Chapter 020 – Female knight is pleasured

Aisha had forgotten how many times she had checked the time.

Yesterday Keith had told her to come at midnight but what time was midnight? Was it already midnight? Is it not yet midnight?

If I get there early “I was expecting you.” I’d hate that however if I got there late “Were you scared?” I’d hate that as well.

Therefore I look at the clock a lot.

I felt sick with tension. Also tonight Keith will have sex with me. I’ll become that obscene female again. It’s unbearable and I hate it, however, I cannot run away as Princess Naia is too important.

Aisha took a deep breath and left her room. She’d taken a bath, brushed her teeth and changed her underwear.

Aisha had decided to wear a one-piece dress that was easy to take off in case she was stripped violently.

Aisha hadn’t noticed her behaviour was like someone preparing for a date.

It takes 10 minutes to get to Keith’s room from Aisha’s, both of whom had rooms in the palace.

As Naia’s knight, Aisha had a room in the palace but ordinary soldiers slept at barracks built outside the palace.

Of course, Aisha could have a house in town and travelled in but she wanted to be as close to Naia as possible in case of an emergency.

On the way to Keith room, Aisha pays attention to the patrolling soldiers and avoids them.

“It seems like I’m doing a yobai.” Aisha griped in a low voice as she got to Keith door which opened as soon as she knocked. (TN – Sure I covered this before but yobai is a sneaking night visit for sex)

“Welcome.” A smiling Keith greeted me. “Please come in. I can hear people coming.”

Aisha quickly checked around and stepped into the room where her virginity had been taken.

“Please sit on the bed. I’ll get some wine.” Keith says while preparing some glasses.

“It’s fine! just get on with it! I have duty tomorrow unlike you!”

“You want to be done quickly is it?”

Aisha’s face became deep red at his words.

“Why’s it like that!! That’s not it!!”

“Aisha-sama your voice is loud.”

“What happened to your sound muffling tool!?”

“I haven’t activated it yet.”

“Activate it quickly!”

Keith activates the muffling tool under Aisha’s angry look.

“You okay now? Let’s drink some wine first.”

Realising it was no use arguing with the flippant Keith, Aisha sat down on the bed where her virginity was taken. She tried to block the unpleasant memories that surfaced from seeing it.


After passing her a glass with a wine giving out a nice mellow fragrance Keith sat down and watched her while grinning.

“What……….” Aisha asked while drinking the wine.

“That one-piece suits you”


“It’s cute. You should wear it more often.”


Aisha was puzzled when he mentioned her clothes. She’d chosen something she wasn’t bothered about getting damaged if Keith got violent undressing her.

“Did you wear it for me by any chance?”

“Conceited idiot!! This….this was the first thing I saw in my wardrobe!!”

“Really? However, it suits you very well. It’s pretty.”

“Don’t keep saying cute over and over!!

To hide her shyness Aisha drained the glass which Keith filled up again.

“But Aisha-sama really is pretty.”

“Sto……stop it.”

“You are too cute. It makes me want to be mean.”


“No. I think I will.”

Keith suddenly leant in and stole Aisha’s lips.

“Fuu!?……….n, nnnn………nchu……..a.”

Aisha almost spilt her wine but caught it quickly. Keith’s tongue invaded her mouth and licked her tongue.

Should I bite it off? Aisha thought, however, her tongue received him kindly and her body began to betray her


Separating their mouths Keith laughed in satisfaction that Aisha’s tongue had joined with his. Keith took Aisha glass, drained it and placed it on the side table.

[It begins] was the vague feeling Aisha had inside.

I’ve become a disgusting woman Aisha thought. Even though her heart desperately rejected it her body had begun to expect it and began to ache.

Without paying attention to the conflicted Aisha, Keith kissed her over and over again. Sometimes a light peck and sometimes intensely including his tongue.

Aisha mood began to rise and before long her face flushed and her breathing became rough.

“Please touch it.”

Keith placed Aisha’s hand on his crotch that had become very enthusiastic.


Touching it Aisha found it strange that she didn’t find it as disgusting as before.

Not knowing what to do Aisha began to rub it and Keith started kissing the scruff of her neck.


A ticklish voice came out.

“Aisha-sama smells good. You took a bath.”

“…..Sweat……….I smelled……….”

“But I like the smell of Aisha-sama’s sweat.”

While talking Keith begins to massage Aisha breasts gently and slowly.


Aisha was confused that she didn’t hate his touch so she decided to concentrate on rubbing his crotch in order not to think about it.

“Aisha-sama is being proactive………”

Aisha pulled herself together at Keith’s words and removed her hand.

“You can continue.”

“It, It’s fine already isn’t it! As long as it’s hard…..!!”

Aisha turns her face away from Keith and lies on the bed.

“Do….Do whatever you want! Because……..This is all I’m going to do!!”

She quickly covered her face with both arms. A brown elf in a white one-piece covering her face bright red face due to shyness. Keith almost laughed at her excessively pure heart but resisted.

“Then I’ll help myself.”

Keith gets on the bed and unbuttons Aisha’s one-piece. It’s a front button type which he carefully undoes one by one. Her voluptuous body is slowly revealed with the important parts covered by her bra and panties.

“Ooh… underwear,” Keith muttered.

Aisha underwear was black lace and hearing Keith mutter Aisha let out an “Ah” voice.

“Did you purposely wear such an ero thing?”

“No!….this………you*………” (TN – Aisha uses kisama a lot with Keith which is a rude version of you/your but can also mean you bastard or son of a bitch. Actually pretty much anytime she says you/your its Kisama with Keith.)

“Me? Did I order such underwear?”

“It’s not like that.”

Aisha turns on her side.

“You……because it will get stained……..white……..will stand out too much…….”

“Aah…….in other words I can cum inside you today without any worry?”

“Why’d it become that!! I can’t keep throwing underwear away every time!!”

Keith closed in on Aisha’s lips.

“Then it’s fine for Aisha-sama to feel it lots today and get wet.”

Keith moves his lips from Aisha’s scruff and down to her chest. He unhooks Aisha’s bra which is a front hook and her boobs burst out with enough force it was a wonder her bra hadn’t broken. If you attached an onomatopoeia to it it would be a [Purun!] feeling.

Keith began playing with both her breasts.


A voice leaked out that was enduring a pleasant feeling. Keith gently rubs both her breasts while rubbing her areola with his fingers.


Keith never touched her nipples just her areola but her nipples still got hard.

“Though its big Aisha-sama’s chest is sensitive. It’s splendid.”

Keith dribbles saliva on her aroused nipples and firmly kneads them between his thumbs and forefingers.

“Ya! Aah!!…….nnn, hiu!”

Aisha had closed her eyes and was enduring the stimulation. Admiring her anguished face and thinking it was lovely Keith put her right nipple in his mouth and sucked on it causing Aisha to go “Kuuu!!” Keith traces her areola with the tip of his tongue before sucking on the nipple again.

Of course, breast milk didn’t appear but it still tasted sweet. Actually, the sweet taste was sweat due to elven sweat being sweet.

Keith placed his right hand on Aisha’s crotch. When he got to the crotch part of her panties it was moist. It wasn’t wet but it was still pleasantly damp.

Keith moves his body down and places his head between Aisha’s legs. Holding her legs open with both hands he sniffs her wet panties.

“Why are you smelling it! You are always the same!!” Aisha protests lifting her head up.

“Why?……..Because it smells good.”

“No way that place smells good.”

“It’s a good smell. It’s Aisha-sama’s sweet fragrance.”

Keith pushes his nose against her clitoris over her panties and smells it *sunsun*

“Stop it!! Stop it pervert!!”

Aisha is embarrassed at her own reaction but is also embarrassed at being smelled.

“I’ll unclothe you.”

After enjoying her smell a bit more Keith lowers Aisha panties quickly.

Aisha felt like a cheap woman having her panties taken down so quick and felt a bit sad.

Keith brings his face close to Aisha’s crotch again. Her slightly wet pussy gave off a honey-like fragrance and seemed to be waiting for Keith’s caress. Keith begins to lick around the edge of her pussy.


Keith doesn’t spread her with his hands. He licks around her labia and kisses it with a *chyuchyu* sound.

“What!! What are you doing!!”

“I’m kissing Aisha-sama’s pussy,” Keith says honestly.

“Moron!! Idiot!!”

Aisha tries to kick Keith so he holds her legs down with his arms and continues using his tongue while peeling her slightly large clitoris with his thumb.


Aisha grasps the sheet while biting her lip as Keith sucks on her revealed clitoris. After getting her clit wet Keith spreads her pussy with his right hand and starts licking her revealed hole. Pussy juice stimulates his tongue as he uses his left hand to play with Aisha’s clit.

Pretty soon Keith starts jabbing his tongue in as far as it can go.

“Fuhaa!! Yaa!! Aaaaaah!! Nnnnnnnnn!!”

Aisha’s body was pleased with the pleasant feeling. Her body wanted to entrust itself to it completely but her heart resisted. “Feels good” she would never say it. “I want more” she would rather die than say it. She would never give her heart to Keith. She held onto this feeling and endured.

Of course, Keith noticed this.

“Aisha-sama… wonderfully wet.”

Keith deliberately wiped his mouth that was wet from pussy juice so Aisha could see it.

“You…that’s your saliva!!……..I…….I know it is!!”

“Heeee. I hadn’t realised my saliva was so sweet.”


“Is saliva flowing from my finger?”

Keith rummaged around in Aisha’s soft and wet vagina wiggling his two middle fingers.

“Aisha-sama’s insides seem to be wishing for a penis to quickly thrust in.”

“Wrong!! Nauuu!! Wrooooong!! It’s not wet!! It’s not twitching!! It doesn’t want it!! Ukyuuuuuuu!!”

Aisha’s vagina tightens on his fingers as he plays with her clit.

“Na!? Don’t touch them both!! Don’t touch there!!”

“There? Wheres that?”

“There!! I know you understand!! Nuaaaaa!!!”

“Eeeeeeeeh? I don’t understand though.”

Keith continued thrusting his fingers in and out and pinched her clit harder.

“Fugyuuuu!! Naaaaa!! Don’t!! Stop it!! Strong!!”

“I still don’t know where you mean.”

“Cli……clitoris!! Clitoris!! Clitoris is no good!! Strong!! Nhaa!!”

“Clitoris? Aah you mean this?”

Keith played with it harder

“Uuuuu! Ua……..AAAAAAAH!!”

Aisha’s pussy meat repeatedly tightened and became thick and gooey.

“Did you cum?”

Aisha panted as she covered her face with her arm again while her shoulders trembled.

“U…..uuu……why…….I don’t want it……….I don’t want to feel good……….why……… my body…… strange…..”

As Aisha starts crying Keith puts on an evil smile

“Was it pleasant?”

“Uuuh…*sniff*……Shut up shut up!! Sex maniac!! Pervert!! You’ve made my body strange!! You’ve probably given me some strange medicine!!”

“Oh? You’ve figured it out?”


While laughing Keith licks his fingers wet from Aisha’s pussy juice.

“That wine a while ago. I put a specially made aphrodisiac in it.”

“…. no way……then”

“It’s specially made to only work on elves. Did you like it?”

Aisha’s thoughts couldn’t catch up quick enough.

Medicine? Medicine to feel good? In the wine? That’s why I feel good? I’m not bad? my body isn’t strange?

A smile came to Aisha’s face and she didn’t even know it.

“Really…….Is that the truth?”

“I worked hard to make sure Aisha-sama felt good.”

Aisha’s chest throbbed. I’m not bad. This is all that lowlife’s plan.

I’m not strange. I’m not a lewd elf!!

That’s right. He used that magic tool fused to him on me. He forced me and my bodies condition is poor due to lack of sleep and stress!

All these thoughts rushed through Aisha’s head.

“Therefore please feel it a lot tonight.”

Aisha’s thoughts are interrupted by Keith’s voice.

Keith had already stripped when Aisha looked up. He finished undressing her and raised her legs exposing her vagina. Moving in Keith quickly penetrates her while kissing her.

“Nfuu!! Nnnn!! Fuwaaaaaa……..”

A voice escaped from Aisha’s throat. It felt good. But it couldn’t be helped due to the aphrodisiac.

“N……..ah! Ooh, Aisha-sama……..your pussy is amazing. It’s twitching.”

“Aah, fuaaa, nn!”

“It’s moving.”


Keith used his whole body to move as Aisha hugged him and kissed him. It feels good. It’s the first time it’s felt so good. Her face loosened and she hugged Keith as if it was natural.

“Pervert……chu! rerochu!! Can’t make women feel good if you don’t drug them!! Nchuu!! You really are!! Fuwaaaa!!”

“Indeed. Im a perverted lowlife!! Nnku!! However, doesn’t it feel good?”

“Fuwa! Fuwaaa!! It’s because of the drug!! The drug!! Naa!!”

“That’s right!! It’s because of the medicine!! So feel good!! Feel good!!”

Aisha had goosebumps as Keith spoke directly by her ear. I can accept this pleasure. I can accept it because it’s not my fault.

Just thinking it made her vagina shake in joy. Her womb ached. The warmth from her crotch carried through her whole body and right up to her head.

“Fua! Nnnnn!! There! There! Thereeeeee!!”

“Eh? Where? Please say properly!!”


I want to say it.

I want to order him.

I want to ask him.

Can I?

I can.

Because of the medicine.

“Oh, in….side!! Deeper inside!! Nha!! Inside more!! Inside feels good!!”

“Inside? You mean here!?”

There was a touch deep inside and pleasure surged up her back.

“Ohoou!! Nhaa!! Theyr!! Theyr feels good!! Feels good!! It feels good!! Nnnnnnn!!!”

“Uwa!! Your pussy’s clamping too tight!! It’s too much!! I’m cumming!!”

“Not yet! Not yet!! More!! More!! It feels good!! Penis feels good!! Thrusting feels good!!”

Aisha’s become vulgar. As Keith strongly attacks her vagina as if to damage it Aisha hugs him more and moves her waist by herself.

“Penis!! It’s hard!! It’s scraping!! Uaaa!! It’s good!! Fuaaa!!!”

“Aisha-sama is vulgar!!”

Aisha sucks on Keith’s lips

“It’s your fault!! Youuuuu!! Nchu! Rechuu!! It’s the medicine!! Uhaaaaa!!!”

Whenever Keith’s penis pokes Aisha’s deepest vital part her thoughts are scattered. All she can think about is feeling good.

To feel even better she locks her legs around Keith and attack’s his tongue.

“Hyuu, aaaaaah!!! Cumming!! biribiri is coming!! Amazing!! It’s great!!” (TN – biribiri is an onomatopoeia for a shock like an electric shock)

Keith’s penis released its cloudiness in wave after wave from the mad, obscene twisting of Aisha’s meat folds. He came that much it began to feel painful.

“Aish! Asiah-sama!! I’m…..uuku!! more!!”

“Fua! Have you started it? Good!! let it out inside!! Semen!! Send it deep inside!!”


Aisha tightened her legs even more as if to bury Keith in her. Semen surged out greater than before. Keith could do nothing but endure.

“Uoh! Uoooo…….feels……uaa…….”

Her vagina keeps milking his semen and sending it to her depths.

“Fua……It’s great…….inside……took it……feels good…….”

Aisha shed tears from the pleasure coming from the warmth inside.

When she let go Keith pulled his pussy juice and semen covered penis out and put it by her face.

“It’s become dirty……..”

Breathing roughly Aisha looked at his hard, dirty, ugly, horrifying penis that brought her pleasure.

“If you clean it it will become hard and we can go again….”

Aisha understood his words and looked at his grinning face.


It’s different from when he made her do it unwillingly. He waited for Aisha to do it herself.

Usually, she’d absolutely refuse and would never do it but this isn’t the usual Aisha.

Not usual at all……………..

Aisha turned her body and took his penis in her mouth.




“Hurry up and finish nya”

In a tree, a cat grumbled with no one but the moon listening.



Authors note: A hint. The keyword [aphrodisiac]. There never was any (lol)


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