07. Brothers’ bond

He’s not as weak as Zepes but Liorg is still weak.

To me the difference is so little it’s basically the same, however, I’ll give him a bit of a good evaluation due to his enthusiasm to risk his life using origin magic.

I’ll teach him what a magic battle is all about. He’s nothing but a sapling in my eyes but I’ll favour him a bit. Is this parental affection on my part as the founder?

“Though you are very inexperienced it was pretty good of you to stake your life on it. In consideration of that, I’ll give you one chance.”

While speaking I walked to a certain place.


“That’s right. And the chance is…..this”

I draw a magic formation using the charcoal that was Zepes.

I put my hand in the centre of the formation, grasp something and strongly pull it up.

Zepes’ body appears in the formation but it’s not Ingaru this time. The meat is too rotten for that.

“What…..this magic…….? What’s this ominous magic power? What the hell is this?”

“Is this the first time you’ve seen it? This is Decaying Death <Iglum>. Put simply, it resurrects the dead person as a zombie.”

“Impossible…….it’s moving…….it’s moving like its alive?! Such magic………you monster!”

“What? Such an exaggeration. This is really easy magic.”

Zepes who had revived as a zombie gets up and moves towards Liorg. His eyes are dead and drool is falling from his mouth.

“Aaaaaaaaaah!! It hurts…..ithurtsithurtsithurts………..elder brother……why did you kill me……..why was I killed………..elder brothter………why………”

“….Stay back…….you’re dead……..begone!!”

Without hesitation, Liorg casts Demon Lightning <Demondo> at Zepes.


The demon lightning was wrapped up in black flame as it approached Zepes. His Demon Flame <Guresude> burnt it out completely.

“What……!? Zepes’ <Guresude> beat my <Demondo>………..”

“That’s due to <Iglum>. Those who are resurrected by it gain great magical power. As compensation for receiving those powers, they burn with the hatred they had when killed and are tormented by the pain of their wounds which will never heal.”

Liorg’s brows knit together

“……..Is it Zepes’ purpose to kill me……..?”

His pride as a pureblood would not let him live with the disgrace of being hurt by his younger brother who he looked down on.

Knowing this I used <Iglum> on purpose to mess with Liorg.

“Unfortunately my tastes are not that bad. I told you I’d give you a chance.”

“…….What is this chance?”

“I’ve already told you that your idea of power is misplaced. You killed Zepes because you thought him useless and weak but now he’s stronger than you as a zombie. First off, amend your idea about your brother being useless.”

Liorg is carefully taking distance from Zepes while I’m talking.

“What does changing my mind have to do with anything!?”

“Do I have to explain everything to you? Accept your younger brother, combine your powers and face me.”


He looks very surprised. It seems Liorg didn’t know that you can combine powers so he would never even have thought about relying on his younger brother.

He must only have seen him as an enemy that was now a zombie.

“Bullshit! You said that those that became zombies burned with hatred for when they were killed and suffer unending pain!! There’s no way this thing is sane!”

“Aah, that’s true. It’s a never-ending hell. It would be better if you died, however-”

It seems Liorg still hasn’t noticed.

“It can still be done if you brothers get along.”


“Show it. Show me the bond between you brothers. Match your powers and come at me.”

“Bastard….are you serious? Rather than living as a zombie, the best thing I can do for him is to kill him.”

“That’s just running away and making it easier for yourself. Believe in it. Your brothers’ bond. Forget your positions, forget younger and older and just accept it.”

Liorg groaned while frowning

Fumu. He’s running out of time.


While muttering in a trance Zepes summons a jet black flame in his hand.

“Aaaaaaaah….aaaaaaaaaah….pain……pain…….pain……kill……kill…….I’ll kill you!”

<Guresude> burns even hotter as Zepes grudge intensifies. Pretty sure Liorg is dead if that hits him.

“So, what will it be? Will you make up?”

Their bond as brothers should wake up if I drive him here.

“…..I’m sorry but I never saw him as my brother.”

“How naive! Then now is the time to get along. Clear away your feeling and hatred. Now, call it. Call your younger brothers name. I suggest you be quick and honest because if you fail to show your bond you will die!”

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!”

<Guresude> has now turned into a huge fireball. It’s going to be released at Liorg any time now.

I know it though. Their bond of brotherhood is strong. In the age of myths, mazoku would do this if one sibling died so they could carry on protecting the other one as a zombie.

In the current age, the mazoku have become weak. Magic has degenerated and become weak, however, a brothers bond is something that will not change with time.

“You’d better say it!!”

Liorg shouts out having made up his mind.

“Uaaaaaaargh!! Zepeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!”

<Guresude> flies straight towards Liorg and envelopes him in black flames.


Liorg turned into charcoal


What’s happened to the bond between brothers in this era?

14 thoughts on “07. Brothers’ bond

  1. Pffttt…. HAHAHAHA!! ohmygod this is so hilarious I can’t…. Hahahahaha
    Fuuh it has been a while I find such a novel. To think the world would be change this much just after a little 2000 years, I bet that is exactly what our maou is thinking 😂 but making those two brothers fight like that.. You’re quite sinful maou-sama. They have no brothers bound in the first place so this little test wont do haha! Oh thank you for the translation~


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