clitoral stimulation was reacting sensitively and her waist began to shake.


“Princess that’s good!! Cum!! Cum!!”

“Uua, Unnnn!! Fugyuuuuuuuuuu!!”

With her ass still in the air, Naia came while biting the pillow and clenching it in her hands.

It wasn’t a pure anal orgasm but it was a good start.

Keith was satisfied and he was glad he’d let one out with Aisha this morning or he’d have violated her butt hole which hadn’t become a delicious ass pussy yet.

Pulling his finger out he washes his hands in a nearby washbowl and wipes Naia’s ass clean.

Though I had played with it so much her anus was still closed tightly. I must give a reward for this.

Keith lays Naia on her back.

“Princess, you worked hard today.”

When Keith praised Naia who was still breathless and having trouble talking she smiled happily.

“Therefore it’s a reward.”

Keith lifted Naia’s buttocks into a piledriver position and began to gently lick her anus.

“Peropero……chu, chu….peropichya…..rucho.”

“Ah? Awa…….Ki………dont………”

“Nchyo, it’s a reward. Because the princess did her best I’ll love you a lot, ruchyoruchyo…..”


It isn’t a feeling that has become pleasant yet however, Keith said he’d love her a lot and was licking the place Naia felt was the dirtiest. Naia’s there felt “love”.

Naia was very happy.



“*Gargle gargle* *Ptui*”

Keith spat mouthwash out into the basin.

“Is this alright?” Keith asked Naia behind him


Naia who was bright red and indignant filled the glass with more mouthwash.

As soon as I was satisfied and had finished licking her anus I was brought to the sink.

“Please rinse your mouth out!!!”

Keith told her it was alright but

“If you lick such a place you’ll get a bad stomach!! No good!!!”

For once Keith was overwhelmed by the terrible anger of Naia and complied.

When he had finished gargling Keith said to Naia who had changed out of the baby doll.

“Once a day from today please play with your crotch and ass together……just once a day, understand?”

Keith handed her lube, ointment and antibacterial hand wash and left the room. (TN – this guys a walking pharmacy)

Keith didn’t have another class with Naia for four days so she would have time to get her ass used to it.

While thinking how to play with Aisha he was suddenly pulled into the shadow of a pillar.


It was Aisha who had caught Keith’s lapel and pulled him in.

“What’s wrong?”

Aisha was glaring at Keith.

“Did you keep your promise!?” she asked in a threatening voice.


“You!! Don’t play dumb!!”

Aisha reached for her rapier.

“I know!! I was kidding!!”

“Don’t joke in this situation!”

“I said I’d honour it……and I did. I shoved my penis into Aisha-sama’s pussy and made her swallow my cum.”

Aisha quickly looked around at his sudden words.

“Be careful what you say you idiot!!!”

Of course, she didn’t mention the buttocks.

“….Truly? You didn’t do it?”

“I swear by my ancestors and the ether.”

“…I don’t believe you but I don’t have any choice but to trust you……”

Aisha let go of his lapel and began to walk

“Wait a minute. Is that it? I desperately fought against the request of my penis for magic. It was painful.”

“So what?”

“Can I have a reward?”

“Gohou!? You had it this morning!!”

“I didn’t say today……….Yes, please come to my room tomorrow night. How’s that?”

Aisha glared at Keith’s grinning face.

“Will you give up if I say it’s disgusting?”

“In that case, the only suitable one for my penis is the princess. Do you understand? It’s only the two of us during class.”

“You scum!!……..Fine tomorrow night…….”

“I look forward to it.”

While clenching her fist Aisha goes to Naia’s room.

“I’m really looking forward to it.” Keith mutters.



Authors note: It’s the beginning of Naia’s ass training. I’ll be back to Naia’s ass after some Aisha time.


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